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A Rock Legend (who still rocks) Delivers Country in the City

KCRW, Country in the City, Zach Urbina

The uber-cool shadows of the Century Plaza Towers once again transformed thanks to the unflinchingly brilliant efforts of unparalleled Los Angeles music steward KCRW, and along for the ride was rock legend Gregg Allman.

This year’s theme Country in The City welcomed two acts in a picnic style open-air concert and an accompanying photo retrospective at the Annenberg Space for Photography. While modern country is not this writer’s primary musical inclination, Sturgill Simpson, the opener, offered up an energetic, diverse range of songs from blue grass to slow jams to modern rock infused country.

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Hardcore Domesticity: Into Obscene Interiors

Justin Jorgensen Obscene Interiors 1

Years ago, I was in Counterpoints looking for a good book to gift to a friend. I somehow ended up rifling through a collection of sex books and found a very funny little something called Obscene Interiors. The book is by local artist Justin Jorgensen and was based on an art project from 2004. What is it? A very funny, early Internet examination of sexual performance and the surrounding, unflattering, repulsive surrounding interior design being practiced in the background.

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Trend Rising: Francophilia

Trend Rising Los Angeles French France Francophilia

This may seem obvious but it has to be said: Los Angeles loves France. The city and the country feel connected in a strange way, as if both have a similar headspace and unique approach to the world. If anything, we in California certainly look to cities like Paris as inspiration for what we can be. Why? Because the French way is a pretty great way of living. What does this mean? There are a lot of Frenchy things happening in this city from food to fashion and more—and they all seem to be coming to a head now. Thus, a trend has risen in Los Angeles: we are currently dealing with a (wonderful) rash of Francophilia.

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The Digest: Zinque

Zinque West Hollywood Los Angeles 1

We’d been wanting to try the new West Hollywood Zinque for a long time. We had heard it was open and that they had a new oyster night—but we couldn’t quite get over to the place. Honestly, we couldn’t find it: it’s the type of place that is very discrete and seeks to blend in and be it’s own unique brand of casual and fine dining. Once you (Well, we.) find it, you will want to keep coming back: they’re somehow hit a bullseye that sews together Angeleno cafés with Parisian cafés. Zinque makes you feel like you are on vacation—and all you had to do was go to West Hollywood.

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Pacific Festival The Dunes Rhonda

August 16 is a huge music event in Orange County called Pacific Festival. It will be very dancey *and* it will include a showing by your girl Rhonda.

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Charles Phoenix Disneyland Tour Los Angeles

Local nostalgia hound Charles Phoenix is doing a local event Downtown on August 31 that is a six hour retro field trip regarding Disney. This would be fun!

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Kim Stringfellow Jackrabbit Homestead The Autry

The Autry is welcoming a show called Jackrabbit Homestead which features the work of Kim Stringfellow. It will feature photography works and audio from persons living in the deserts sprawling from Los Angeles. It’s on view from September 13 through August 23 of next year.

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Miljohn Ruperto Mineral Monsters 18th Street Arts Center

Local artist Miljohn Ruperto is the subject of a show at 18th Street Art Center’s main gallery. It’s called Mineral Monsters and is on view now through October 3.

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