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Hardcore Domesticity: Into Obscene Interiors

Justin Jorgensen Obscene Interiors 1

Years ago, I was in Counterpoints looking for a good book to gift to a friend. I somehow ended up rifling through a collection of sex books and found a very funny little something called Obscene Interiors. The book is by local artist Justin Jorgensen and was based on an art project from 2004. What is it? A very funny, early Internet examination of sexual performance and the surrounding, unflattering, repulsive surrounding interior design being practiced in the background.

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Trend Rising: Francophilia

Trend Rising Los Angeles French France Francophilia

This may seem obvious but it has to be said: Los Angeles loves France. The city and the country feel connected in a strange way, as if both have a similar headspace and unique approach to the world. If anything, we in California certainly look to cities like Paris as inspiration for what we can be. Why? Because the French way is a pretty great way of living. What does this mean? There are a lot of Frenchy things happening in this city from food to fashion and more—and they all seem to be coming to a head now. Thus, a trend has risen in Los Angeles: we are currently dealing with a (wonderful) rash of Francophilia.

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The Digest: Zinque

Zinque West Hollywood Los Angeles 1

We’d been wanting to try the new West Hollywood Zinque for a long time. We had heard it was open and that they had a new oyster night—but we couldn’t quite get over to the place. Honestly, we couldn’t find it: it’s the type of place that is very discrete and seeks to blend in and be it’s own unique brand of casual and fine dining. Once you (Well, we.) find it, you will want to keep coming back: they’re somehow hit a bullseye that sews together Angeleno cafés with Parisian cafés. Zinque makes you feel like you are on vacation—and all you had to do was go to West Hollywood.

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Slingshot Billboards Come To Hollywood

Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects Billboards Sunset 1

Los Angeles is a city full of billboards. Because our surroundings are a hybrid of highways and walkways, most of which is seen through a Hollywood lens, we’re constantly faced with advertising. This of course leads to visual bombardment and frequent assault by advertisers but, hey, this comes with the territory of our city. Can billboards change though? Especially on places like the Sunset Strip, where the billboards are iconic: how can they be innovated upon? Well, local firm Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects recently took a stab at this by creating a Dodger Blue slingshot to hold signage. It’s a simple, futuristic take on advertising.

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SoulCycle Soul Ride Inside Hook Brentwood

You into cycling? Well, you and Inside Hook need to check out an event on July 26 where you’ll be cycling at SoulCycle with their LA ambassador Reuben Brody. This will be fun!

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Cotton Candy Day Barton G Los Angeles

Do you dig cotton candy? Cotton Candy Day is coming up July 31 and Barton G restaurant in Hollywood is celebrating. This will literally be sweet.

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The Photo Gallery Highland Park

There is a new photo only venue in Highland Park called The Photo Gallery. It’s launching a new little group show on July 25, which will be on view through August 7.

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Battlefield Hardline Entertainment Arts

The new Battlefield game, out October 21, is called Battlefield: Hardline and will feature *Los Angeles* as the venue. How rad is this?! Can’t wait to play it.

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Friends Of Friends Weekend Ace Hotel Groundislava Young Adults Jerome LOL

Friends Of Friends are taking The Ace in Palm Springs from August 1 through August 3. It will include performances by Groundislava and Jerome LOL and Young Adults. This will be fun!

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