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Finding Sanity Amidst Taco Madness

taco madness

It all started in 2009, a proposal by our friends over at LA Taco. What if you had a bracket style tournament of tacos. Not just a group of sixteen, but 32. Give the readers over a month of driving and eating to make their choices. Each week, lowest voters get eliminated, culminating in a group of eight finalists. Finally let’s get them all in one location. With DJs, a beer garden, and one of the most beautiful locations in the city. What can I say – Taco Madness becomes the greatest free party in downtown.

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The Digest: Thoughts on Pot


Art imitates life, life imitates art, what have you. The recently opened Line Hotel in the heart of Koreatown desperately clings to a downtown LA aesthetic. Well, not really downtown. Koreatown. With a deft idealistic touch, they gave control of the restaurant, bar and cafe to some guy who apparently has done a lot for the way Angelenos eat now adays. From rubbing shoulders at A-Frame, brunch and reggae at Sunny Spot, patio rice bowls at Chego, and a persistent drip of taco juice on your kicks at Kogi, Roy Choi’s restaurants are central to where Angelenos take a break to eat some damn good grub. Gliding through the Line Hotels lobby, a neon sign will point you to his newest joint: Pot.

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The Digest: Breakfast at Yuca’s Tacos


LA is to tacos what New York is to pizza, Chicago is to hot dogs, and Santa Fe is to green chili. Each city can’t claim to inventing the dish but they have certainly made it their own. Everyone has their favorite and, to some extent, that’s ok. You’re allowed to like what you like, even if there are “better” ones out there.

But who has a stamp on breakfast?

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Recreator Hemp Apparel Coming Your Way


Did you know that 95% of US garments are imported? That Farm Bill that passed this month included a component legalizing hemp research in states that distinguish hemp from marijuana? And hemp clothing is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and leaves almost NO carbon impact?

Our good friends at Recreator are out to change the American production forever, a pioneer in the hemp apparel push.Their Kickstarter runs through March 28, so get on the train and become a part of the movement!

The Digest: M Cafe de Chaya

m cafe de chaya

I’m not gonna lie.

If you told me several years ago I would enjoy eating “healthy” food I’d snigger, publicly doubt you, and walk away. When I first started writing about food I initially thought my adventure would be led by my love of hearty, wholesome, American and Mexican cuisine. A former citizen of Chicago and Nashville, light meals could simply be measured by how many pounds of beef was on my plate or how much cheese was present. My return to Los Angeles only meant a diet of tacos and burgers and pork belly. But a traditional diet? No way. Dietary restrictions? None whatsoever. Macrobiotic? Hell, I don’t trust antibiotics.

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Moderns Los Angeles Synth Pop Sub Urban

Local synth pop act Moderns have recently hit the scene with their totally jam-able song “Sub Urban.” Quite nice: catch it below!


Cinco De Mayo Party El Conjunto Nueva Ola Echoplex

The Echoplex is welcoming a (pre) Cinco De Mayo bash with El Conjunto Nueva Ola on May 4. Someone named “Skapeche Mode” will be performing as well.

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June Wayne Prints Paintings Tapestries Pasadena California Museum Of Art

PMCA’s next show is a celebration of the work of painter, printmaker, and feminist activist June Wayne’s work. It opens May 4 and will be on view through August 31. Time, Space & Matter: Five Installations Exploring Natural Phenomena will run concurrently.

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Museums Of The Arroyo Day

May 18 is Museum Of The Arroyo Day, where you can visit six “East” LA museums for free. They include The Gamble House, Heritage Square, LA Police Museum, Lummis House, Pasadena Museum Of History, and The Autry’s Historic Southwest Museum. Take advantage of this!

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