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The Road to Los Angeles: Alberto Mielgo’s Solo at GR Works

The Road to Los Angeles: Alberto Mielgo's Solo at GR Works

Upon entering Alberto Mielgo’s debut solo exhibition Solo the viewer is met with a map. A simple diagram that outlines the gallery space with numbers presented in a disjointed sequence scattered throughout opposite ends of the expansive GR Works. Inscribed on the map is a brief message written by Mielgo, “This map will help you to follow the story behind these paintings. A story told in chronological order through painting. A personal story, probably similar to your own one, somewhat confusing, and, why not, complex as the order I ask you to follow.” That single piece of paper quickly becomes a companion and roadmap for the viewer to traverse the gallery space in a zigzag line dance to reveal the connection between the models.

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Museums Of The Arroyo Day

May 18 is Museum Of The Arroyo Day, where you can visit six “East” LA museums for free. They include The Gamble House, Heritage Square, LA Police Museum, Lummis House, Pasadena Museum Of History, and The Autry’s Historic Southwest Museum. Take advantage of this!

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P.Morris Fact Mix

Local music maker P.Morris recently did a great mix for Fact. It includes everything from vintage likables like Craig David to pop acts like Katy Perry to modern divas like Beyonce. Qutite a mix! Catch it below.


Patricia Fernández Points Of Departure Between Spain And Frace 18th Street Arts Center

Made In L.A. alumn Patricia Fernández is currently the focus of a big showing at Santa Monica’s 18th Street Art Center. The show is called Points of Departure (between Spain and France) and is currently on view now through June 28.

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Bold LA Downtown Los Angeles

To add to the bubbling activity of who knows what on Broadway is Bold Room LA, a multi-purpose creative space hosting pop-ups and art. Sounds interesting!

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