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The Road to Los Angeles: Alberto Mielgo’s Solo at GR Works

The Road to Los Angeles: Alberto Mielgo's Solo at GR Works

Upon entering Alberto Mielgo’s debut solo exhibition Solo the viewer is met with a map. A simple diagram that outlines the gallery space with numbers presented in a disjointed sequence scattered throughout opposite ends of the expansive GR Works. Inscribed on the map is a brief message written by Mielgo, “This map will help you to follow the story behind these paintings. A story told in chronological order through painting. A personal story, probably similar to your own one, somewhat confusing, and, why not, complex as the order I ask you to follow.” That single piece of paper quickly becomes a companion and roadmap for the viewer to traverse the gallery space in a zigzag line dance to reveal the connection between the models.

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Avalon Hollywood Radio Slave Born Electric

Avalon is welcoming a night called Born Electric on August 16, where you can catch Radio Slave and Plastic Love will be performing.

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Clare Graham MorYork The Answer Is Yes Craft And Folk Art Museum 2014

CAFAM is welcoming a showing of work from rad Highland Park artist and MorYork artist Clare Graham. The showing is happening from September 14 through January 4.

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Jon Hassell KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic

Legendary avant garde musician and local Jon Hassell was recently on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. It’s a good listen, y’all!

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