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Black Yaya Strums Through LA

Black Yaya

French folk legend David-Ivar Herman Dune is making his way across Los Angeles for three shows, and you *almost* missed all of them.

Since his well-known French ensemble Herman Dune stopped touring together (their song I Wish That I Could See You Soon, experienced particular popularity in 2007), Dune now performs under the name Black Yaya, and like the name portends, offers a soul-searching, introspective turn.

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Weekend Polo: A Westside Classic

will rogers polo, Zach Urbina, Zachary Urbina

Tucked neatly away in Pacific Palisades on a spread of land surrounded by towers of Eucalyptus sits a staple of Westside weekend recreation. On Saturdays and Sundays, from May until the end of September, the Will Rogers Polo Club gathers for competitive exhibition at Will Rogers State Historic Park.

The small, leisurely crowd could best be described as a glorified picnic.

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For the Record: Tarantino will smash your face, leave you begging for more

For the Record, Tarantino

Knife fights, gunfire, and samurai swordplay cleverly collide in this immersive, live performance, which includes some of the best cinema soundtracks ever.  For the Record: Tarantino, “songs and scenes inspired by the films of Mr. Tarantino” are staged, stitched, and brought wildly alive together in an exceptionally intimate arena.

Tarantino won me over from minute one. After a short intro, which included a blazing rendition of Dick Dale’s Misirlou, a lovely brunette playing Honey Bunny from Pulp Fiction, put a fake gun to my chest and threatened my life.

In a word, charmed.

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An Interview with David Blattel: Commercial Photographer and Local Inventor

David Blattel, interview, TetherBLOCK

Spend enough time moving between the various social enclaves of Los Angeles and you’ll discover this 500 square mile sprawl of 4+ million is actually quite a bit smaller than anyone would imagine.

As a commercial photographer, David Blattel shoots among many other clients, the Harley-Davidson calendar each year. He was also my landlord for all of 2013, along with his wife, Vidiots owner Cathy Tauber, while this writer lived in a Topanga guest house (I have since moved to Venice).

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Filmmaker David O. Russell at Vidiots this Sunday

David O. Russell, Vidiots Annex
Film buffs of Los Angeles are sure to drool over this one. Hot tempered, supercool, uber-effing-talented director David O. Russell, known perhaps as much for his on-set antics as he is for his polished cinematic gems (American Hustle, Silver Lining’s Playbook), is coming to Santa Monica mainstay Vidiots this Sunday—February 9—to answer questions in their intimate space, The Annex.
Tickets can be purchased here.
This writer has been a fan of Russell’s film work more than 15 years (Three Kings, and I <3 Huckabees stand out as personal faves, but his more recent stuff is brilliant too).
Last year, I went to a screening of The Sessions (2012′s indie darling, starring Helen Hunt, William H. Macy) and was availed the opportunity to both watch the film as well as chat with director Ben Lewin, all in the close confines of The Annex.
How Vidiots, a local video rental store, has managed to survive the digital transition is anyone’s guess, but with A-list access like this, their place in the cinematic milieu of LA is certain to be cemented.


Battlefield Hardline Entertainment Arts

The new Battlefield game, out October 21, is called Battlefield: Hardline and will feature *Los Angeles* as the venue. How rad is this?! Can’t wait to play it.

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Friends Of Friends Weekend Ace Hotel Groundislava Young Adults Jerome LOL

Friends Of Friends are taking The Ace in Palm Springs from August 1 through August 3. It will include performances by Groundislava and Jerome LOL and Young Adults. This will be fun!

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Tiger And Woods Joakim A Club Called Rhonda 2014

Your girl Rhonda is hitting Los Globos on July 25. She’ll be bringing Tiger & Woods and Joakim, who is doing a DJ set. Good times in late July, yo.

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Across Currents Freewaves

Freewaves is looking for your experimental video works through August 4 that will be featured in public spaces around town. This is a great opportunity, y’all!

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Focus Iran Farhang Foundation Craft And Folk Art Museum

CAFAM and the Farhang Foundation are holding an open call from now through September 21 for photography and video works relating to the Iranian experience. This is all for a show that will be on view next year from January 25 through May 3.

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