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The Man With The Golden Lift

The Man With The Golden Lift Nowness JF Chen

Whoever is doing PR for JF Chen is on their shit right now. Why? Because antique dealer and eponymous local cool guy Joel Chen has been making the publicity rounds on a few notable places. First, he’s the cover man of the latest issue of Apartamento. Yes, that’s him! Secondly, he recently was the subject of a little Nowness video. The video is particularly great and gives you an active peek into his home, which I think we were all a little curious to see.

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Some Newness For KCRW

KCRW Building 2

Some big news for KCRW, guys: they’re getting a much needed facelift, launching them into the forefront of contemporary news. This is twofold, too. First, the institution launched a brand new, flossy website. Second, they announced last week and released the renderings of a brand new building. KCRW may have been most locals’ standby—and now they have online (and offline) homes to match.

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Utopias Of SoCal, A Guide From Llano Del Rio Collective

Utopias Of SoCal Llano Del Rio Collective 5

I would call Los Angeles a utopia. It’s so grand and open and friendly and calm while being constantly sunny that it just feels like a dream environment. It’s no wonder that so many idealistic communities and thinkers have been born out of the city: all we know is the perfect and the wonderful—and we’d hope to spread that enlightenment to others.

Llano Del Rio Collective, a guide making group of artists concerned with expanding the minds of Angelenos, has tapped into this idea and has mapped it in a very special way. They’ve created Utopias Of SoCal, a fold out illustrated map that details past and present (and maybe even future) points of utopian attraction. The piece serves to capture the culture of local idealism and point you toward finding this peace around town.

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Sup Day In The Desert 2014

You know Sup Magazine? Their yearly Day In The Desert concert and party—#DITD3—is coming up on October 11. Save the date!

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Yarnbombing Los Angeles Grand Central Market

Yarnbombing wants to take over Grand Central Market with giant pillar cover pieces. If you want to get involved, send them a note! They need helpers, you guys.

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Pacific Festival The Dunes Rhonda

August 16 is a huge music event in Orange County called Pacific Festival. It will be very dancey *and* it will include a showing by your girl Rhonda.

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Charles Phoenix Disneyland Tour Los Angeles

Local nostalgia hound Charles Phoenix is doing a local event Downtown on August 31 that is a six hour retro field trip regarding Disney. This would be fun!

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