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Vis A Vis Performance La Cage Aux Folles Materials And Applications Silver Lake

The Materials & Applications installation La Cage aux Folles is going to host a bunch of performances this month. The happening(s) are a part of a series called Vis-Á-Vis and will include an August 9 music night, an August 16 video installation, August 23 workshop, and August 30 film screening.

Ordinary Architecture Messes With Hollywood

Ordinary Architecture Los Angeles Hollywood Sign 4

While reading Design Boom recently, something fishy about Hollywood came up. Apparently London based Ordinary Architecture worked with local architecture, art, and design program On The Road to create a disruption on the trails near the Hollywood sign. What does that mean? There were giant letters from the sign scattered around, making it appear that the sign had blown away, onto the trails.

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The Oinkster Low End Theory El Segundo brewing Company Hollywood

Want to have a foodie and drinkie and music-y event this weekend? August 30 at The Oinkster in Hollywood is a spectacular event you need to check out that will see the hamburger restaurant teaming up with Low End Theory and El Segundo Brewing Company.

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Bigfoot West Turns 5

Bigfoot West is turning five on August 30 and they want you to celebrate with them. Get ready for beer specials and food and…a clown!

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First Day Off In A Long Time Brian Finkelstein

Local funny man Brian Finkelstein is raising money via Kickstarter for his new one man show. It’s called First Day Off In A Long Time—and you have through September 19 to chip in.

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Hands Across The Water Baik Art Los Angeles Korea

Baik Art on La Cienega is welcoming a group show that is a part of their post Korea residency. It’s called Hands Across The Water and will be up September 13 through October 4 with an extra showing from October 11 through October 31.

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