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The Skinny On The 2014 Made In L.A.

Made In L.A. Hammer 2014 1

A few weeks ago, we studied the Made In L.A. announcement to get an idea of what to expect. We tossed out some theories and tried to figure out exactly what will come from Los Angeles’ next biennial. Well, here is some news: yesterday the museum hosted a small press gathering where they addressed and explained news surrounding upcoming shows and events, specifically with an eye on Made In L.A.. Some surprises were revealed, lots of things were confirmed, and there’s an overall feeling that this incarnation of the show is a lot more polished.

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Made In L.A. 2014: First Thoughts

Made In L.A. 2014 Hammer Los Angeles

As most people know thanks to news breaking via the New York Times, the artists for the Made In L.A. 2014 have been announced. The list is a lot shorter and should make for a completely different experience, especially given the new circumstances. With this week’s LAIY cover girl, Pearl C. Hsiung, having participated in the last show, the timing of this analyzation seemed appropriate before the customary countdown of artists begins.

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New Made In LA Details!

Made In LA 2014

The Hammer’s Made In L.A. is coming back! While that may not be new news, this is: instead of offering one big prize, there will be three this year. There will be a career achievement award, a public recognition award, and—like last time—the Mohn Award. How exciting!


The View From Here L.A. And Photography Getty Museum George Baker

May 31 will be a free symposium sponsored by the Getty Museum Photographs Council to celebrate the 175th anniversary of photography’s invention. How rad is that? The subject of the event is on LA and photography.

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La Cage Aux Folles Warren Techentin Materials And Appliances

Silver Lake’s Materials & Appliances is welcoming it’s latest installation on April 19 called La Cage aux Folles. The work is by Warren Techentin and is a warping of steel tubes. Stop by the opening if you can!

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AIGA Los Angeles Hecho En LA Yo Santosa Designer Entrepreneuer

AIGA and Hecho En LA are having an event at Maker City LA about with Yo Santosa of Ferroconcrete on starting a design studio. Happening April 30!

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Night Gallery Cogwheels Carved In Wood Jonathan Griffin

Night Gallery’s next exhibition is group show Cogwheels Carved In Wood. It’s curated by Jonathan Griffin and will be on view from April 19 through May 17.

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