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Trend Rising: Francophilia

Trend Rising Los Angeles French France Francophilia

This may seem obvious but it has to be said: Los Angeles loves France. The city and the country feel connected in a strange way, as if both have a similar headspace and unique approach to the world. If anything, we in California certainly look to cities like Paris as inspiration for what we can be. Why? Because the French way is a pretty great way of living. What does this mean? There are a lot of Frenchy things happening in this city from food to fashion and more—and they all seem to be coming to a head now. Thus, a trend has risen in Los Angeles: we are currently dealing with a (wonderful) rash of Francophilia.

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The Cartographer_Samira Yamin Cody Trepte

Charles James Gallery has a grou art show opening on July 26 called The Cartographer. This will include works from Cody Trepte, Clarissa Tossin, Samira Yamin, and more. It’s on view through August 30!

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TeamFollowBack C.W. Moss Actual Size

Check this out: there’s going to be a performance / art show called #TeamFollowBack by C.W. Moss on July 26 at Actual Size in Chinatown. What’s that? Moss will literally have you follow him and he will follow you for two hours. You can sign up to be a follower/followed, too!

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Katin 2014

Surf brand Katin have released their latest collection which is brilliant, of course. If you haven’t gotten into Summer yet, this should help.

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Avalon Hollywood Radio Slave Born Electric

Avalon is welcoming a night called Born Electric on August 16, where you can catch Radio Slave and Plastic Love will be performing.

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