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The Renegade Craft Fair Was No Comic-Con (It Was Still Nice Though)

Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles Summer 2014 1

Downtown was sun-baked: it was very warm. It was downright hot. By 3:30 pm Outpost Cold-Brewed Coffee, one of the vendors of the Renegade Craft Fair, was sold-out, guzzled up by patrons of the fair trying to cool down with caffeine that looked like beer. Vendors were fanning themselves and healthier than usual popsicles were melting. The wind showed no mercy knocking over items in booths to sudden sounds of “Oh, dear!”

It was not Comic-Con.

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Salt., Southern Californian Eyewear With Style

salt. Costa Mesa Eyewear 3

It’s particularly difficult to not be obsessed with glasses in Southern California. It’s almost always sunny that we always have to protect our eyes. That also may explain why there are so many local eyewear houses, which is nothing to complain about since sunglasses are easy to love. I was recently chatting with a friend about this and she alerted me of a new Costa Mesa based, beach angled luxury glasses maker called Salt. They are a brand that hits both the understated and trendy marks, a difficult territory to occupy—but Salt. does it with grace.

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A Necklace From Myers Collective

Myers Collective Jenny Myers Point Necjlace 2

Myers Collective is the design focused jewelry brainchild of local Jenny Myers. She has worked as an architect and graphic designer and this Collective is an outlet to express expand her ideas on design onto a smaller scale. Her name may sound familiar from her collaboration with Otaat but we’ve never encountered her work in person until a recent stop into Beverly’s Garde, where a nice little stack of embossed paper held a few of her necklaces in place. Each has a light, ethereal quality that is sophisticated and sharpened by brass hardware: Myers Collective is certainly making necklaces for the understated Angeleno.

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Butterfly Release Party Pavillion Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

August 3 is the last day that the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden’s Butterfly Pavilion will be open. To celebrate and to have a befitting end, they are releasing the butterflies to the wild. Would be family fun!

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Yowsah Ace Hotel Ambrosia Salad Kim Ahn

The Ace Hotel’s Yowsah is coming back this Saturday, August 2, and will feature Kim Ahn (who always hosts and is the resident DJ) along with Ambrosia Salad. Check it!

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Steve Van Doren and Fara Howard Think Tank Gallery CreativeMorningsLA

This Thursday, July 31, CreativeMornings will be hosting a little talk with some folks from Vans. Join them at Think Tank Gallery!

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Queen Mary Art Deco Festival Labor Day

What are you doing Labor Day weekend? You should consider going down to the Queen Mary because they are having The Art Deco Festival.

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Carsick 13 Spazzkid Lovers

Local musician Spazzkid loves listening to music while in cars. He actually loves it so much that he actually did a “live performance” in a car. It’s called “Carsick #13″ and its rad. Catch the video below!


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