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The Digest: The Greyhound Bar and Grill

greyhound sign

Highland Park has been an up and coming neighborhood for about as long as I can remember. I don’t know where or when this idea emerged. It could have been the changing of the guard, a migration from ethnic stronghold to artist hangout. It could have been the development of the area around Occidental College, the slow urban gentrification of a neighborhood steeped in its own tradition. It could be the cheap rent. But this community remains the hotbed for creativity. Which means there’s gotta be a great place to eat and drink.

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Caring Cup

Caring Cup Support At Home Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

Want to help out? Love coffee? Well, Coffee Bean’s Caring Cup is intended to help out various causes that you should get involved with. One specifically we dig: they have a military related Support At Home coffee which, if you buy through August 10, Coffee Bean will make some donations of coffee, money, and more to Operation Homefront.


Steve Van Doren and Fara Howard Think Tank Gallery CreativeMorningsLA

This Thursday, July 31, CreativeMornings will be hosting a little talk with some folks from Vans. Join them at Think Tank Gallery!

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Queen Mary Art Deco Festival Labor Day

What are you doing Labor Day weekend? You should consider going down to the Queen Mary because they are having The Art Deco Festival.

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Carsick 13 Spazzkid Lovers

Local musician Spazzkid loves listening to music while in cars. He actually loves it so much that he actually did a “live performance” in a car. It’s called “Carsick #13″ and its rad. Catch the video below!


Baskin Robbins 31 Los Angeles

Have a family? Just like ice cream? Here’s something to note: on July 31, you can get scoops for $1.31. Wild! Also, only happening in LA and Phoenix. ~*~wE sPeCiAl~*~

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