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Clothes For Kids That Adults Will Covet: Nico Nico

Nico Nico Los Angeles 1

It’s not very often that you find clothing made for kids that make you say, “Shit: I want that for me. Does that come in adult sizes??” That doesn’t happen outside of Crew Cuts catalogues (at least, that’s how I feel when I look at that). Nico Nico is a local effort to get cool LA kids looking even cooler through locally sourced, environmentally conscious clothing. They’re also super cute and super hip. Again: we wish we could wear these clothes!

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Metro PCS Chinatown Los Angeles Eternal OM

Chinatown’s Metro PCS art space has a little group show opening on April 17 called Eternal OM. It’s on view through May 24.

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Wignall Museum Of Contemporary Art in Rancho Cucamonga is having their annual Student Invitational. It opens April 14 and will be on view through May 15. You can catch a reception with this artists this evening and a panel on April 22.

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Rumours Blood Moon Edition

What’s better than Coachella? A dance party in town: check out the *second* West coast Rumours happening April 19. It’s at Grand Star Jazz Club and will be a hoot. Fun for boys and girls!

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