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Trina Turk’s Beautiful Rainbow Desert

Trina Turk Rainbow Desert Spring Summer 2014 4

When you think of LA, homegrown design talents, Trina Turk is one of the many people who come to mind. She has successfully tapped a very Los Angeles aesthetic that is at all times Summery and with a reference to very LA things like Mid-Century Modernism and the desert. The latter is something that has a particularly strong influence as she’s quite a Palm Springer herself.

Her Spring/Summer 2014 collection has a divine manifestation of this. It takes a view of the desert and blasts it through a rainbow kaleidoscope. The result is an utterly fabulous textile and collection of goods she is calling Rainbow Desert. All y’all LA ladies: get these clothes on you.

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You Can Wear Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley Shirt Opening Ceremony MOCA 3

While his show at MOCA is pretty meh to us, there was a big, literal takeaway from it: really cool t-shirts. In what some people may find repulsive, the work of the artist has now been used to make eye-catching fashion statements. His once curious figures are now placed atop of lightweight cotton. It’s like high end Urban Outfitters or Hot Topic wear geared toward confident iconoclasts and artsy fashionistas. Say what you will but some of the Mike Kelley fashions apply his concepts better than the original artworks did.

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Unionmade’s Los Angeles Inspired Totes

Unionmade The Grove Tote Bags 3

When the Unionmade store opened back in February (One of the best new stores, BTW.), there was one thing that was easily a favorite for locals. What was it? It was a series of tote bags they made dedicated to Los Angeles, illustrations of the city’s best parts intended to get locals exited about their coming to the city. It’s a smart, well done effort that also stands as an affordable option of something for shoppers to buy.

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The LA Galaxy Is Undefeated

LA Galaxy Undefeated 2014 1

Soccer in America isn’t that big—but soccer in Los Angeles? Kind of a big deal. We’re a city that is pretty forward thinking and, of course, sports follow suit with what locals like as well. Our team—the LA Galaxy—is known for doing some creative stunts for getting attention like hiring David Beckham and moving to Carson. The best, most recent activity produced from the team is a collaboration with local streetwear brand Undefeated. What a genius pairing—and it certainly caught our attention.

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Dudes, Covet All Of The New Monitaly

Monitaly Spring Summer 2014 1

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Hermosa Beach’s Monitaly. The dude brand has quickly expanded from outside of Mohawk to places ranging from Urban Outfitters to Need Supply. They’ve found their niche! They are a very meticulous, mysterious brand known for their loud, crazy, wonderful patterned shorts which we are obviously inclined to like.

For Spring/Summer 2014, the brand is continuing their Gitman-like fascination with vintage patterns but seem to have spread their scope to attack more beachy, tailored wears. They’ve corned the market of bro-wears that intrigue and push against the gender and very much represent a casual Cali ‘tude associated with giving no cares about what people think about you and to go with the flow. This new collection takes that idea to a new level.

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The View From Here L.A. And Photography Getty Museum George Baker

May 31 will be a free symposium sponsored by the Getty Museum Photographs Council to celebrate the 175th anniversary of photography’s invention. How rad is that? The subject of the event is on LA and photography.

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La Cage Aux Folles Warren Techentin Materials And Appliances

Silver Lake’s Materials & Appliances is welcoming it’s latest installation on April 19 called La Cage aux Folles. The work is by Warren Techentin and is a warping of steel tubes. Stop by the opening if you can!

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AIGA Los Angeles Hecho En LA Yo Santosa Designer Entrepreneuer

AIGA and Hecho En LA are having an event at Maker City LA about with Yo Santosa of Ferroconcrete on starting a design studio. Happening April 30!

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Night Gallery Cogwheels Carved In Wood Jonathan Griffin

Night Gallery’s next exhibition is group show Cogwheels Carved In Wood. It’s curated by Jonathan Griffin and will be on view from April 19 through May 17.

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