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The Digest: The Greyhound Bar and Grill

greyhound sign

Highland Park has been an up and coming neighborhood for about as long as I can remember. I don’t know where or when this idea emerged. It could have been the changing of the guard, a migration from ethnic stronghold to artist hangout. It could have been the development of the area around Occidental College, the slow urban gentrification of a neighborhood steeped in its own tradition. It could be the cheap rent. But this community remains the hotbed for creativity. Which means there’s gotta be a great place to eat and drink.

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Almond & Chocolate Florentines By Duverger

Duverger ALmond Chocolate Florentines 2

Duverger is a local-ish sweets maker most notable for their macarons. While walking around one of their local retailers—Monsieur Marcel—a tan little bag with red lettering popped off a shelf, making itself known because it was an attractive little package. It surprisingly wasn’t for macarons but for Florentines, the lacy Italian pastry that is often an over-indulgent but delicious treat. They are a little under-the-radar treat that we very much are digging.

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Jesse Draxler Blxcklist Exhibition Akai Ito Boutique

Opening Thursday, July 24, is an art event that will have Jesse Draxler teaming up with BLXCKLIST. It’s taking place at Akai Ito Boutique Downtown.

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National Tequila Day 2014 Petty Cash

July 24 is National Tequila Day and there are lots of fun things you can do in town to celebrate. Like what? Find out after the jump!

Sisters Of Los Angeles Firefly Pop-Up

Abbot Kinney store Firefly has teamed up with SoLA for a pop-up shop that is opening tonight. Catch it out West from 7PM to 9PM!

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