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There Is Now An Aesop Downtown

Aesop Downtown Los Angeles 2

“What’s in this? What a Aesop?” a man asks, as I walk on Broadway, Downtown.

“It’s a nice grooming product store,” I respond.

“Oh. That’s cool. I dig,” he responds, strutting off along to the puff of his cigarette smoking.

This is the experience of visiting the new Aesop Downtown and the surrounding high-end, somewhat interloping stores: they feel out of place but are embraced, despite being far from local efforts. If you aren’t familiar, the brand is a fancy Melbourne based skin and body care maker who make the most high end of goods for you to clean yourself. Their goods are the kinds of items that keep you in a hotel shower for an hour, making you wonder why you don’t have this clean of soap at home. Then you politely stalk the housekeeper’s stand to steal some from her cart. Aesop’s coming to Los Angeles in this fashion is undoubtedly intriguing.

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Boiler Room Ray-Ban Oneohtrix Point Never Sophie

There is a huge Boiler Room show coming to town this weekend, August 22, that will feature people like Sophie and Oneohtrix Point Never. This will be R A D.

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Imprint Projects Jan Chipchase

Design consultant and more Jon Chipchase is going to be the next speaker at Imprint Presents. It’s on August 26: you should see it!

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Stven Alan Objects Without meaning Trunk Show

August 23 at Steven Alan on La Brea is having a trunk show with Objects Without Meaning. There should be some good wears here!

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Alchemy Works Los ANgeles Surf Bazaar

August 23 and August 24 at CNTRL Group is a big sale market called Surf Bazaar. it’s going to feature lots of great people including Alchemy Works and Wittmore and Grover and more. Check it out!

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Lindy Grundy Mud Hen Golden Road

Lindy & Grundy, Mud Hen, and Golden Road are teaming up for a September 1 through September 30, month long event that will feature late night burgers and beer from 10PM to midnight every night. Fun!

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