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There Is Now An Aesop Downtown

Aesop Downtown Los Angeles 2

“What’s in this? What a Aesop?” a man asks, as I walk on Broadway, Downtown.

“It’s a nice grooming product store,” I respond.

“Oh. That’s cool. I dig,” he responds, strutting off along to the puff of his cigarette smoking.

This is the experience of visiting the new Aesop Downtown and the surrounding high-end, somewhat interloping stores: they feel out of place but are embraced, despite being far from local efforts. If you aren’t familiar, the brand is a fancy Melbourne based skin and body care maker who make the most high end of goods for you to clean yourself. Their goods are the kinds of items that keep you in a hotel shower for an hour, making you wonder why you don’t have this clean of soap at home. Then you politely stalk the housekeeper’s stand to steal some from her cart. Aesop’s coming to Los Angeles in this fashion is undoubtedly intriguing.

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Horchata Lip Balm? Horchata Lip Balm.

Sin Min Horchata Lipspread Los Angeles 1

Raise your hand if you love horchata. That is a lot of you! I mean, what isn’t there to like about the cinammon-y Spanish drink? It’s refreshing and delicious and, like tacos, is one of those very beloved LA food items. Would you like it on your lips at all times? Some of you are thinking yes, I am sure—and that is possible. Local lip balm/lipspread makers Sin Min have debuted their first product and it is *horchata* flavored. Um, yes: get ready to lick your lips. Literally!

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Tim Hecker Ben Frost Lost Angeles

Two of the best working musicians right now—Ben Frost and Tim Hecker—are coming to Los Angeles with a show on October 28. This will be amazing.

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Touching The Art Ovation Casey Jane Ellison

Local funny “art” woman Casey Jane Ellison has a new show on Ovation called Touching The Art and the first episode features Bettina Korek, Catherine Opie, and Jori Finkel. Funny stuff below!


Sup Day In The Desert 2014

You know Sup Magazine? Their yearly Day In The Desert concert and party—#DITD3—is coming up on October 11. Save the date!

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Yarnbombing Los Angeles Grand Central Market

Yarnbombing wants to take over Grand Central Market with giant pillar cover pieces. If you want to get involved, send them a note! They need helpers, you guys.

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