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How To Find Old LA

How To Find Old LA Herb Lester Associates 1

When visiting a new city, what should you see? That’s probably the most important question on every traveller’s mind as the things you see can make or break a trip or experience of a city. London based design makers Herb Lester Associates think about that often and have made a collection of travel guides to assist travelers through illustrative charm. They’ve made a New York Doughnut map and a guide that can teach how to properly greet Chicago and a smart how-to for Seattle based on if it is raining or not. Super smart!

For Los Angeles, they decided to dig deep and give visitors the more seasoned parts of Los Angeles. The map is called How To Find Old LA and it seeks to do just that: take you around on a historic—Yet cool!—tour of the city. For those who think that LA is too young and without a history, this little guide will show you where our age is.

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California Dreamer: An Interview With Ashkahn Shahparnia

Ashkahn Shahparnia Los Angeles 1

Most people know Ashkahn Shahparnia by his first name. This isn’t an obvious statement of his having a first name, no, but instead alludes to his going by mononym: he is only known as Ashkahn. His solo name is intentional and is influenced equally by popular culture and Los Angeles.

“I was obsessed with Bijan and his billboards growing up,” he explains. “Seeing him with Michael Jordan and him with Bo Derek was the epitome of the California dream. He owned a big yellow Rolls Royce and had a store on Rodeo! He was so shameless and marketed himself as a person instead of a brand, saying that you are buying him instead of the name of a product.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I use my very Iranian name,” he laughs.

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Unarchiving Francine Dressler

Francine Dressler Fashion Illustration Los Angeles 1

In the seventies, there was an artist and illustrator named Francine Dressler. She created her own style that consisted of blunt bobbed, bare breasted, red lipped women who have a decidedly bawdy, strong attitude. They have a candid, bold sensibility and were executed in a basic enough way that made her work easy to engage with. These somewhat comical works were created in Los Angeles and are now being described as “liberal and sassy” collectors items, which they absolutely are. To celebrate them, Dressler’s creations are being unarchived and used for an easily catchy line of clothing.

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Tuna Bora’s Muscial Illustrations

tuna-bora-2 Los Angeles

I swore we had shared the work of local illustrator Tuna Bora, especially after seeing a new, notable crop of work pop onto The Fox Is Black. Bobby was telling me, “Oh, this girl is super great—and local!” and I was like, “Yes! She’s great!”…and then found that her web address had been sitting in the “To Post” queue but never actually made it to posting. Thus, today is the day—and it’s a musical one. Bora recently made illustrated portraits of some of her favorite recording artists done in such an adorable, “very her” way. It’s a self-initiated project that really shows an artist doing her thing (by making other artists).

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DTW LAX CB1 Anna Breininger Erica Mahinay Lauren Satlowski

CB1 is welcoming a trio of artists from Detroit that came from their Cranbrook Acadamy of Art MFA Painting program. It’s running May 4 through June 8.

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This Crazy Life Patrick Martinez Michael Vasquez Gregory Bojorquez New Image Art

New Image Art is having a trio of artists for the show This Crazy Life. It features Gregory Bojorquez, Patrick Martinez, and Michael Vasquez and opens April 26 and is on view through May 23.

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Fred Wilson Hammer Lectures Take It Or Leave It

Two upcoming, back-to-back Hammer Lectures of note: artist Fred Wilson will be speaking on May 6 and Art History professor Miwon Kwon will be speaking with Allan McCollum on May 7. Both are a part of the currently on view Take It Or Leave It.

A Delicate Balance Odyssey Theatre

Odyssey Theatre is welcoming Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance starting April 26 through June 15. The show features a stacked cast and is one of Albee’s most memorable works.

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