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Cactus Club’s Illustrative Nature Prints

Cactus Club Los Angeles Melinda Boyce 1

Sometimes I’m sent work by a friend or reader about an artist we should check out and I’m like, “Wait: haven’t I already written about this person?” Often, this is a very easy thing to recognize. Sometimes, it isn’t which is the case with Cactus Club, which is local Melinda Tracy Boyce’s paper good shop name. Her work is illustrative and jewel toned and is simultaneously a processing of Southern California nature paired with general animal buddies.

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Zachary Zezima’s Introverted Cruising

Cruising Zachary Zezima

At the beginning of June, I went on my first cruise for work. It was a job where I’d be working by myself as a television show filmed and was basically all by myself as everyone around me was having fun. It was both great and terrible.

Zachary Zezima is a New York animator currently based in Los Angeles as he attends CalArts. He made a little animation this year called CRUISING which feels surprisingly similar to my experience of a cruise ship: I was alone, at sea, despite being surrounded by people. It’s a very unique experience that he captures in such a bright, light way.

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Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? An Artistic Pairing of Two Iconic Cities Nick Lu Eric Firiat Diane Ratican 3

We got a message from local illustrator Nick Lu about a cool project he worked on that compares our city to another beloved city. Working with writer Diane Ratican and illustrator Eric Giriat, the group created the book Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?. It’s a little comparative study for the two, a love story dedicated to two of the world’s most beloved cities. In looking at the work, a funny thing comes up: we have a lot more in common with the French city than we think.

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Joanna Neborsky’s Jittery Food Illustrations

Joanna Neborsky Illustration 1

Joanna Neborsky is a Los Angeles based artist who describes her work as “jittery ink drawings, retro-fried collage, and clumsy animations.” She works mainly in illustration and has a very specific, wonderfully loose point of view that is very gestural and specific while being open and minimal. Her work is effortlessly cool and easily appeals to many. She’s also done some pretty fantastic food work that sees her applying her jitters to a hungry crowd.

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Lisa Congdon At Poketo

Whatever You Are Be a Good One Lisa Congdon Poketo Signing

Poketo is weloming San Francisco illustrator Lisa Congdon for the signing of her book Whatever You Are, Be a Good One, a collection of hand-lettered quotes by the artist. There will be a corresponding art show too and it’s all happening on June 14.a


Clare Graham MorYork The Answer Is Yes Craft And Folk Art Museum 2014

CAFAM is welcoming a showing of work from rad Highland Park artist and MorYork artist Clare Graham. The showing is happening from September 14 through January 4.

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Jon Hassell KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic

Legendary avant garde musician and local Jon Hassell was recently on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. It’s a good listen, y’all!

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SoulCycle Soul Ride Inside Hook Brentwood

You into cycling? Well, you and Inside Hook need to check out an event on July 26 where you’ll be cycling at SoulCycle with their LA ambassador Reuben Brody. This will be fun!

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