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Lorenzo Fonda’s A Trumpet And A Feather

Lorenzo Fonda's A Trumpet And A Feather

Among Lorenzo Fonda‘s many talents is drawing. We’ve explored the director’s sketch pads before and are endlessly impressed with his imagination and skill. He literally can draw the world around us, which he spits out as exaggerated and hilariously gross. It’s great. He recently sent us a note that, after what seemed like forever, he completed a graphic novel he had been working. The online book is A Trumpet And A Feather, a noirish fairy tale about love, music, and a goose.

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For Export Only Shulamit Gallery

Shulamit Gallery is hosting a new group show starting September 6 called For Export Only. It’s on view through November 1.

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Local Host Ryder Ripps Los Angeles

Local Host is a monthly tech and design conversation and this month it will feature Ryder Ripps and Sus Boy. The next event is September 9!

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Young Frankenstein Doma Theatre Co

Doma Theatre is welcoming Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein as a stage show starting September 26. It will be on view through October 19!

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An Opening Of The Field Jess, Robert Duncan And Their Circle PMCA

PMCA has three upcoming shows of note, from September 14 through January 11: there is a showing of Jess Collins and Robert Duncan’s work along with contemporary show Burning Down the House and an installation by Stas Orlovski. There is a reception on September 13 too!

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Lacma September 2014

LACMA has a few upcoming events of note: September 6 and September 13 is an artist family workshop with Ingrid Calame and Shelby Roberts; Angel City Jazz is stopping by on September 19; and September 27 is Koran Arts Day.

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