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Biking All Over: Harrison Brown On Biking Into The World

Harrison Brown Biking Into The World 1

Biking in Los Angeles can be difficult. People in cars can be jerks to you and the city is super spread out and it often feels like going the distance via bike just isn’t worth it. How does biking across Los Angeles compare to doing something like biking across the United States? Psssh: it’s nothing. Our city is a sliver along that journey, a drop in the bucket of distance. It really isn’t that difficult! We promise because biking is one of our main means of transportation.

One Los Angeles biker is hoping to take his love of the activity a big step forward, doing something a lot greater than biking around town: he is going to conquer North America. Literally! Local biker and comedian Harrison Brown is going to go from one tip of America to another in a new web series called Biking Into The World. Brown will be biking from Alaska to Florida and recording his trip as he goes, using the material as an alternative documentary on a different way of traveling. To raise awareness about his currently Kickstarting project and to understand the whys and hows of the journey, we had a quick chat with him about the project. If you are a Los Angeles biker, you will want to read this.

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Five Years Of Contemporary Art: A Word With Tim Fleming Of The Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2014 Tim Fleming 1

There’s a lot happening this weekend. One of the most important items is the fifth coming of the Art Los Angeles Contemporary, our city’s contemporary art fair and—really—the only art happening in that world worth your time in town. It’s a good marker of what is happening locally and beyond in art and is definitely something to seek out.

On the heels of a big Artsy preview and just days away from its opening, we spoke with the man behind the fair, Tim Fleming. Fleming is the fair’s founder and director and built the show out of an enthusiasm for art being made in this city and a need to show it off. He and his team have built the ALAC into something huge and something that will only get bigger and bigger. Thus, enjoy a quick chat we had with him over the phone on Friday where he details what to expect this year and points out a few surprises you may not be aware of.

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A Display Of Tiny Stuffed Monkeys: Inside Ron Piller’s Studio

Ron Piller Artist Los Angeles Torrance 1

When I visited artist Ron Piller at his studio in Torrance, California, I was welcomed by the sound of Julio Iglesias. The music filled the space between paintings and dried resin spattered on the floor, the resin startling me each time I mistook it for broken glass. Nice music, I said.

“Julio sold a lot of dresses for me. The women would come in [to the store] and I would have Julio,” Piller said, dancing slightly to imitate the women of his father’s clothing store.

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The Details Are In The Design: An Interview With Mark Whalen

Mark Whalen Art Los Angeles 1

Artist Mark Whalen makes little worlds in his work. They are clean and white and, in a way, minimalist. Gridded lines create an architectural base which he places thin black or white people, men who tinker away in small laboratories and on alien electronics. His paintings have a futuristic quality to them, allowing you to project whatever story of a time to come on them. To some, they may look like cave paintings from the future while to others they are techno, spiritual parables. You could imagine what he depicts are small gods who make things like GPS and water purification happen.

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The Magic Of The Everyday: An Interview With Shizu Saldamando

The Magic Of The Everyday An Interview With Shizu Saldamando 1

I first encountered Shizu Saldamando‘s work at LAX. Her intricate and intimate pen-on-bedsheet portraits flank the “Departures Hallway” between Terminal 7 and 8, and brought me out of my air-travel tunnel-vision long for a few pleasurable minutes. Saldamando’s work appears at the airport as part of LAX’s newly initiated Influx project, which aims to “transform the airport’s public spaces into art spaces.”

Weeks later, I was given a tour of the Vincent Prince Art Museum by writer Marisela Norte. I was delighted to recognize Saldamando’s work, exhibited in the solo survey show When You Sleep Featuring large scale portrait drawings of “everyday” scenes and subcultures, the work makes her subjects shimmer, their magic heightened by the deliberate neglect of scenes’ backgrounds. Most of her subjects are young and racially diverse, and their urban music scene context is read through their style choices. These are portraits of young Angelenos in an environment they’ve chosen and helped to create, whose identities exist both within and beyond race – a complicated layering that Saldamando captures with sophistication.

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Wignall Museum Of Contemporary Art in Rancho Cucamonga is having their annual Student Invitational. It opens April 14 and will be on view through May 15. You can catch a reception with this artists this evening and a panel on April 22.

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Rumours Blood Moon Edition

What’s better than Coachella? A dance party in town: check out the *second* West coast Rumours happening April 19. It’s at Grand Star Jazz Club and will be a hoot. Fun for boys and girls!

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