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Questions With A Visitor: Larry Gus (And Who Is Seeing Him & Shit Robot This Monday)

Questions With A Visitor Larry Gus And Who Is Seeing Him Shit Robot This Monday

Larry Gus is one of those about-to-break, hyper-buzzed about artists that you need to take a minute to investigate. He’s DFA repped and has an experimental, past-and-present electronic angle to him that’s somewhere in between tribal house and Caribou after taking some uppers. Larry is also a very witty guy, an element that is totally apparent in his music videos since they are a format that has him doing delightfully inane things like repeatedly running up and down a child’s slide or semi-voguing on the outskirts of a dance floor. This is also apparent in a little interview we did with him about an upcoming trip to Los Angeles, his first time here, where the sometimes abstract artist revealed himself to be totally funny and totally cool. What did he have to say? A lot. Some of it is about Marc Maron, too.

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Questions With A Visitor: Allister Lee

Questions With A Visitor Allister Lee 1

Allister Lee likes markers. We’re not just talking about Sharpies but any black marker along the spectrum from high end to low end, vintage and bootleg is something Lee is interested in. The Toronto based artist and brand consultant has worked on everything from designing Nike Shoes to creating looks for Stussy t-shirts to making Vagabond Skateboards–and he’s always kept up his love for markers on his encyclopedic web project Black Is Beautiful, a visually logging of every single black marker Lee finds. It’s a pretty insane resource that you didn’t think would be so fascinating but it totally is. Lee was recently in town visiting friends and seeing a few Los Angeles and Long Beach sites so we figured we’d have a little chat with him about his stay in town.

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Questions With A Visitor: Kenya Hara

Kenya Hara , Graphic designer, at Omi on Feb. 21, 2013. Gakugei-bu Edan interview. MIURA PHOTO.

I don’t think it’s possible to express how excited we are that Architecture for Dogs is in the Los Angeles area. The dog-meets-architect experiment is currently on view at the Long Beach Museum of Art, which is wild because the concept show was shown at Art Basel last year, is stopping here, and then is travelling the world. How lucky are we? Seriously: the show sees superstar architects and designers petting their fun side to make avant garde dog houses tailored for a specific dog and a specific owner. If there’s anything that will tickle the aesthetics of Angelenos, it’s a dog-art show because dog culture is so huge.

To kick the show off, renowned architect and designer Kenya Hara–the man who led this dog house venture–was in Los Angeles to set the show on its feet. He’s toted as the “leading design personality of Japan” and has become an icon in the design world. We are absolutely delighted to share a little chat with him on his experience of Los Angeles. It was literally translated at the Long Beach Museum of Art so we could share, too.

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Questions WIth A Visitor: Jan-Patrick Schmitz Of Montblanc

Questions WIth A Visitor Of Montblanc 1

Jan-Patrick Schmitz is the modern businessman. He’s not stuffy and serious, unable to see anything beyond corporate jargon and boardroom settings: he’s a happy, excited guy who is passionate about his work and about figuring out ways to make his job–and his company’s job–more creative. Schmitz serves as the President and CEO of Montblanc North America, the luxury watch, jewelry, writing instrument, and more manufacturer from Germany. You would never guess this about him because nothing about him is serious or with the baggage of “businessman.”

Schmitz exudes this positive need to share and to do more than what is expected of him. He’s a passionate photographer, teacher, and arts supporter and is the reason why Montblanc is often doing curious, arts minded collaborations: he’s brought an unexpected element to the brand. Schmitz has positioned his company to push arts education beyond it’s current status of being cut and tossed away: he’s doing what he can to keep kids creative. He was recently in Los Angeles to support the third annual 24 Hour Plays, a day long event intended to challenge and entertain through theatre and to benefit arts education nonprofit Urban Arts Partnership.

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Questions With A Visitor: Kate Boy

Questions With A Visitor Kate Boy

You could call Stockholm’s Kate Boy a buzz band. They were knighted by Pitchfork as a Rising band and stormed music blogs with their beautiful, bright debut single “Northern Lights.” The quartet has only released a handful of songs and has their growing audience biting their nails to hear more of their sleek, hard-edged synth/electro-pop.

Luckily, we in Los Angeles are in for a treat: Kate Boy are in Los Angeles right now! For what? They’re doing a show at The Echo tonight with Lovelife and Bom Bom and are sure to bring the house down–and share a bit more of what you can expect from their hotly anticipated LP. To keep up our ongoing conversation with talented artists and makers passing through Los Angeles, we had a little chat with the Kate Boy to hear what they thought about Los Angeles. They have a greater connection to the city than you may think–and they’re going to try to conquer it in a few days!

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VHS EIGHTIES HORROR prom The Devastator Los Angeles

Want something spooky and funny to do for Halloween? Well, The Devastator and the VHS Mummy are having a show called VHS 80’s Horror Prom on October 30. It’s free!

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Biran Scarf Vacation Days Hamish Robertson

Local design outfit Vacation Days has a new collection of scarves out called the Biran scarves. They’re quite beautiful! They also have a collaboration with TENOVERSIX. Check it!

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Sagrada Anenon VIA Publication Julie Niemi

VIA Publication has a great review of Los Angeles’ electrionic act Anenon’s new album SAGRADA. The album is out now and great, too.

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Twilight Of The Adventurers Narratively Zach Urbina

Local writer and LAIY contributor Zach Urbina wrote an amazing piece for Narratively about The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles. Fascinating local tale!

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