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Ballona Creek Bike Path, A Journey To The Westside

Ballona Creek Bike Way Culver City Marina Del Rey 4

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting all the way out in Playa Vista. This means I basically had to get to the ocean, to North LAX—and I don’t have a car. I have the Metro and I have my bike: how would I fare? Not bad, actually, thanks to the Ballona Creek Bike Path. Have you been on it? It’s a very urban, Culver-City-through-Marina-Del-Rey-adjacent LA River thoroughfare that is less travelled than the East LA River. Ballona Creek is like a secret passage to the Westside. It’s worth checking out, if you’ve never ventured out here (or want a change of scenery).

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Mr. C Happenings

Mr. C. Los Angeles Summer 2014

A few things coming up at Mr. C: the Mr. C Yacht Club is returning for the summer with a June 29, July 27, and August 24 showing and they will be having some film screenings, including July 1 with Chinatown, July 15 with The Great Gatsby, July 29 with Some Like it Hot, August 12 with A Good Year, and August 26 with The Graduate.

Nike Interprets Los Angeles

Nike Los Angeles Blazer Floral Collection 3

Living in Los Angeles, I have become obsessed with the Bird Of Paradise. Some may fall for the colorful, tropical Hibiscus or the many varieties of cascading bougainvillea, but I find the Bird to be the most emblematic of Los Angeles. It’s sophisticated and classic and, most of all, weird. In some parts of the city you can find enough of these creatures that taking two or three flowers at a time isn’t noticed by anyone els but you. They can live in a vase from a week to three weeks.

Nike is onto this idea. The big brand recently released a trio of flowery footwear called their Blazer Floral Collection. What do they include? A Bird Of Paradise pair, of course—and they described them as inspired by LA, too.

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Design, Los Angeles: An Inerview With Cristian Zuzunaga

Cristian Zuzunaga Los Angles A+D 4

Cristian Zuzunaga is a multi-disciplined designer based in Barcelona and London but with a unique connection to Los Angeles. Not only does he love the area and the state but he used to live here and found a unique inspiration in the balance we have between nature and technology. It’s an interesting thought we sometimes forget but he’s absolutely right: our indoor/outdoor nature is a direct response to this idea.

As a part of the Los Angeles Design Festival, A+R on La Brea is hosting an intimate little chat with Zuzunaga within their space. To give a taste of what to expect (and to see what the designer thinks of our design community), we had a quick chat with him.

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Pacific Festival The Dunes Rhonda

August 16 is a huge music event in Orange County called Pacific Festival. It will be very dancey *and* it will include a showing by your girl Rhonda.

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Charles Phoenix Disneyland Tour Los Angeles

Local nostalgia hound Charles Phoenix is doing a local event Downtown on August 31 that is a six hour retro field trip regarding Disney. This would be fun!

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Kim Stringfellow Jackrabbit Homestead The Autry

The Autry is welcoming a show called Jackrabbit Homestead which features the work of Kim Stringfellow. It will feature photography works and audio from persons living in the deserts sprawling from Los Angeles. It’s on view from September 13 through August 23 of next year.

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Miljohn Ruperto Mineral Monsters 18th Street Arts Center

Local artist Miljohn Ruperto is the subject of a show at 18th Street Art Center’s main gallery. It’s called Mineral Monsters and is on view now through October 3.

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