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Beach Culture Annenberg Community Beach House

The Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica has a few upcoming literary events of note: July 8 through July 11 and July 16 through July 18 is the showing of Four Clowns, new short fiction will be shared on July 15, WR & Daisy is doing a concert reading on July 22, and Red Hen Press has an event on July 29.

Utopias Of SoCal, A Guide From Llano Del Rio Collective

Utopias Of SoCal Llano Del Rio Collective 5

I would call Los Angeles a utopia. It’s so grand and open and friendly and calm while being constantly sunny that it just feels like a dream environment. It’s no wonder that so many idealistic communities and thinkers have been born out of the city: all we know is the perfect and the wonderful—and we’d hope to spread that enlightenment to others.

Llano Del Rio Collective, a guide making group of artists concerned with expanding the minds of Angelenos, has tapped into this idea and has mapped it in a very special way. They’ve created Utopias Of SoCal, a fold out illustrated map that details past and present (and maybe even future) points of utopian attraction. The piece serves to capture the culture of local idealism and point you toward finding this peace around town.

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Muse Til Midnight LACMA

LACMA’s latest late fun event Muse ’til Midnight is coming back on August 2. It will feature the Silver Lake Chorus and Tycho among others.

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Profanity Pop Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros

José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ is the subject of a new La Luz show called Profanity Pop, which features pop culture mashing art pieces. August 1 through August 31 is when it’s up.

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Literary Death Match Episode 30 Hammer

If you’re around, Tuesday—July 22—at the Hammer is the latest installment of the Literary Death Match, a great mashing of writerly minds paired with flash fiction or non-fiction. The guests this time around are great, too.

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