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Can Your Dog Do This?

Jumpy Omar Von Muller Parkour Dog

I am a basic bitch, as they say: I am a female dog in Los Angeles. I like going for hikes and I like to get Blueberry Facials. I am a simple gal! One area of being an LA B that I haven’t quite excelled at is my trick ability. Most dogs here can like shake hands and stay and roll over and go Paleo. Me? I can sit and stay. Sometimes I can walk off leash. That’s it. But Jumpy? He’s can do parkour. Seriously! He’s a local pup who can jump off of trees and over bushes and ride a skateboard. I’m lucky if I don’t have an accident in the house!

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Local Pet Rescue Malpractice

Pet Rescue Los Angeles Kami Rafikki

Apparently, local pet rescue organization Karma Rescue are in some hot water after “saving” a dog that a family was actively looking for and then refusing to give the dog back. How fucked up is that? The reason is because they felt the original family was unfit for a dog. You know what’s unfit? The organization for thinking they know what’s best for a dog.

Snake House?!

Snakes Newport Beach House

This is old news, sure, but did you guys hear about the guy in Newport Beach who was hoarding snakes?? That’s insane! Dude got busted “after neighbors complained about a ‘god-awful’ stench.” What was the stench? Dead snakes.


Wayfounder Contest

Have a great idea and thing you can and should get it made? Local business WayFounder is accepting submissions for a contest where your idea—an invention or project or whatever—could be made into a reality. Enter by June 8!

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South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival And Art Walk

May 4 is the South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival And Art Walk which will be a walkable, musical happening in Northeast LA.

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Jackson Pollock Ed Harris The Getty

In conjunction with their Mural exhibition, The Getty will be screening the film Pollock on May 3 and will feature a conversation with Ed Harris, who played the artist in the film.

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DTW LAX CB1 Anna Breininger Erica Mahinay Lauren Satlowski

CB1 is welcoming a trio of artists from Detroit that came from their Cranbrook Acadamy of Art MFA Painting program. It’s running May 4 through June 8.

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