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Bark + BBQ

Bark BBQ Horse Thief Los Angeles

Horse Thief and Pussy & Pooch Downtown are having some Thursday events that pair dogs and dishes. It’s called Bark + BBQ and will be happening September 25, October 16, and October 23.

No Dogs Or Parties

no barking dogs

Apparently LA is morphing into an old person because the city will be cracking down on loud dogs and parties. What?? We live in a city. So weird.

Strut Your Mutt

Strut Your Mutt Best Friends ANimal Shelter Los Angeles

Best Friends Animal Society is having an event called Strut Your Mutt on September 6 which will benefit homeless pets. You should do this, animal lovers!

Banjee Medansky

Ben Medansky Banjee Four And Sons

Four & Sons recently featured a story about Ben Medansky’s dog Banjee and the influence of his dog. Also, I wrote it and it’s great!


Hollywood Forever Comedy Is Dead XVIII Brian Posehn Mary Lynn Rjskub

Hollywood Forever is hosting a big funny night called Comedy Is Dead which is in its eighteenth incarnation. It will include comedy group WOMEN and Mary Lynn Rajskub and Brian Posehn.

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Theatricum Boo-tanicum  2014

Every year, Theatricum Botanicum hosts a Halloween festivity called “Theatricum Boo-Tanicum.” This year, the event is happening on October 31. Check it out!

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Lido Los Angeles Club Nokia

Young Norwegian producer Lido is coming to Los Angeles for a show at Club Nokia on October 3. His new EP is out now as is his new video, which you can catch on Complex.

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Damon Wayans Lyric Theatre Super Secret Comedy Show

Damon Wayans is going to step in for a Super Secret Comedy Show event that is a *rare* ninety minute set at the Lyric Theatre. Catch it on October 15!

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October 4 and October 5 are going to be some *special* days: it is the Tom Of Finland Art Fair! There will also be Drawing Workshops on both days—and you can volunteer to help out!

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