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Local Pet Rescue Malpractice

Pet Rescue Los Angeles Kami Rafikki

Apparently, local pet rescue organization Karma Rescue are in some hot water after “saving” a dog that a family was actively looking for and then refusing to give the dog back. How fucked up is that? The reason is because they felt the original family was unfit for a dog. You know what’s unfit? The organization for thinking they know what’s best for a dog.

Snake House?!

Snakes Newport Beach House

This is old news, sure, but did you guys hear about the guy in Newport Beach who was hoarding snakes?? That’s insane! Dude got busted “after neighbors complained about a ‘god-awful’ stench.” What was the stench? Dead snakes.

Dog Land

Dogland Where My Dogs At

Get this: app Where My Dogs At? has redone itself as Dog Land. The locally made pet app is a fun, social way to “mark your territories” and share adventures with your LA pup.


Metro PCS Chinatown Los Angeles Eternal OM

Chinatown’s Metro PCS art space has a little group show opening on April 17 called Eternal OM. It’s on view through May 24.

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Layout 1

Wignall Museum Of Contemporary Art in Rancho Cucamonga is having their annual Student Invitational. It opens April 14 and will be on view through May 15. You can catch a reception with this artists this evening and a panel on April 22.

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Rumours Blood Moon Edition

What’s better than Coachella? A dance party in town: check out the *second* West coast Rumours happening April 19. It’s at Grand Star Jazz Club and will be a hoot. Fun for boys and girls!

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