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Things To Know Before Tonight’s Photo L.A.S.

LAS Tonight Los Angeles Stories, Los Angeles I'm Yours

It’s that time of the month: time for another L.A.S. / Los Angeles Stories! For the month of April, we’ve teamed up with the Month Of Photography Los Angeles and the American Society Of Media Photographers to do an all photo based storytelling session. We’re featuring all photographers storytellers (Save for the host/me.) and will certainly have some fun things to share. If you’d like to come tonight, there are few things to know: catch them below!

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David Walter Banks Gets To Los Angeles

David Walter Banks Los Angeles 2

A few weeks back I had the chance to work with and meet new Los Angeles photographer David Walter Banks. He’s recently relocated from the South and works mainly as an editorial and commissioned photographer. He has a totally clear style and is very, very talented—and very sweet. While digging through his work and checking out what he does, we found a brilliant documentation of his newly arriving in Los Angeles which he’s shared on his blog. The result is a series called Escape To LA and it shows an LA newcomer finding, loving, and adjusting to the city.

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The Politicalization Of The Hollywood Farmers Market

Ivan Pesic Hollywood Farmers Market Photography 1

Ivan Pesic is a Los Angeles photographer who takes documentary photos with an artistic, aesthetic twist. They often point out something we’ve never noticed or a reality to a situation that has yet to be told. The best example of this is his simply titled series Hollywood Market about the Hollywood Farmers Market. The popular, admittedly bougie culinary destination ascends upon one of Los Angeles most helpless neighborhoods every week but doesn’t seem to acknowledge or care about what is happening around it. The Market isn’t obligated to do anything—but it is interesting how a thing like a farmers market can point out how oblivious or careless locals can be.

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Annenberg Anatomy Of A Fashion Shoot

Christopher Lapp and the Annenberg/Skylight Studios will be having a May 7 event through the American Society Of Media Photographers called Anatomy Of A Fashion Shoot. Sounds great!

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Taco Night Silk Scarf Karen Mabon Vacation Days

Love making tacos? Then you will love this: Vacation Days released a themed scarf depicting a taco fiesta illustrated by Karen Mabon. It’s quite nice!

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I Totally Know What You Did Last Donna Summer Casita Del Campo Dane Whitlock Drew Droege

Remember last year’s Praire-Oke and how fun that was? Well big news: the team behind that show is back with the SpOoKy I Totally Know What You Did Last Donna Summer. Should be fab! It’s happening May 2 and May 3, May 9 and May 10, May 16 and May 17, and May 23 and May 24. Catch a trailer for it below.


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Iko Iko Building Block New Space

Hey you guys: the new Iko Iko is open at 1727 Spring Street. To celebrate, there will be an opening party on April 26. Check it out!

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