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Trina Turk’s Beautiful Rainbow Desert

Trina Turk Rainbow Desert Spring Summer 2014 4

When you think of LA, homegrown design talents, Trina Turk is one of the many people who come to mind. She has successfully tapped a very Los Angeles aesthetic that is at all times Summery and with a reference to very LA things like Mid-Century Modernism and the desert. The latter is something that has a particularly strong influence as she’s quite a Palm Springer herself.

Her Spring/Summer 2014 collection has a divine manifestation of this. It takes a view of the desert and blasts it through a rainbow kaleidoscope. The result is an utterly fabulous textile and collection of goods she is calling Rainbow Desert. All y’all LA ladies: get these clothes on you.

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The LA Galaxy Is Undefeated

LA Galaxy Undefeated 2014 1

Soccer in America isn’t that big—but soccer in Los Angeles? Kind of a big deal. We’re a city that is pretty forward thinking and, of course, sports follow suit with what locals like as well. Our team—the LA Galaxy—is known for doing some creative stunts for getting attention like hiring David Beckham and moving to Carson. The best, most recent activity produced from the team is a collaboration with local streetwear brand Undefeated. What a genius pairing—and it certainly caught our attention.

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Little, LA, Druggie Legos

The Seventh Letter LA G0 Pat Riot 1

If you’re not familiar with The Seventh Letter, they’re a streetwear label and gallery with a flagship store on Fairfax’s bro, sneaker district. They’re one of the brands behind Known Gallery and are now doing their own, very LA things in their own way. One accessory that we randomly happened upon is very much of note as it’s a play on something we all love: Los Angeles and Legos. They’ve made limited edition, assemble-it-yourself kits called LAG0 that let you make your own plastic weed paraphernalia. Brilliant!

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New York Times Los Angeles Risk Of Decline

Here is some New York City sensationalism: the New York Times published and article titled “Report Finds Los Angeles at Risk of Decline.” Okay, dudes. But, truth telling: most of the article is bogus but our “expanding” so quickly from outsider money is something to be concerned about. Who is really in control of LA? Do those people actually care about the city? That’s where we see the imminent decline coming from…

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Bleeding Rainbow Los Angeles

Musical act Bleeding Rainbow is on tour now and is making a few Southern Californian pit stops: catch them at the Church On York on April 30.

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Moderns Los Angeles Synth Pop Sub Urban

Local synth pop act Moderns have recently hit the scene with their totally jam-able song “Sub Urban.” Quite nice: catch it below!


Cinco De Mayo Party El Conjunto Nueva Ola Echoplex

The Echoplex is welcoming a (pre) Cinco De Mayo bash with El Conjunto Nueva Ola on May 4. Someone named “Skapeche Mode” will be performing as well.

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June Wayne Prints Paintings Tapestries Pasadena California Museum Of Art

PMCA’s next show is a celebration of the work of painter, printmaker, and feminist activist June Wayne’s work. It opens May 4 and will be on view through August 31. Time, Space & Matter: Five Installations Exploring Natural Phenomena will run concurrently.

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