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An Interview with David Blattel: Commercial Photographer and Local Inventor

David Blattel, interview, TetherBLOCK

Spend enough time moving between the various social enclaves of Los Angeles and you’ll discover this 500 square mile sprawl of 4+ million is actually quite a bit smaller than anyone would imagine.

As a commercial photographer, David Blattel shoots among many other clients, the Harley-Davidson calendar each year. He was also my landlord for all of 2013, along with his wife, Vidiots owner Cathy Tauber, while this writer lived in a Topanga guest house (I have since moved to Venice).

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ArtsTech LA In Los Angeles

ArtsTech Los Angeles Maker City LA 1

If you were wondering where most of your arts leaning friends or persons who run arts organizations were this past Saturday from 3PM-ish to 5PM-ish, they were at Maker City LA attending the very first edition of Los Angeles’ ArtsTech. The conference is a means to explore subjects like social media and the Internet and technology in relationship to art and how the two worlds “can help bring arts and culture to the masses.” It’s an event that stands at the crossing of the two disciplines and seeks to learn and build from both worlds. The debut of ArtsTech LA was a success and, as you may have seen on Twitter, it certainly had people talking.

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Taco Night Silk Scarf Karen Mabon Vacation Days

Love making tacos? Then you will love this: Vacation Days released a themed scarf depicting a taco fiesta illustrated by Karen Mabon. It’s quite nice!

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I Totally Know What You Did Last Donna Summer Casita Del Campo Dane Whitlock Drew Droege

Remember last year’s Praire-Oke and how fun that was? Well big news: the team behind that show is back with the SpOoKy I Totally Know What You Did Last Donna Summer. Should be fab! It’s happening May 2 and May 3, May 9 and May 10, May 16 and May 17, and May 23 and May 24. Catch a trailer for it below.


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Iko Iko Building Block New Space

Hey you guys: the new Iko Iko is open at 1727 Spring Street. To celebrate, there will be an opening party on April 26. Check it out!

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Norton Simon College Night

It’s back, kids: April 25 at the Norton Simon is College Night. You can tour galleries and take a drawing class and lots more fun things.

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Busted True STories About Getting Around Los Angeels STories BooksandCafe

Hey, Metro-ing folk: look at this! There is a storytelling night at Stories in Echo Park called BUSted and it’s all about LA people who take the Metro. It’s happening Saturday, April 26.

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