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Indie Be E3

hyper light drifter Los Angeles E3

From being heavily featured in Microsoft and Sony Media Briefings and having their own sections on the floor of those big gaming companies, indie titles have come a long way at E3. Though some are still banished off to the side to the small section like IndieCade—a promoter of indie titles and a game festival held in Culver City—they might one day be part of the big players table and some already are.

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Jesse Draxler Blxcklist Exhibition Akai Ito Boutique

Opening Thursday, July 24, is an art event that will have Jesse Draxler teaming up with BLXCKLIST. It’s taking place at Akai Ito Boutique Downtown.

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National Tequila Day 2014 Petty Cash

July 24 is National Tequila Day and there are lots of fun things you can do in town to celebrate. Like what? Find out after the jump!

Sisters Of Los Angeles Firefly Pop-Up

Abbot Kinney store Firefly has teamed up with SoLA for a pop-up shop that is opening tonight. Catch it out West from 7PM to 9PM!

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