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Rob Sato Curses Martha Otero Gallery

Martha Otero is welcoming a show called Curses featuring the work of artist Rob Sato: it opens September 20 and is on view through October 25.

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Autumn Garden Party Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is having an Autumn Garden Party this weekend, on September 20. It’s free and open to all!

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High And Low Bureau Night Gallery Re-Establishing Shot

Contemporary art gang from Israel High & Low Bureau is taking over Night Gallery on September 23. It will feature a screening of their film RE-Establishing Shot and a Q&A after. RSVP to attend!

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The Super Serious Show Adam Cayton Holland The Virgil

The Virgil is welcoming a comedy show called The Super Serious Show on September 17. It’s hosted by Adam Cayton-Holland and will feature music, a food truck, and happy hour drink specials.

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