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Hohokum Game Play


Despite locally made PS4 game Hohokum getting meh reviews, some game play is leaking and it still looks cool. We want to play it still!

AxS Festival

AxS Pasadena Festival 2014

AxS Festival is coming to Pasadena from September 19 through October 5. What’s that? It’s a showing of art and technology. Seems really cool!

Free Wifi In Parks!

Free Wifi Los Angeles Parks Beachs

This is big news that you all should hear: last week, free wifi became a thing in a few LA parks. Now you can go online at Echo Park Lake, Venice Beach, Griffith, and more!

Spending Karma

Spending Karma Los Angeles

There’s a new locally made app called Spending Karma that apparently empowers both consumers and small businesses with deals. Is it the new wave of Groupon? Time will tell.

Hohokum Art Spectacular

Hohokum Opening Los Angeles iam8bit

Locally made, gonna-be-great video game Hohokum is the subject of an “art spectacular” at iam8bit. It starts August 9 and will be on view through August 17.


Hollywood Forever Comedy Is Dead XVIII Brian Posehn Mary Lynn Rjskub

Hollywood Forever is hosting a big funny night called Comedy Is Dead which is in its eighteenth incarnation. It will include comedy group WOMEN and Mary Lynn Rajskub and Brian Posehn.

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Theatricum Boo-tanicum  2014

Every year, Theatricum Botanicum hosts a Halloween festivity called “Theatricum Boo-Tanicum.” This year, the event is happening on October 31. Check it out!

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Lido Los Angeles Club Nokia

Young Norwegian producer Lido is coming to Los Angeles for a show at Club Nokia on October 3. His new EP is out now as is his new video, which you can catch on Complex.

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Damon Wayans Lyric Theatre Super Secret Comedy Show

Damon Wayans is going to step in for a Super Secret Comedy Show event that is a *rare* ninety minute set at the Lyric Theatre. Catch it on October 15!

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October 4 and October 5 are going to be some *special* days: it is the Tom Of Finland Art Fair! There will also be Drawing Workshops on both days—and you can volunteer to help out!

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