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The Digest: Valerie At Grand Central Market

Valerie Grand Central Market Valerie Confections Valerie Gordon 1

When Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections alluded to opening restaurants and building out her concept beyond sweets, we didn’t know how fast and furious she was going to get with expanding her brand. She now has two restaurants, one in Echo Park and one in Grand Central Market—and there will undoubtedly be more. While visiting the new Downtown foodie destination that is GCM, you can easily miss Valerie there. It’s located on the Northeast end of the store and may be eclipsed by the always unbearable line that has formed at Eggslut. They have a cute diner counter and a glass display of sweets…but can they really do brunch? What about lunch? Are they worth stepping out of line somewhere else for? Yes, they are—if you can get a seat at the counter.

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The Digest: Thoughts on Pot


Art imitates life, life imitates art, what have you. The recently opened Line Hotel in the heart of Koreatown desperately clings to a downtown LA aesthetic. Well, not really downtown. Koreatown. With a deft idealistic touch, they gave control of the restaurant, bar and cafe to some guy who apparently has done a lot for the way Angelenos eat now adays. From rubbing shoulders at A-Frame, brunch and reggae at Sunny Spot, patio rice bowls at Chego, and a persistent drip of taco juice on your kicks at Kogi, Roy Choi’s restaurants are central to where Angelenos take a break to eat some damn good grub. Gliding through the Line Hotels lobby, a neon sign will point you to his newest joint: Pot.

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The Digest: Monday Supper At Little Dom’s

Monday Supper Little Dom's 1

If you have been to Los Feliz’s Little Dom’s, you have probably seen the postcard signs for their Monday Suppers. They advertise fifteen dollar meals of three courses along with $15 bottles of red and white house wine and three dollar PBRs. It’s a fancy feast for those on a budget: it’s a special way to spend a Monday night.

It also feels like a Los Angeles—or at least Los Feliz—tradition. If you’ve lived in the area, you have been to the restaurant and you have seen the signs. Even if you went to the furthest end of what some may consider “Los Feliz,” to sister restaurant 101 Coffee Shop, you could find these signs as well. As a n00b Angeleno in 2008, I stopped into the Coffee Shop on a Monday night hoping for this dinner only to find that it is only at Little Dom’s: it is certainly a thing. So, how is it? Quite nice, actually. It certainly is unrivaled in being one of the best budget meals in the city.

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The Digest: Breakfast at Yuca’s Tacos


LA is to tacos what New York is to pizza, Chicago is to hot dogs, and Santa Fe is to green chili. Each city can’t claim to inventing the dish but they have certainly made it their own. Everyone has their favorite and, to some extent, that’s ok. You’re allowed to like what you like, even if there are “better” ones out there.

But who has a stamp on breakfast?

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The Digest: El Jefe

El Jefe Palm Springs El Saguaro 1

We’ve stayed at The Saguaro in Palm Springs two times. People always ask how it is, hoping to solve some sort of desert puzzle that they’ve yet to open themselves. We say it’s fine, not the best, but good. The walls in the rooms are thin and, while the execution of color is brilliant, at points it does feel like a fancy Holiday Inn (Ahem, the bathrooms.). It’s decidedly not suffocatingly scene-y and the pool area is quite nice. It’s probably the most dog friendly hotel in the city, too.

The biggest reason to go to The Saguaro isn’t because of anything related to actually staying in the hotel, though: it’s for the food, specifically the Mexican treats at El Jefe. The restaurant and bar is the casual dining concept at The Saguaro located on the Southeast side of the lobby. It’s entry is through an exposed wall bookshelf filled with Southwestern tchotchkes and Saguaro related items. It’s never crazy in there and everything is surprisingly authentic and good. Who knew there was a Mexican destination in the middle of the desert?

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New York Times Los Angeles Risk Of Decline

Here is some New York City sensationalism: the New York Times published and article titled “Report Finds Los Angeles at Risk of Decline.” Okay, dudes. But, truth telling: most of the article is bogus but our “expanding” so quickly from outsider money is something to be concerned about. Who is really in control of LA? Do those people actually care about the city? That’s where we see the imminent decline coming from…

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Bleeding Rainbow Los Angeles

Musical act Bleeding Rainbow is on tour now and is making a few Southern Californian pit stops: catch them at the Church On York on April 30.

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Moderns Los Angeles Synth Pop Sub Urban

Local synth pop act Moderns have recently hit the scene with their totally jam-able song “Sub Urban.” Quite nice: catch it below!


Cinco De Mayo Party El Conjunto Nueva Ola Echoplex

The Echoplex is welcoming a (pre) Cinco De Mayo bash with El Conjunto Nueva Ola on May 4. Someone named “Skapeche Mode” will be performing as well.

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June Wayne Prints Paintings Tapestries Pasadena California Museum Of Art

PMCA’s next show is a celebration of the work of painter, printmaker, and feminist activist June Wayne’s work. It opens May 4 and will be on view through August 31. Time, Space & Matter: Five Installations Exploring Natural Phenomena will run concurrently.

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