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Ajax In Iraq

Ajax In Iraq Not Man Apart Los Angeles

Not Man Apart, a local physical theatre ensemble, is presenting their flagship production Ajax In Iraq. They need help to get the show going, which will be on view from May 8 to June 1 at Miles Memorial Playhouse.

Collaging The World: An Interview With Miwa Matreyek

Miwa Matreyek Los Angeles Performance 1

Collage is an art form considered to be two dimensional. It consists of layering images to build a new image, a whole from many disparate parts. Rarely does collage enter different disciplines but elements of the practice can appear in music, film, performance, design, writing, and more. Cutting and pasting—the actions that make collage—are embedded into our culture now: we are all collage artists in our own way.

Then there is the work of Miwa Matreyek, an artist and performer whose work proves that collage is more than the couple of dimensions that we give it. Instead of cutting and pasting one piece of paper to another, why not cut a piece of paper and paste it to a sound? Why not cut a movement and paste it to a lighting effect? Why not cut a concept and paste it to an entire set of physical actions? This is how Miwa approaches collage: it isn’t an art form locked in a binary but is an entryway to experimentation.

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Top Production of Top Girls at Antaeus

Antaeus Top Girls Los Angeles 3

Right now in the theatre community at large, questions of representation abound.  Between February and April of this year, Washington DC will see an ongoing theatre convocation of five artistic directors assembled to discuss the state of theatre-making in the city.  Entitled The Summit and organized by Arena Stage’s Artistic Director Molly Smith, the first round saw a few memorable faux pas, starting with an admission from Round House Theatre’s Artistic Director Ryan Rilette that some playwrights of the contemporary feminist theatrical cannon such as Caryl Churchill are “dated.”  This led to much chatter as theatres continue to grapple with a lack of gender parity and diversity both on and off their stages.  As the mostly male artistic directors fielded questions as to how this will change in the coming years, the general consensus was at least we are better off than we were 30 years ago.

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The View From Here L.A. And Photography Getty Museum George Baker

May 31 will be a free symposium sponsored by the Getty Museum Photographs Council to celebrate the 175th anniversary of photography’s invention. How rad is that? The subject of the event is on LA and photography.

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La Cage Aux Folles Warren Techentin Materials And Appliances

Silver Lake’s Materials & Appliances is welcoming it’s latest installation on April 19 called La Cage aux Folles. The work is by Warren Techentin and is a warping of steel tubes. Stop by the opening if you can!

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AIGA Los Angeles Hecho En LA Yo Santosa Designer Entrepreneuer

AIGA and Hecho En LA are having an event at Maker City LA about with Yo Santosa of Ferroconcrete on starting a design studio. Happening April 30!

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Night Gallery Cogwheels Carved In Wood Jonathan Griffin

Night Gallery’s next exhibition is group show Cogwheels Carved In Wood. It’s curated by Jonathan Griffin and will be on view from April 19 through May 17.

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