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Uber Coachella


Need some festival travel help while at Coachella? Uber has some special programming for the occasion called #UberAllAccess which will give lucky riders some rad swag and “artist pickups.” WTF? Amazing. Happening April 11 through April 13 and April 18 through April 20.

Los Angeles’ Best Biker Hood? Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Bike City Los Angeles

Say what you will, bikers, but Beverly Hills is the place for bikers. It can be a challenge to ride through but it is this challenge that can and will help bikers: it provides an education in riding in Los Angeles and forces us to think quickly. If you have been a rider for a while or are hoping to dabble in the activity, head to Beverly Hills. This part of town will turn you from a biker child into a Biker Adult.

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Biking All Over: Harrison Brown On Biking Into The World

Harrison Brown Biking Into The World 1

Biking in Los Angeles can be difficult. People in cars can be jerks to you and the city is super spread out and it often feels like going the distance via bike just isn’t worth it. How does biking across Los Angeles compare to doing something like biking across the United States? Psssh: it’s nothing. Our city is a sliver along that journey, a drop in the bucket of distance. It really isn’t that difficult! We promise because biking is one of our main means of transportation.

One Los Angeles biker is hoping to take his love of the activity a big step forward, doing something a lot greater than biking around town: he is going to conquer North America. Literally! Local biker and comedian Harrison Brown is going to go from one tip of America to another in a new web series called Biking Into The World. Brown will be biking from Alaska to Florida and recording his trip as he goes, using the material as an alternative documentary on a different way of traveling. To raise awareness about his currently Kickstarting project and to understand the whys and hows of the journey, we had a quick chat with him about the project. If you are a Los Angeles biker, you will want to read this.

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Paul Gillis Indisible By Light Edward Cella

Paul Gillis is the subject of an upcoming Edward Cella show. It’s called Indivisible by Light and features new mixed media paintings from the artist. The show is on view from May 3 through July 5.

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Open Mike Eagle Show The Mint Dark Comedy

Local musician Open Mike Eagle is going to be having a listening party for his latest work Dark Comedy on May 1 at The Mint. It will include performances from others like James Adomian (Who is GREAT.) and Elos.

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Wayfounder Contest

Have a great idea and thing you can and should get it made? Local business WayFounder is accepting submissions for a contest where your idea—an invention or project or whatever—could be made into a reality. Enter by June 8!

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Jackson Pollock Ed Harris The Getty

In conjunction with their Mural exhibition, The Getty will be screening the film Pollock on May 3 and will feature a conversation with Ed Harris, who played the artist in the film.

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