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Ballona Creek Bike Path, A Journey To The Westside

Ballona Creek Bike Way Culver City Marina Del Rey 4

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting all the way out in Playa Vista. This means I basically had to get to the ocean, to North LAX—and I don’t have a car. I have the Metro and I have my bike: how would I fare? Not bad, actually, thanks to the Ballona Creek Bike Path. Have you been on it? It’s a very urban, Culver-City-through-Marina-Del-Rey-adjacent LA River thoroughfare that is less travelled than the East LA River. Ballona Creek is like a secret passage to the Westside. It’s worth checking out, if you’ve never ventured out here (or want a change of scenery).

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A Biker’s Defense

Bikes Cars Los Angeles 1

Admittedly riding a bike in LA puts me on the defensive. If you’ve ever rode a bike in this city, or just driven a car you know the kind of shenanigans that go down on the road. Being outside of that protective cage of steel and aluminum only makes it feel more dangerous, and more fun.

So perhaps it was the fact that I had only earlier that day I watched armored truck hit a biker and the torment that followed—but I had a particularly keen sense of traffic and safety as I rode to go get fixings for dinner. Cruising down the street, at a fairly respectable clip mind you, I was passed by an old piece of shit, beige Corolla with the driver inside yelling at me, “Why the fuck don’t you ride on the side of the road?!”

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Tim Hecker Ben Frost Lost Angeles

Two of the best working musicians right now—Ben Frost and Tim Hecker—are coming to Los Angeles with a show on October 28. This will be amazing.

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Touching The Art Ovation Casey Jane Ellison

Local funny “art” woman Casey Jane Ellison has a new show on Ovation called Touching The Art and the first episode features Bettina Korek, Catherine Opie, and Jori Finkel. Funny stuff below!


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