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So How Is The LA’s Signature Cocktail, Griffith?

Griffith Los Angeles Signature Cocktail Greenbar Distillery California Artisanal Distillers Guild Josh Lurie 3

A few months ago, it was announced that there was a search for Los Angeles’ signature cocktail. What could that be? Did it already exist and we had no idea? Apparently not. Apparently we needed to have a little competition and open call to see what drink best befit the title of “Los Angeles’ signature cocktail.”

Who won? A little drink called Griffith. It was created by Culver City’s Josh Lurie and is named in honor of the popular park. But what is it? And is it any good? We grabbed the ingredients and followed the directions to see if our “signature drink” was indeed a local leaning libation—and worth your time.

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Depart Foundation Gabriele De Saintis

Depart Foundation on Sunset are giving the first LA exhibition of artist Gabriele De Santis. It’s on view from September 18 through November 16.

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MOCA Cameron Songs For The Witch

MOCA PDC’s next exhibition is a showing of work by “occult” artist Cameron. The show is called Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman and is on view from October 11 through January 11.

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Pia Fries Paisages Maritimes Christopher Grimes Gallery

Christopher Grimes’ next show will feature the work of Pia Fries. It’s called Paisages Maritimes and will be on view from September 13 through November 1.

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Post And Beam LA Forum 2014

Have you been digging The Fabulous Forum? The folks at Post & Beam have! They’re offering complimentary desserts with the purchase of pizza or large plates to guests who present their ticket stubs to the Forum show. Smart!

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