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What Do Plants Sound Like?

What Do Plants Sound Like?

Mileece is a Los Angeles based sonic artist who uses plants in order to make avant garde soundscapes. Through technology and a ruffle of some leaves, she interprets the sound from plants in a very fascinating way. She plucks at a bromeliad and tickles bougainvillea, effortlessly drawing out sounds that are much bigger than they are assumed to be. The always on their game Wilder Quarterly did a little video on Mileece showing her at work and preparing for a performance at MoMA. What a great peek inside this new world of sound!

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Cargo’s Runyon Theme

Cargo's Runyon Theme

Cargo Collective has made a new theme for their site based off of none other than Runyon Canyon. It’s a side scrolling site very reliant on images. It also features great Runyon photography by Dutch-by-way-of-LA photographer Gijs van der Most.

So, What Is The Website Associated With This Billboard?

So, What Is The Website Associated With This Billboard?

A few months ago while driving back from LAX or something on the far Westside, I decided to cut through the city via the La Brea corridor (from the 10 through La Brea all the way up to Sunset Blvd). It’s a really effective shortcut through the city and typically is a fun sightseeing trek from ‘hood to ‘hood. Around late October (I believe late October, I could be wrong), two billboards popped up that really piqued my interest. One was on La Brea to be seen when heading North just before Olympic, the other was on Olympic to be seen when heading East just before La Brea. I was super excited by the idea of a cool Los Angeles website–especially one so heavily advertised. I imagined it was a cool street style website or a neat pro-LA fashion website or it was a super WASP-y, Guest Of A Guest answer to people like The Cobrasnake: Los Angeles’ Finally-Here Older, More Fashionable Sister.

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Tim Hecker Ben Frost Lost Angeles

Two of the best working musicians right now—Ben Frost and Tim Hecker—are coming to Los Angeles with a show on October 28. This will be amazing.

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Touching The Art Ovation Casey Jane Ellison

Local funny “art” woman Casey Jane Ellison has a new show on Ovation called Touching The Art and the first episode features Bettina Korek, Catherine Opie, and Jori Finkel. Funny stuff below!


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