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Pottery From Mt. Washington

Beth Katz Mt. Washington Pottery 5

As many of you may know, pottery and ceramics are very much a thing in Los Angeles and beyond. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this form of expression either. It’s a way of making that doesn’t seem to get old and everyone has a unique point of view: it’s a very easy means of expressing yourself.

A new entry into this local conversation is the work of Beth Katz who works under the name Mt. Washington Pottery. The wares from Northeast Los Angeles are very basic yet have a distinct character to them. They’re a mixture of simple, modern forms with a somewhat Mid-Century slant to them. Unlike other makers, Katz is able to create new works that have clear, clever references.

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Los Angeles In Cakes

Neiman Marcus Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 1

Have you ever seen those cake shows where normal bakers are tasked with wild challenges like making a replica of something only with desserts? You know those shows! There are a ton of them and they all have their own charms.

Last weekend, there was a rare happening that borrowed from those cake shows that took place in the bottom floor of the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus. The store featured what felt like an endless amount of cakes made in the form of Los Angeles landmarks. They were not only a testament to local culinary, cake talents but were wonderful representations of some of Los Angeles’ most well known architecture. It was a delicious happening.

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Take Home Top Chef With The Fare Trade

Fare Trade Kyle Fitzpatrick Bobby Solomon 15

A few weeks ago we were approached by The Fare Trade to participate in something they are calling All Is Fare. A little context: Fare Trade is a new monthly culinary subscription concept from locals Jake Ahles and Max Block that gets home chefs foodie treats curated by well known chefs. All Is Fare is a “competition” where the brand select dueling people to use the month’s products to make recipes.

When we were asked to participate, we immediately thought game on and went into Top Chef mode, planning to take each other down in a Quickfire Challenge. We set a full Sunday aside to prepare and make the dishes and found a great venue and audience for it (AKA, family) and set out to make two dishes that would flaunt the ingredients—but also put up a good foodie fight. If you’ve been missing Top Chef, get ready for a very LA competition along with a few recipes told through photos.

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Where Shall We Meet? Palisades Park

Where Shall We Meet? Palisades Park 1

“I want to go to the beach,” a visiting friend asks. “I want to see the ocean,” they say. You, the local, thinks that it’s cold and that it’s too far and that it really isn’t something “to do”while in Los Angeles. So how can you balance both aspects of going beachy without doing the work of getting beachy? Go to Palisades Park. It’s basically going to the waterfront without meeting the water.

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New York Times Los Angeles Risk Of Decline

Here is some New York City sensationalism: the New York Times published and article titled “Report Finds Los Angeles at Risk of Decline.” Okay, dudes. But, truth telling: most of the article is bogus but our “expanding” so quickly from outsider money is something to be concerned about. Who is really in control of LA? Do those people actually care about the city? That’s where we see the imminent decline coming from…

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Bleeding Rainbow Los Angeles

Musical act Bleeding Rainbow is on tour now and is making a few Southern Californian pit stops: catch them at the Church On York on April 30.

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Moderns Los Angeles Synth Pop Sub Urban

Local synth pop act Moderns have recently hit the scene with their totally jam-able song “Sub Urban.” Quite nice: catch it below!


Cinco De Mayo Party El Conjunto Nueva Ola Echoplex

The Echoplex is welcoming a (pre) Cinco De Mayo bash with El Conjunto Nueva Ola on May 4. Someone named “Skapeche Mode” will be performing as well.

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June Wayne Prints Paintings Tapestries Pasadena California Museum Of Art

PMCA’s next show is a celebration of the work of painter, printmaker, and feminist activist June Wayne’s work. It opens May 4 and will be on view through August 31. Time, Space & Matter: Five Installations Exploring Natural Phenomena will run concurrently.

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