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Maya Brenner’s Light, Southern California Jewelry

Maya Brenner's Light, Southern California Jewelry 1

This past month has been a doozy for me, which may explain why LAIY has been a bit barebones for late May through June. I was working on two Style Network shows, one of which was recently launched pop culture and fashion mashing Style Pop. Being in that world for over a month and reading and writing about everything from North West Kardashian to testicular beautification, there seemed like there would not be any opportunities for overlap in the projects. Well, surprise, just before being wrapped on the show a little local something popped up that we had to share: some light, Southern California slanted jewelry was talked about on the show. The work comes from Maya Brenner and they are some very luxurious local wears.

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Kids in university these days are far better at being adults than we ever were. Maybe it’s just me, maybe, but we keep sharing project after project after project from local students in schools who are blowing the pants off of anything my peers and I were doing in school five years ago. It’s super impressive and, while Baby Boomers are concerned that twenty and thirysomethings are going to steal their jobs, we twenty and thirtysomethings should be concerned these even younger people who haven’t even finished school are going to steal our work from us. It’s a keep creating, keep connecting kind of world and students are really taking it to the next level.

The most recent, “Damn, kid!” moment for us was from a little journal we got from UCLA students. It’s called GRAPHITE and is a yearly interdisciplinary arts journal produced by the students to detail what interests them and what they see as the connections between all sorts of different expressive forms. With the help of the Hammer Student Association, GRAPHITE has released their 2012 – 2013 publication under the theme of Movement, a topic intended to investigate “the dynamics within and beyond political, cultural, architectural, and conceptual concerns.”

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Vacation Days’ Future Desert

Vacation Days' Future Desert 1

Hamish Robertson is a man of many disguises. Not literally, of course, but in the online world he has so many projects and aliases that it’s often surprising to find that he has added yet another hat to his collection. We’re most familiar with his work zine making via publishing front Brown Griffin and, now, there are two other members to add to the list: Vacation Days and Future Desert. The first is an online retail concept while the latter is a title for photographic experimentation that are reflections of the Southern California landscape now. What happens when you toss all of this together? A collection of beautiful, ethereal Future Desert photo collages for purchase on Vacation Days, of course.

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Questions WIth A Visitor: Jan-Patrick Schmitz Of Montblanc

Questions WIth A Visitor Of Montblanc 1

Jan-Patrick Schmitz is the modern businessman. He’s not stuffy and serious, unable to see anything beyond corporate jargon and boardroom settings: he’s a happy, excited guy who is passionate about his work and about figuring out ways to make his job–and his company’s job–more creative. Schmitz serves as the President and CEO of Montblanc North America, the luxury watch, jewelry, writing instrument, and more manufacturer from Germany. You would never guess this about him because nothing about him is serious or with the baggage of “businessman.”

Schmitz exudes this positive need to share and to do more than what is expected of him. He’s a passionate photographer, teacher, and arts supporter and is the reason why Montblanc is often doing curious, arts minded collaborations: he’s brought an unexpected element to the brand. Schmitz has positioned his company to push arts education beyond it’s current status of being cut and tossed away: he’s doing what he can to keep kids creative. He was recently in Los Angeles to support the third annual 24 Hour Plays, a day long event intended to challenge and entertain through theatre and to benefit arts education nonprofit Urban Arts Partnership.

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la dance project the ace downtown october

They’re back: the L.A. Dance Project’s latest show at The Ace is this weekend. Catch it October 24, October 25, and October 26.

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Making LA de LaB Los Angeles November 7

de LaB is having a big, neat art, design, culture, and more event on November 7, where designers and city leaders will converge on the Los Angeles River. Lots of familiar faces are involved: check it out!

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VHS EIGHTIES HORROR prom The Devastator Los Angeles

Want something spooky and funny to do for Halloween? Well, The Devastator and the VHS Mummy are having a show called VHS 80’s Horror Prom on October 30. It’s free!

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Biran Scarf Vacation Days Hamish Robertson

Local design outfit Vacation Days has a new collection of scarves out called the Biran scarves. They’re quite beautiful! They also have a collaboration with TENOVERSIX. Check it!

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