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Celebrating Terry O’Neill

Celebrating Terry O'Neill 1

British photographer Terry O’Neill boasts more than six decades taking photos but not just of any ordinary subjects. He’s clicked his camera at some of the most recognizable faces from Winston Churchill to Nicole Kidman–oh, and every single actor to play James Bond.

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A Mural Dedicated To A Video Game

A Mural Dedicated To A Video Game 1

E3 was last week and all I got from it were glimpses of video game billboards as I biked to and from work every day. From what I read, nothing really looked that exciting in terms of releases save for that new Plants vs. Zombies game and something called Sunset Overdrive. The former is a mashing of the popular mobile game and Modern Warfare and the latter is a wild mutant shooter that appeared to be something that you figure out on your own. Sunset also has engaged in an interesting marketing campaign that employed three artists to interpret the game via a mural. The result is a hidden art piece on the back of Meltdown that is a pretty neat addition to the hidden artworks already painted on the back of the building.

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James Goldstein Has A Crazy, Amazing Home

James Goldstein Has A Crazy, Amazing Home 1

There are some houses in Los Angeles that feel like they were built to confuse. These houses aren’t bad but they are incredibly eccentric, so weird that you can’t imagine a real person inhabiting it. Having so much land and so many personalities, LA has been lucky enough to have room for architectural oddities to flourish. James Goldstein’s house is a good example of this as it is a geometric concrete pyramid in Beverly Hills that is as insane as it is captivating. He and his place were recently featured on AudioVision and you get a really great glimpse at one of Los Angeles’ most bizarre homes.

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Tonight We Fight, The Zine

Tonight We Fight, The Zine 1

When we met up with Marsea Goldberg of New Image Art, she talked up a new show that featured lots of young artists that she wanted everyone to know about. She got really giddy about it, sharing an enthusiasm for the show that much like a mother hyping up her child’s upcoming Summer pageant. The show mentioned is Tonight, We Fight!, a group show consisting of young voices who mix the worlds of art, design, and more. Marsea gave us a little zine that was produced for the show as we exited and it provides an exciting peek into what the show will be.

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A Greenbar Guava Concoction

A Greenlab Guava Concoction 1

A few weeks back when we attended the Los Angeles Street Food Fest preview, they sent us off with a little goodie bag of related items. You had a KIND Bar, some spice rubs, OC Fair tickets, some Jarritos, and two Greenbar spirits. We mulled over what to do with them and immediately dinged, “Make a cocktail!!” Having a taste of each ingredient and rolling with the serendipity, we decided to mix the beverages given to us and add in some things we had lying around like it was a Chopped challenge. We ended up making a pretty sweet treat, too.

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EastSide Food Festival Castle Gourmet Mack Sennett

November 9 is the Eastside Food Festival which will include lots of great goodies from Castle Gourmet and Food Is The New Rock and more. It’s taking place at the Mack Sennett Studios and will be delicious.

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Hollywood Forever Comedy Is Dead XVIII Brian Posehn Mary Lynn Rjskub

Hollywood Forever is hosting a big funny night called Comedy Is Dead which is in its eighteenth incarnation. It will include comedy group WOMEN and Mary Lynn Rajskub and Brian Posehn.

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Theatricum Boo-tanicum  2014

Every year, Theatricum Botanicum hosts a Halloween festivity called “Theatricum Boo-Tanicum.” This year, the event is happening on October 31. Check it out!

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Lido Los Angeles Club Nokia

Young Norwegian producer Lido is coming to Los Angeles for a show at Club Nokia on October 3. His new EP is out now as is his new video, which you can catch on Complex.

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Damon Wayans Lyric Theatre Super Secret Comedy Show

Damon Wayans is going to step in for a Super Secret Comedy Show event that is a *rare* ninety minute set at the Lyric Theatre. Catch it on October 15!

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