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Why Do Articles Like This Annoy Me?

Why Do Articles Like This Annoy Me?

Why do articles like this annoy me?
Why did I see it, close my browser, stumble upon it again, get annoyed again, and read through it again, grinding my teeth?
How is it that a little, well-intentioned list has dug itself under my skin like a tick who refuses to dislodge itself?
How can people in Los Angeles read this and chuckle, “Yeah! This is great!”?
Am I the only one who finds articles about Los Angeles and driving and traffic to be a terrible cliché?
Were things like this created in 1996 and are now being unearthed in irony?

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Questions With A Visitor: Kate Boy

Questions With A Visitor Kate Boy

You could call Stockholm’s Kate Boy a buzz band. They were knighted by Pitchfork as a Rising band and stormed music blogs with their beautiful, bright debut single “Northern Lights.” The quartet has only released a handful of songs and has their growing audience biting their nails to hear more of their sleek, hard-edged synth/electro-pop.

Luckily, we in Los Angeles are in for a treat: Kate Boy are in Los Angeles right now! For what? They’re doing a show at The Echo tonight with Lovelife and Bom Bom and are sure to bring the house down–and share a bit more of what you can expect from their hotly anticipated LP. To keep up our ongoing conversation with talented artists and makers passing through Los Angeles, we had a little chat with the Kate Boy to hear what they thought about Los Angeles. They have a greater connection to the city than you may think–and they’re going to try to conquer it in a few days!

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Greetings From Utopia!

Greetings From Utopia! 1

We really dig what Jimmy Marble is doing. He’s in this artistic clique of photographers and artists and designers and video makers who make super positive, super bright, super makes-you-feel-good work that we think is pulled directly from being in LA. There’s a constant sunniness and, even if they aren’t directly speaking to an LA influence, you can’t help but notice this connection. We haven’t checked in on what the artist was up to in a while but we found a super great photo project he did back in February that was an expression of his love for the city. It’s Greetings From Utopia! and it mixes a handful of colorful naked people together as an expression of all the life and love coming in and out of Los Angeles.

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The Madonnaologist: Speaking With Nadya Ginsburg

The Madonnaologist Speaking With Nadya Ginsburg 1

Nadya Ginsburg’s Madonnalogues hits the underground stage of the Cavern Club in Silverlake this Tuesday evening, June 11th at 8PM.  Last month “Madge” showed up fresh off the red carpet from the Met Ball wowing the audience with her spot on impressions of the pop icon’s costume and reminiscences of the event. You do not want to miss the uproarious surprises Ms. Ginsburg and her uber-talented show partners bring to the stage and entire theater space! We spoke with the artist and performer about crafting her Madonna character, how she got into performing, and what you can expect from tomorrow night’s Madonnalogues Variety Hour.

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Seoul Little’s California Necklace

Seoul Little's California Necklace 1

Ever since our Featured Interview with Alissa Walker years ago, I’ve been on the hunt for the California state necklace she was wearing. It’s a simple, minimalist gold necklace with the shape of California line drawn in gold. I had Googled things similar and, in my dreams, this golden outline of the Golden State was hung to the chain from within it’s own confines (instead of added hardware for it to dangle from). Apparently this vision of jewelry is made up because I could not find anything similar anywhere and grew totally frustrated in my search, giving up a dream of having my own California necklace.

Last week while perusing Etsy and searching for little necklaces to buy, I came across local jewelry maker Seoul Little. I didn’t realize the shop was local at the time but I found their California Necklace in the shop, loved it, ordered it immediately, forgot I did this, and then–practically a day later–a California Necklace was in my apartment and I remembered I had made a great choice: I had my own CA pride that I could wear around my neck–and it came from a local, too.

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Tour Da Arts Santa Monica Museum of Art

Santa Monica Museum of Art is having their *sixth* edition of Tour da Arts on August 24. This is always great! Also, catch their new bike critter: a rabbit!

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Ad Hoc Fashion Show Los Angeles

Local fashion-y happening Ad Hoc are hoping to have a big fashion show soon so they are raising money on Indiegogo. You’ll have until September 25 to help them out!

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Doug Aitken Regen Projects 2014

Local rad artist Doug Aitken is going to be having a show at Regen Projects called Still Life. It’s on view from September 6 through October 11. There will also be a book signing on October 4.

Above: Doug Aitken. END (mirror), 2014. Clear mirror, colored mirror, resin and concrete. 44 3/8 x 47 x 11 1/4 inches (112.7 x 119.4 x 28.6 cm).

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