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Unseen LA: Sushi Your Way At M.Y.O. Sushi

Unseen LA Sushi Your Way At M.Y.O. Sushi 1

We rarely get to “break” foodie news but today we get to do that: out in West Covina, there’s a new sushi concept that let’s you get creative with rolls. Applying a bit of a Chipotle logic and allowing you to “make your own” roll, here come’s M.Y.O. Sushi. The concept comes from Chef Michael Rome Noe who sent us a note a few weeks back and then followed up to relay information about the concept. They’ve just opened their doors today for their soft opening and we have word from Rome on where the concept came from and what you can expect.

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A Culinary Crush: Le Fooding At MOCA

A Culinary Crush: Le Fooding At MOCA

It started as an infatuation. Or really, a crush.

Paris has long been in the eye of Angelenos. The home of fashion, glamour, and a culinary influence sans pareil, the city remains the cultural standard by which so many others are judged. To many, it is the antithesis of Los Angeles. The old city of love, scarred from wars and revolutions, photogenic before any touch ups.

But, like springtime birds, Paris has had a crush on us as well. Like true lovers, the warts of smog, traffic, and yogajunkie / surfers meant nothing to the beautiful diversity and cultural fusion of Los Angeles. Taqueros haunted by Hollywood-ites, food trucks chased down by high-heeled publicists, and the joy of a fresh avocado.

Romance from afar meant a meeting. So we provided the location, they brought the party. The date was Le Fooding.

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Bungalow Street Concrete Bowls

Bungalow Street Concrete Bowls 1

There’s something very simple about concrete. It can be an elegant and refined medium but we usually don’t think of anything in our tableware as concrete (or stone) except for the Latin borrowed mortar and pestle you purchased specifically to make guacamole. That appears to be the extent of concrete’s involvement in the culinary world. Rich Kasten of Kasten Design in Pasadena does not agree with this at all: he has a few ideas for getting concrete onto the table by way of very refined bowls. He actually makes bowls using this material and sells them through Bungalow Street, his online store. They’re very classic pieces and feel like they were pulled from another period of culinary tradition, where stone bowls were all that were available.

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Roadtrip Adventure Kit: Tripkit

A Roadtrip Adventure Kit Tripkit 1

In my family, traveling by plane was something people with lots of money did and was something that we never did regardless of the circumstance. How did we travel? By car. In a burgundy 1993 Ford Grand Voyager, specifically. These trips were filled with tears and laughs and conversation and naps. We all hated and loved it and we always found a way to keep each other entertained. Designer and packaging person Olivia Paden must have had a similar upbringing because she made a little concept product to help ease the blow of car travel and make any car trip all the more fun–and creative. She’s made the Tripkit, a “roadtrip adventure kit” that will make travels by car all the more exciting.

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An Opening Of The Field Jess, Robert Duncan And Their Circle PMCA

PMCA has three upcoming shows of note, from September 14 through January 11: there is a showing of Jess Collins and Robert Duncan’s work along with contemporary show Burning Down the House and an installation by Stas Orlovski. There is a reception on September 13 too!

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Lacma September 2014

LACMA has a few upcoming events of note: September 6 and September 13 is an artist family workshop with Ingrid Calame and Shelby Roberts; Angel City Jazz is stopping by on September 19; and September 27 is Koran Arts Day.

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Dreamland Summer Haunted Euth T.S. Claire

Dreamland Summer is a new show opening August 30 at Clean Aesthetic that will feature new works from Haunted Euth and T.S. Claire.

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Demdike Stare

Doom techno and Modern Love artists Demdike Stare and Andy Stott are coming to town for a rare showing thanks to Mount Analog and Hollywood Forever. It’s happening September 27!

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Art Collector Starter Kit II Corey Helford

Corey Helford is welcoming Art Collector Starter Kit II, a big group show that sounds like it should have you walking out with some art. It has a big kick off on August 30 and will be up through September 13.

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