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Oscar Week Diary: Night One


So we meet again, Oscar. You’re back in Los Angeles and a lot of people are talking about you. You’re partying this week and you’re hanging out with people and you’re showing off celebrities and it is all about you, you, you. That’s just great, Oscar. We don’t mind. The only thing we do mind is that you block three blocks of Hollywood Blvd, an area four blocks from my apartment and that usually causes a bit of a cluster F whenever we want to drive this week and part of next. That’s not a big deal, Oscar, because I take the bus and walk everywhere. Don’t fret.

Anyway, last night was the first party to celebrate you courtesy of Vanity Fair’s Campaign Hollywood. The party was to celebrate the magazine’s Vanities and was hosted by Olivia Munn at the Chateau Marmont. What did that mean? It meant some celebrity gazing, some glasses of champagne, a fistful of bizarro L’Oreal products, a large fruit from a tree at the Chateau being stuffed down my pocket, and a very special photobomb by a celebrity. Thanks for returning, Oscar.

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Palm Springs Art Fair

Palm Springs Art Fair 12

While we certainly enjoyed much of Palm Springs Modernism Week, the best part of the city’s showings was the Palm Springs Art Fair. Taking up the other half of the Palm Springs Civic Center, the art fair brought together art vendors from Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and beyond to share their latest goods. It felt a lot like the Los Angeles Art Show but without the expanse, making for a very distilled and thought through art fair experience. Even though not everything here was good, everything here “was good.” We happily spent over an hour wandering from vendor to vendor ogling cool art stuff from here and beyond.

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Palm Springs Modernism Week

Palm Springs Modernism Week: Modern Living Expo

Palm Springs Modernism Week is a celebration of the idea of modernity. It is vintage store chic, designer party planet, architecture drool time, and the very Palm Springs idea of Modern design which, of course, is more like “Modern design.” The happening is a week long celebration of the style, culture, and lifestyle associated with the design genre, from Eames chairs to Airstreams to giant tapestries dedicated to Sigfried and Roy. It is at all times kitschy and silly and gorgeous and cool and indulgent and satisfying: Modernism Week is a time for Palm Springs to glam up the town and celebrate itself through the angle of the modern.

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Programming Note: Happy President’s Day…And Oscar Week!!

Programming Note: Happy President's Day...And Oscar Week!!

You guys! Monday is President’s Day! Take a break! Relax! Skip work! We’ll be doing that! We’ll also be hitting up Palm Springs this weekend for Modernism Week so, if you are there, say hello. We’ll have a post on it next week. We also wanted to give a heads up that we will also be having a bye week on Featured Interviews. Sorry about that!

Moreover, next week is a big week in Los Angeles that we want to ignore but cannot: it is Oscar Week! What’s that mean? Congested streets, the near end of movie propaganda in our faces, and the return of the Los Angeles, I’m Yours Oscar Week Diary. Yes, our friends at Vanity Fair have invited us to a few of their events in addition to a few other venues who invited us to “check out what they are doing” to celebrate 2012 movies, etc. While we are concerned that the Diary could be very similar to last year’s, we want to make things interesting. How? Well, we’ve devised a sort of bingo list or scavenger hunt of things to do or have happen or to notice at parties that we want to check off. What are they? Well…

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Wayfounder Contest

Have a great idea and thing you can and should get it made? Local business WayFounder is accepting submissions for a contest where your idea—an invention or project or whatever—could be made into a reality. Enter by June 8!

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Jackson Pollock Ed Harris The Getty

In conjunction with their Mural exhibition, The Getty will be screening the film Pollock on May 3 and will feature a conversation with Ed Harris, who played the artist in the film.

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DTW LAX CB1 Anna Breininger Erica Mahinay Lauren Satlowski

CB1 is welcoming a trio of artists from Detroit that came from their Cranbrook Acadamy of Art MFA Painting program. It’s running May 4 through June 8.

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