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YES, 2013

YES, 2013

Everyone knows that Urs Fischer has a show at MOCA. Moreover, everyone knows that a ton of locals helped him make what’s at the MOCA Geffen space. Even though boring grandpa assholes at the Los Angeles Times think what he and locals did was “crude” and by “kids and hobbyists,” we were super impressed and almost overwhelmed with what people put into the project. We wish we could have conveyed more of what went into making in the post we shared on the process but, really, you will not understand unless you were there. It was insane. Thankfully, MOCAtv caught onto that and made a little video of what it looked like to be making with a shit ton of locals and Urs.

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Unseen LA: The Service Station, The Next Venue You’ll Want To Visit

The Service Station, The Next Venue You Want To Visit 1

If you’ve ever driven South on Riverside after Los Feliz, you’ve probably seen a little gas station that has been abandoned for some time. It’s gotten better and better looking, transforming from a junk shop into what now looks like it could be a pretty cool place to maybe put in a restaurant or store or something since it’s such a curious architectural base.

Well, someone thought that up already: it has been flipped into a multi-purpose event space that hosts movie nights, food truck gatherings, pop-up retail, art events, and more. It’s now being called The Service Station and it’s a pretty sweet little place that you’ll want to be visiting this Summer.

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In Still Life, An Artmaking App From John Baldessari

In Still Life, An Artmaking App From John Baldessari 1

Did you know: Wilshire’s ForYourArt is welcoming a John Baldessari show starting May 18? Well, they are. It’s called Crowds and it will feature new works made by the artist in collaboration with Mixografia. The body of work sees images from film examined by removing some iconic or memorable elements and replacing them with empty space. It’s an interesting little project that is very much in Baldessari’s ironic, art deconstruction point of view. This somehow got us to digging around John’s work and we discovered a little collaboration he and FYA did a few years ago that totally slipped by us: John Baldessari: In Still Life 2001 – 2010, an interactive art project that lets you make and remake and fuck around with the concepts of a still life.

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A Preview Of A+D’s Museum Gala, Celebrate: The Journey Ahead

A Preview Of A+D's Museum Gala, Celebrate The Journey Ahead 1

Spring time in Los Angeles is gala time for the art institutions that inhabit it. From MOCA to LAMAG to SMMoMA, we are in the thick of benefit season to support Los Angeles art. Wilshire’s Architecture + Design Museum always has an excellent and innovative showing in this space, where they tap local (and beyond) architects and designers to participate in making one-of-a-kind objects. Last year, the creatives were tasked with runway ready objects. This year? They’ve tapped their talents to get in touch with what makes a great artistic journey by having them create travel satchels and related items for their 2013 Celebrate: The Journey gala on May 11.

We recently heard from the institution who passed along some sketches and renderings of a few of the exciting projects that you’ll be able to see at the event. They range from picnic boxes for your back to suits that fold into backpacks, all things that will help you on any journey you plan on taking. Let’s peruse these works and get excited for the most cutting edge gala of all the Los Angeles institutions.

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The Digest: Hart & The Hunter

The Digest Hart  The Hunter

When Palihotel first opened a little over a year ago, there wasn’t a food anything in the place. There was a little cafe that wasn’t fully functional and who only served the very minimum of food and drink service. They were really pushing work culture there, trying to build a community for people to come, do work, and hang out. They were trying to figure out a restaurant something to go in where the cafe was and–after a few months–in came Hart & The Hunter, a little (very little) American small plates place from Kris Tominaga and Brian Dunsmoor. The place has been really buzzed up so, of course, a visit was in order.

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la dance project the ace downtown october

They’re back: the L.A. Dance Project’s latest show at The Ace is this weekend. Catch it October 24, October 25, and October 26.

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Making LA de LaB Los Angeles November 7

de LaB is having a big, neat art, design, culture, and more event on November 7, where designers and city leaders will converge on the Los Angeles River. Lots of familiar faces are involved: check it out!

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VHS EIGHTIES HORROR prom The Devastator Los Angeles

Want something spooky and funny to do for Halloween? Well, The Devastator and the VHS Mummy are having a show called VHS 80’s Horror Prom on October 30. It’s free!

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Biran Scarf Vacation Days Hamish Robertson

Local design outfit Vacation Days has a new collection of scarves out called the Biran scarves. They’re quite beautiful! They also have a collaboration with TENOVERSIX. Check it!

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