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A Few Los Angeles Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

A Few Los Angeles Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is on Thursday and most of us will have to celebrate it. It is a holiday lovers and unlovers have to deal with year after year and we all secretly hate it but whatever: we make it work. Because we all have not done our holiday homework and are currently giftless, we made a hopefully helpful gift guide of a few LA things you can grab today or tomorrow for your Valentine.

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A Peek Inside The Brand New Topshop

A Peek Inside The Brand New Topshop 5

Close your eyes. Think about all the things you want right now. Think about what Los Angeles needs. Think about what feasibly could be done. Now make that wish.

Did you wish for the Topshop/Topman to be open? Because that’s kind of what we wished for since we knew it was coming soon and now it is actually so super close to the opening of the store that we could spit and scream and spit some more: we are so happy. Through the power of Los Angeles retail magic, we got invited to take a sneak peek inside of the brand new Grove Topshop/Topman monster before the store’s opening on Thursday, February 14.

We should not have to tell you this but your next six paychecks are going straight to Topshop/Topman and you can guarantee that every cool girl and cool guy will be decked out in these clothes until further notice. You have been warned.

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Salva’s Odd Furniture

Salva's Odd Furniture

Salva is one of those musicians whose work is a pastiche of musical reference. His music is part 1990s Jock Jams, part booty bouncing sample rewiring, part drum machine gone wild, and part hip hop dance: he makes fast paced, high energy that electronic is in between halftime show gyrations and The Grind. Odd Furniture is his latest release and, yep, you can bet you get every single one of these references on this five track, twenty minute long petite banger.

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Curators Andrew Berardini & Lauren Mackler Take Set Pieces To Milan

Curators Andrew Berardini & Lauren Mackler Take Set Pieces To Milan 2

Los Angeles art is all over the world. It would be absolutely impossible for us to keep track of every single LA ambassador working outside of our city as it happens every week on small and large scales. There are some really magnificent efforts, too. We received a note a few weeks ago about a very Los Angeles show that opened very recently at Milan’s Cardi Black Box. The show is Set Pieces and is curated by Angelenos Andrew Berardini and Lauren Mackler. The show has Los Angeles contemporary artists Sarah Cain, Liz Glynn, Samara Golden, and Mateo Tannatt building artistic set pieces that feature the work of other LA artists from Amanda Ross-Ho to Zoe Crosher to Eli Langer to Raymond Pettibon. Set Pieces is a wonderful concept and obviously shares Los Angeles’ creativity, collaborative nature, and climate with art goers in Milan.

To get an idea of what went into the project and where the inspiration for Set Pieces came from, we spoke with curators Andrew and Lauren about the experience and what it means to be Los Angeles contemporary art ambassadors. Hear what they have to say and take a tour of the installed show after the jump.

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140 Years Of The 501

140 Years Of The 501 23.0

Levi’s is a very old brand. It’s not like a few decades old or even a century old: it is a hundred and forty years old. That’s insane! It’s such a super old and (still) super relevant brand. They’re continuously doing neat things and, if you haven’t noticed from our periodic coverage, they like to put on fun events in Los Angeles to cater to the creative climate in addition to the obvious celebrity culture here.

Friday they held a super big birthday party for themselves at The Ace Museum on La Brea. It was a very ~*~eXcLuSiVe~*~ event that included a live performance by Frank Ocean and a DJ set from M83. While the event was fun and fabulous and packed, the real attraction to the event was a series of installations created by Levi’s creative team that chronicled the history of the brand from the 1873 birth of the 501 up through the 2013 state of the now literally colorful pant.

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DTW LAX CB1 Anna Breininger Erica Mahinay Lauren Satlowski

CB1 is welcoming a trio of artists from Detroit that came from their Cranbrook Acadamy of Art MFA Painting program. It’s running May 4 through June 8.

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This Crazy Life Patrick Martinez Michael Vasquez Gregory Bojorquez New Image Art

New Image Art is having a trio of artists for the show This Crazy Life. It features Gregory Bojorquez, Patrick Martinez, and Michael Vasquez and opens April 26 and is on view through May 23.

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Fred Wilson Hammer Lectures Take It Or Leave It

Two upcoming, back-to-back Hammer Lectures of note: artist Fred Wilson will be speaking on May 6 and Art History professor Miwon Kwon will be speaking with Allan McCollum on May 7. Both are a part of the currently on view Take It Or Leave It.

A Delicate Balance Odyssey Theatre

Odyssey Theatre is welcoming Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance starting April 26 through June 15. The show features a stacked cast and is one of Albee’s most memorable works.

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