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From The Outside In: The Artwork Of Cedar Bylard

From The Outside In The Artwork Of Cedar Bylard 1

It’s rare that you find an artist who is so outside of everything and so talented that you have to stop and take note of it. Most art that is thrown our way is coming from persons based in the academic world or who have been actively attempting to engage the world through social media and online outreach: getting word out on your work is very easy now. It’s rare to hear stories of the artist who makes in secret, artists like Morris Louis and Channa Horwitz who were recognized later in their life for their dedication to the craft. It looks like artist Cedar Bylard has a similar story as he is considered an “outside artist.” He has a big coming out show that opens tonight at 7PM that shows off fifty two drawings of his and a new catalogue of his work.

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Paris Photo Comes To LA

Paris Photo Comes To LA 24

Since it was announced a few months ago, everyone has been so super giddy about Paris Photo Los Angeles. We matched the giddiness in ignorance because we didn’t have any idea what Paris Photo is but we knew it looked cool and sounded cool so we had to get stoked for it, too. What is it? It is a very prestigious photo-only art fair that has finally hopped across the Atlantic to have a showing in Los Angeles–and on the Paramount Lot at that.

Art people in LA have been absolutely abuzz around PP, anticipating that they were going to have some sort of artistic climax on the same grounds where television actors have walked for decades. Well, what is Paris Photo? Why should we be excited about this? Who is this intended for? Well, let us explain: it is a very high end art fair that is intended to engage people who have a lot of money to burn on art and art things.

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Speaking With: Jewelry Designer Kristen Elspeth

Speaking With Jewelry Designer Kristen Elspeth 1

The Echo Park Craft Fair is a rather magical event. One which just so happens to be right around the corner, May 11 and 12, so be sure to save the date. This event brings together a glorious array of talented artists and craft people; no not “craft” as in construction paper and glue sticks, but craft as in creators of absolutely amazing and unique goods.

It was at the Echo Park Holiday Craft Fair that I first saw Kristen Elspeth‘s handy work. The unique pieces captured my attention immediately and I wanted to purchase all of them! Given that it was the holiday season and there was so much to do, I didn’t get to have a real conversation with Kristen for quite some time. However, when I finally got to meet her in person, I got an even greater sense of just how fantastic she (and her work) is.

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A Home You Must Tour: Gary Baseman’s The Door Is Always Open

A Home You Must Tour Gary Baseman's The Door Is Always Open 24.6

Gary Baseman is one of the nicest people on the planet. He seems to be perpetually happy and is the kind of person who cares deeply about everyone he meets. It isn’t an act, too: Gary is completely genuine with his extreme positivity. We learned this first hand from when we conducted our Featured Interview with him last year. The process usually only takes an hour–at the maximum–but Gary’s took nearly three hours as he had so much to say, wanted to know everything about us, wanted to show us all of his work, and even wanted to treat us to lunch. Gary has one of the biggest hearts in Los Angeles.

He has a very rich history, too. He’s a Fairfax District kid born to two Holocaust survivors who encouraged Gary to do whatever he wanted–and who have a large influence on his work. His work is currently the focus of a huge, brilliant examination of his life and art that is on view at the Skirball Cultural Center. The show is titled The Door Is Always Open and literally sees Gary open the door to his childhood home to allow you get to know his family, his art, his characters, and see everything that makes Gary Baseman Gary Baseman.

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Trance Farmers White Out

Local alt-country dude Trance Farmers has a new song out called “White Out.” It’s pretty great and is off of his new album too. Catch the video below!


Chef Ludo Lefebvre Quarterly

Chef Ludo is the most recent subject of everyone’s favorite once-in-a-while mail item: Quarterly Co.! This is so great and, if interested, every three months you could get a surprise from the chef.

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German Currents Film Festival Goethe Institut

Goethe Institut is having a film festival called German Currents from October 9 through October 12. It’s held at the Egyptian in Hollywood.

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Wilding Cran Vikky Alexander Los Angeles

Wilding Cran is having a new show featuring the work of Vikky Alexander. It’s called Theatergarden Beastiarium and will be on view from September 20 through November 1.

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