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Empty Apartments In Hollywood

Empty Apartments In Hollywood

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I lived in Franklin Village and would walk to work every day by going West on Franklin, South on Vine, East on Hollywood, and finally South on Seward to arrive at my office. I loved these walks because I got to see the city and watch it change around me every single day. The biggest thing I was keeping tabs on was the slowly constructing W Hollywood complex. I wasn’t an expert on the area nor was I attempting to make a projection on the part of town but I did know that this building was going to be very important: it would elevate the area surrounding it into something much nicer than what I was seeing on my walk to and from work.

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Aaron W. Björk Does Gorburger

Aaron W. Björk Does Gorburger 1

In March, when everybody was at SXSW, we noticed there were a lot of people Instagramming some strange looking blue monster creature without any explanation. The monster has a giant mouth and small horns and is always flanked by girls in workout clothes: what the hell is this? Apparently this creature is the host of a Funny Or Die webseries titled The Gorburger Show about a space alien taking over a Japanese news show and using it to interview celebrities and bands “all while satisfying his thirst for bloodlust.” Okay. Cool, guys. What’s interesting about this project is the associated art and design direction is super great. Local designer Aaron W. Björk was in charge of the show’s look and made lots of work that appeared on many billboards and wheat paste campaigns in town and beyond. They’re all sorts of insane done in a very skillful, wonderful way.

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The Business Of Creativity: An Interview With Sonja Rasula

The Business Of Creativity An Interview With Sonja Rasula

Who said that creative people can’t do business? These two worlds, a world associated with artistry and making and a world associated with numbers and money, appear to have nothing in common. Their marriage is critical though and how you get mega-millionaire success stories: success comes from creative people who are savvy enough to snatch opportunities and spread the scope of their work as they grown. It sounds very simple–but it obviously is very difficult.

Sonja Rasula knows this. She’s the woman behind the now sprawling company, UNIQUE USA, the craftsperson supporting mega-sale that all started from the LA championing Unique LA. Her brand originated as an effort to support a local creative ecosystem and now is sprouting into all sorts of new pursuits around the world. She’s building an incubator space for creatives to work from, meet, take business workshops and basically do everything she can to make them successful: she’s become the creative business guru creatives didn’t know they needed.

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Hollywood & Highland Character Count: April 19

Hollywood & Highland Character Count April 19 1

As a means by which to chronicle what is going on in the American cultural zeitgeist and how we cater to that, The Hollywood And Highland Character Count is an infrequently occurring sociological examination. Every few Fridays, we’ll share who the performers are that are clogging the Hollywood and Highland sidewalks and see how they change and shift in relationship to what is happening in the entertainment world. We’ll make predictions, keep count of who stays and goes, and log just what is happening at the best microcosm of what is on the world’s mind: Hollywood and Highland.

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Knit Wit Los Angeles

Knit Wit is a new local knitting culture magazine that we’re digging and The Fox Is Black did an interview with the founders.

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Despite locally made PS4 game Hohokum getting meh reviews, some game play is leaking and it still looks cool. We want to play it still!


Apparently Los Angeles’ bad voter numbers is going to turn our elections into a lottery. Literally! Apparently the city council wants to have a big lottery to entice voters to get out there. Is this a good or bad thing? Kind of a lazy way to entice voters but it will help…

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