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Cristopher Cichocki’s Epicenter

Cristopher Cichocki's Epicenter 1

The desert is a very interesting place. It’s a landscape that is so alien and so captivating that you easily find yourself lost there, consumed by its grandeur. It’s inspiring and full of oddities and strange natural happenings that draw you in and–for many–keep you there. Artist Cristopher Cichocki lives and works in the Coachella Valley. The desert is his studio assistant and his muse and his background: the desert is in his work and his work is in the desert. His show Epicenter, currently on view at PDC based See Line Gallery, is an examination of desert themes and dives into everything from burning bushes to the strange ecology of the Salton Sea. His work opens a conversation about the desert that is as dynamic as the San Andreas Fault and as curious as a martian landscape.

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As Thick As Thieves

As Thick As Thieves

Every time you see someone doing tricks on a skateboard, there is always someone not too far off filming them. The culture of skate-and-shoot is so funny and so representative of an era of scratchy VHS tapes of tips and tricks for skating you and your friends made. With the Internet, there is a huge culture of sharing these skate videos and–with advancing technology–these videos are only getting better and better. One 4 LA is a little effort by filmmaking brother team Matt Pagan and Mike Pagan to document surf, skate, and culture of Los Angeles and South Bay through little videos. They recently released a rad little skate video titled As Thick As Thieves, which follows skater Steven Swanson doing tricks all over Downtown Los Angeles.

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Paige Smith’s Urban Geodes

Paige Smith's Urban Geodes 1

Paige Smith is a Los Angeles designer and artist who has been getting a little bit of attention for a remarkable street art project of hers. She has found a way to fill small holes in Los Angeles and beyond with what appears to be jagged gold teeth, turning these voids into small caves of precious metals. She calls these her Urban Geodes and has been littering them wherever she can, filling in missing bricks and other removed pieces with moments of fantasy.

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Los Angeles Drink Map Stories: Bar Stella

Los Angeles Drink Map Stories Bar Stella

We’ve been maintaining the LAIY Drink Map for months now, updating it every week when we have new additions to add from our weekly cover people. While it’s fun to push it out into the world for people to use as a resource, it’s also important to take a step back and see where people are going and where trends are happening. We’re starting an initiative (which we’ll probably share monthly-ish) where we visit these frequently recommended places to give you an idea of how it is and remind you of why people love it. First up? Bar Stella, the walled in hullaballoo starter of 2012 that everyone has come to love because of great service and great drinks.

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Cotton & Flax’s Geometric Tea Towels

Cotton & Flax's Geometric Tea Towels 1

Angeleno Erin Dollar really likes printmaking. Through her online enterprise Cotton & Flax she’s been able to get her work out into the world by putting her designs on pillows and postcards and more. Her tea towels are the best, though. They see her silkscreened geometric designs applied to these little linen rectangles that would make for neat kitchen compliment or–if you have money to burn–a great set of mix-and-match big napkins.

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Haunted Screens German Cinema Los Angeles LACMA

LACMA is welcoming a show about German cinema and Expressionism called Haunted Screens. It’s on view from September 21 through January 4.

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