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Otis’ Junior Designers Illustrate Themselves

Otis' Junior Designers Illustrate Themselves 1

Kids in art school these days: they have so many ways to get their work out into the world! Whether individually or as a class, there are so many tools at their finger tips on the Internet and beyond. One new thing that we have been enjoying year after year after year that is a very new is the “class website” students are producing to celebrate their work and promote their year end exhibitions. These sites are kind of like artistic yearbooks, a step into a time when you were obsessed with making this and your friends were all about making that: they exist as a time capsule. While we have yet to receive more of these (It’s still early and, if we get more, we’ll do our best to share.), Otis’ Junior Illustrators have passed along their website. Their showcase this year is titled Line By Line and their website features appropriate sketched out self-portraits (or are they?) that serve as a gateway to their work.

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Kenny Myers’ Simple, Graphic World

Kenny Myers' Simple, Graphic World 1

Kenny Myers is a graphic designer who has been experimenting with simple and bold visuals. His work is partly minimalist shape play and part deconstructed image making. He takes houses and sunsets and feelings and breaks them down into lines and squares and and triangles, simple 2D geometric interpretations of often complicated, 3D items. He does a really cool job of streamlining images down to their most basic form.

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The Solo Collective

The Solo Collective

One man shows are my shit. As an actor who doesn’t have time to suck up to places like UCB or the money to continue taking classes after classes after classes to buy your way into success, one man shows are a freeing medium that really let you do what you want. The format is great for imparting your point of view and for experimenting: it is a very rewarding performance medium. It’s not really respected in Los Angeles, though. There aren’t really any local theatres celebrating the format nor do people really seek these out. It’s such a shame! Well, Los Angeles’ The Solo Collective is embracing and celebrating this format by committing itself to the solo shows. It’s about damn time something like has happened.

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So, What’s Inside That Mall By The Metro Center Station?

So, What's Inside That Mall By The Metro Center Station? 1

There are a lot of things Downtown that are stuck in a time trap. They’re either lost and (literally) abandoned in an early 20th century daze or are trapped in a loop set on 1985. There are many examples of this (Like.) and many go unexplored by Angelenos, especially those who don’t work Downtown. Every time I take the Metro to the 7th Street/Metro Center station, I’ve always noticed that weird Sheraton/”Macy’s Plaza” mall at 7th and Flower. What is that place? It looks like a brick box of Macy’s with a Sheraton made much in the light of the Bonaventure on top of it. While killing some time, we decided to stop in and see what it’s all about. Is it cool? Are there secrets in there? Is it really stuck in a time trap? Let’s see what’s in there!

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Symmetria 3

Victoria Macey is a Los Angeles designer who is so inspired by her surroundings that she is making patterns pulled from the city’s shapes and sights. Her project is titled Symmetría and it turns our city into an abstract, simplified place full of bright visuals. It’s an investigation of small, beautiful visual nuggets that very often can be overlooked as we rush on by them every day.

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Knit Wit Los Angeles

Knit Wit is a new local knitting culture magazine that we’re digging and The Fox Is Black did an interview with the founders.

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Despite locally made PS4 game Hohokum getting meh reviews, some game play is leaking and it still looks cool. We want to play it still!


Apparently Los Angeles’ bad voter numbers is going to turn our elections into a lottery. Literally! Apparently the city council wants to have a big lottery to entice voters to get out there. Is this a good or bad thing? Kind of a lazy way to entice voters but it will help…

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