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Mechanically Organic: The Work Of Matthew Blackwell

Mechanically Organic The Work Of Matthew Blackwell 3

Matthew Blackwell creates art that is distinctive, eerily beautiful and story-telling for each individual lucky enough to see his work. Categorized before as street art and modern graffiti, Matthew’s work transcends these common forms to something much more. Based out of his apartment in downtown LA, Matthew’s whimsical style of creation heeds a story, a poem, a progression of thoughts and emotions that captivate and manipulate one’s imagination.

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Unseen LA: Fake Rocks In Joshua Tree

Unseen LA Fake Rocks In Joshua Tree 1

We occasionally get notes in our inbox about curious occurrences in and around Los Angeles. A lot are fairly random or pretty bite-sized in the scale of what could be interesting to share. Other times, something is so curious that you have to dig a little deeper to get the story, to find out what exactly is going on. This is what happened with a little series of rock formations that have showed up in Joshua Tree very randomly. They aren’t Runyon Canyon rock stackings or a large scale art installation but instead are a curious combination of the two: they’re strange arrangements of fake rocks in the middle of Joshua Tree’s Keys View. What exactly does it all mean? We spoke with reader Noel Samson about the strange happening.

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Where Is Brooklyn, CA? Tell Us–And You Could Win Tickets To The Brooklyn Festival!

Where Is Brooklyn, California? Tell Us--And You Could Win Tickets To The Brooklyn Festival!

Brooklyn: it’s become less of a physical place and more of a state of mind. It’s a place in New York that represents the independent spirit and, in a way, this new concept of what the American Dream is. It can be obnoxious and it can be entrancing and it undoubtedly has been a big cultural landmark for the past decade (plus). The NYC borough is now hitting the road and is actually coming to Los Angeles by way of Los Angeles Philharmonic’s musical celebration with its April 16 through April 22 Brooklyn Festival, a musical series of events focused on celebrating the talents that have emerged from that part of the USA. To celebrate the arrival of the Festival, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the first event in the series: Green Umbrella, which sees Alan Pierson of the Brooklyn Philharmonic conducting the LA Phil with Tyondai Braxton of Battles. This will definitely be cool!

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Delightfully Wrong

Delightfully Wrong

If you’ve owned a pet, you’ve definitely had the scare of a pet running away. They are not fun. They are frightening and they are stressful and they bring out a helpless, bumbling side of you who cannot function until you know where your animal has gone to. The movie Wrong is all about this mania brought on from missing your dog. It’s a strange, hysterical, entrancing movie that is a slice from a pie baked with insanity as its main ingredient. It is wonderful.

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Fame, Fortune, And Fun: Davey Havok On His New Novel, Pop Kids

Fame, Fortune, And Fun Davey Havok On His New Novel, Pop Kids

It seems like Davey Havok has done just about everything. He was in a few very popular, very successful rock bands, he’s had a few entries into the fashion world, he’s done some film acting and has even been in a Broadway show: Havok has done everything. What hadn’t he done until very recently? Written a book. The local multi-talent has just released his first novel, Pop Kids, which actually is making its way into stores today. To get an idea of where the book came from and how Davey got to writing it, we had a little chat with the artist to see what exactly Pop Kids is all about and how he arrived at such a project.

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Tim Hecker Ben Frost Lost Angeles

Two of the best working musicians right now—Ben Frost and Tim Hecker—are coming to Los Angeles with a show on October 28. This will be amazing.

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Touching The Art Ovation Casey Jane Ellison

Local funny “art” woman Casey Jane Ellison has a new show on Ovation called Touching The Art and the first episode features Bettina Korek, Catherine Opie, and Jori Finkel. Funny stuff below!


Sup Day In The Desert 2014

You know Sup Magazine? Their yearly Day In The Desert concert and party—#DITD3—is coming up on October 11. Save the date!

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