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Sculpture By Elliot Jackson

Sculpture By Elliot Jackson 0

You don’t often hear from the art manufacturer. There are many, many artists whose work is actually to service other artists and to help them make their bigger, crazier pieces that often are without the touch of the human hand. These artists are by people like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, these big artists who are thinking so (annoyingly) gigantic that their work lacks any personal touch and is instead the result of graceful outsourcing. Elliot Jackson is a local sculptor who has worked as a professional fabricator for artists, helping them complete their work. Jackson has his own practice which is a melting of people and figures into each other: they are studies of the human body broken down to the elements that create them.

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MizEnScen Combines Illustrations

MizEnScen Combines Illustrations 1

What happens when you take a bunch of old illustrations and combine them together? You could end up with something that is old but you usually end up with something very new and a little bit off. Los Angeles based MizEnScen is obsessed with doing this. This very cryptic artist is a digital collage/illustration artist who cuts and pastes what looks like imagery from old, forgotten academic texts. She takes them and layers them atop of each other to make sometimes silly portraits to beautifully textured florals growing out of bones.

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John Michael Fulton Sees Simply

John Michael Fulton Sees Simply 1

John Michael Fulton is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles. He’s one of the many talents we have that shoots for independent, cool magazines like Surface and is always working on his own material. Of course he has his commissioned work and his portrait sections but the most important part of any working photographer’s website is their personal section. This is because this is the one zone that sees the artist taking a step away from what they’ve been getting paid to do and sharing some of their experiments or what they are actually obsessed with. What does John Michael Fulton like? He likes details and juxtapositions, these items that he frames beautifully and simply.

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Otis’ Junior Designers Illustrate Themselves

Otis' Junior Designers Illustrate Themselves 1

Kids in art school these days: they have so many ways to get their work out into the world! Whether individually or as a class, there are so many tools at their finger tips on the Internet and beyond. One new thing that we have been enjoying year after year after year that is a very new is the “class website” students are producing to celebrate their work and promote their year end exhibitions. These sites are kind of like artistic yearbooks, a step into a time when you were obsessed with making this and your friends were all about making that: they exist as a time capsule. While we have yet to receive more of these (It’s still early and, if we get more, we’ll do our best to share.), Otis’ Junior Illustrators have passed along their website. Their showcase this year is titled Line By Line and their website features appropriate sketched out self-portraits (or are they?) that serve as a gateway to their work.

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Pistola Los Angeles Open

You know that old A.O.C. space? Well, it’s re-opened as Pistola, a new Italian/steakhouse type of restaurant. It sounds fantastic!

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Lift Others LA Love Story Vivian Bang Hytch

This looks neat: a new feature film called L.O.L.A. (Lift Others L.A.) about a day driving around the city as a fictionalized “Hytch” (Lyft) driver. It’s from Vivian Bang and she’s raising money through October 24.

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Austin Irving Solo Show Curio Gallery

Austin Irving has a new show opening at CURIO Gallery on October 18. Lots of her work will be on view as she is the artist in residence.

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Doug Aitken Sign Spinning Performance Still Life

October 4 at Regen Projects will be a performance from Doug Aitken by *sign spinners*. It should be rad and there will be a book signing from 6PM to 8PM too. RSVP by sending a note to [email protected]!

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Carpal Tinder Syndrome Adam Mars Once Upon A Time, We Weren't STalkers

Gusford Gallery on Melrose is welcoming the work of Adam Mars soon. The show is called Once Upon A Time, We Weren’t Stalkers and is on view from November 7 through December 20.

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