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Betsy Winchell Photographs People

Betsy Winchell Photographs People 1

All artists have a specific point of view. For photographers, there are a handful of categories they can play within from style to subject to presentation. It’s the nuances in all of these that make the work special and stand apart from the others. LA based photographer Betsy Winchell mainly focuses on people. She doesn’t shoot portraits and she doesn’t shoot fashion photography: she photographs people just being people. These people are at work or they are at play or they are at a still moment between it all–and Betsy is able to capture something special in these otherwise mundane moments.

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Holly Andres’ Sparrow Lane

Holly Andres' Sparrow Lane 0

You know when Metro does those little photography art shows that stay up for a way long period of time and you keep passing them and don’t ever stop to look at what they are? Well, they have another cool one up at the Beverly and Vermont Metro station that focuses on curious Nancy Drew like girls solving mysteries. The work is from photographer Holly Andres from a series titled Sparrow Lane, where discoveries lie around every curious turn.

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Life in TV5D

The visions of painter Timothy Robert Smith are part cinematic graphic novel, part Renaissance oil, part magic.

Life in TV5D 1

Renaissance oils are not the first thing that come to mind at mention of the Los Angeles art scene – and this is the first place that painter Tim Smith, known as TV5D, directs me. His recently completed Titled is propped against the studio wall, taller than both of us, and Tim claims Jacopo Tintoretto’s The Miracle of St Mark Rescuing a Slave as a primary source of inspiration. Tintoretto’s 1548 work tells the story of a slave who leaves the sovereignty of his king to see religious idols in Venice – a crime for which the king orders other slaves to exact punishment on the deserter. St. Mark descends from the Heavens to rescue the noble slave, bridging the earthly divide.

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A Look Inside The LA Cathedral

A Look Inside The LA Cathedral

I was raised in a very Catholic household. It wasn’t overly strict and devout but my mother ran the youth ministry, my father was the head of altar service, my siblings and I attended Catholic school through high school, I acted as an altar boy up to three masses a Sunday, and did everything else from sing in the youth choir to play in the hand bell group to write a monthly article in the church newsletter. I even won a “Religion Bee” in the seventh grade! I was tooCatholic.com. This history undoubtedly gives a super heightened awareness of all things in the Catholic world and, although no longer a practicing member of the church, I have great respect for the institution despite myriad, overt flaws. One thing I have lot of respect for in LA Catholocism? That fancy ass geometric church Downtown that looks over the highway. It’s so fantastic! I’ve visited a few times but many Angelenos have not because, unless you are going to church, you have no reason to enter its doors. Thanks to a little video we found, all you curious architecture folk can take a peek inside the golden doors and learn its history.

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Jesse Draxler Blxcklist Exhibition Akai Ito Boutique

Opening Thursday, July 24, is an art event that will have Jesse Draxler teaming up with BLXCKLIST. It’s taking place at Akai Ito Boutique Downtown.

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National Tequila Day 2014 Petty Cash

July 24 is National Tequila Day and there are lots of fun things you can do in town to celebrate. Like what? Find out after the jump!

Sisters Of Los Angeles Firefly Pop-Up

Abbot Kinney store Firefly has teamed up with SoLA for a pop-up shop that is opening tonight. Catch it out West from 7PM to 9PM!

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