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White Blush by White Blush

White Blush by White Blush1

White Blush is a dreamy synth pop vehicle for musician Carol Rhyu. She writes, produces, and performs all her own songs, which sound like a mixture of bedroom shoegaze and drum machine obsession. White Blush is a fairly solid first effort by a musician who has been independently making with almost no help from anybody else. Her self-titled debut EP is obviously a statement of commitment to this craft.

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Cypress Valley


It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Kiel Johnson, the multi-talented LA artist who has been working in a fascinating cardboard wonderland recently. We got word from him that he completed a project he had been working on with Cypress College students: he made a short film with them that features his cardboard creations as insane robotic costumes. It’s a rad little piece called Cypress Valley and it is a great way to spend five minutes today.

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Alex Israel’s Lens

Alex Israel's Lens 1

A lot can be said about Alex Israel’s Lens. It’s a close examination of a Los Angeles artifact and a surrealist transparent sculpture. It’s a giant black fingernail leaned against a wall and a warping fun house mirror. It’s a sci-fi disc and a sublime looking glass you can put yourself through. It’s simple and complex and has a generous amount of humor to it as it is ultimately a gigantic displaced lens looking for the Freeway sunglasses it belongs to.

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Trying Out Lock & Key

Trying Out Lock & Key 1

Lock & Key is not easy to find. First, trying to track down information about them online? Not impossible but it certainly is difficult to find an “official” website amongst all the EaterLA articles. The best that could be done for a while was their Facebook page. Secondly, the new Koreatown speakeasy is at an intersection of supermarkets, ethnic bodegas, and fast food restaurants on Vermomt. The only tip you have to see the place is a bright red glowing key sign and the valet stand that appears to be set up for nothing. It’s a curious situation. You walk into the space and are locked into a dark room with doorknobs covering the walls. It feels like you are in a sketchy Haunted Mansion waiting area. A security guy sizes you up here and, if you aren’t wearing t-shirts, shorts, sandals, etc., he gives you the OK to enter. The Koreatowm newcomer has already been an adventure–and we haven’t even gotten a drink yet.

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The Digest: La Monarca

la monarca cafe

Spring. Undoubtedly in the air. The rainy cold of February has left and the common Angeleno can finally sleep with their windows open again. It is not just spring in America. In Oaxaca, the jacarandas begin to bloom, bougainvillea stretch their spiny branches to the sun, and oranges reach their juice thresholds. But most tellingly, one hundred million Monarch butterflies are nestled in the mountains of Michoacán, surviving the winter, ready to head back north. They always head north.

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Jesse Draxler Blxcklist Exhibition Akai Ito Boutique

Opening Thursday, July 24, is an art event that will have Jesse Draxler teaming up with BLXCKLIST. It’s taking place at Akai Ito Boutique Downtown.

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National Tequila Day 2014 Petty Cash

July 24 is National Tequila Day and there are lots of fun things you can do in town to celebrate. Like what? Find out after the jump!

Sisters Of Los Angeles Firefly Pop-Up

Abbot Kinney store Firefly has teamed up with SoLA for a pop-up shop that is opening tonight. Catch it out West from 7PM to 9PM!

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