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John Henry Baliton’s U.S.A.

John Henry Baliton's U.S.A. 1

John Henry Baliton is a Los Angeles based photographer who has an eye on the everyday American. He has an ability to find the most mundane, common, yet oddly extraordinary looks in normal American life and capture them on film. From baby tossing to house party twerking, he just observes and reports what he sees on film as a part of his U.S.A. series. He has an absolutely remarkable eye and, in surveying he’s done, you have to ask yourself where in the hell he sees these people. They’re so normal and so everyday but so incredibly unreal that you have to wonder how he found himself in their environments.

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Spring Forward

Spring Forward 1

It’s offically Spring, everyone. No more days when it’s fifty degrees! A lot less rain! Flowering everything! This is great news and we are couldn’t be happier as this time of year is LA at it’s best: we are entering the long stretch that is the warmest, sunniest, and most inviting time to be in the city. There’s something else happening this year: Spring Forward, a collaborative art show from Melrose’s Kidrobot and Blu Dot. The show featured over forty artists making customized Munnys that ranged from furry muppety Munnys to brightly colored flowering Munnys.

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River Mouth

River Mouth

Yesterday local video guy Felipe Lima Tweeted, “I made a fashion video for @GenericSurplus & @CommeGarcons w/ my brothers while we were in Brazil.” What did that mean? He meant exactly what he said: Felipe went down to Brazil with his brothers, took along some Generic Surplus for Comme des Garçons SHIRT Spring 2013 shoes, and filmed a bit of a South American visionquest from the streets of Rio to the surreal Iguazu Falls. The video is a fantastical, magical non-advertisement advertisement for the LA collaboration. You will enjoy this.

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White Blush by White Blush

White Blush by White Blush1

White Blush is a dreamy synth pop vehicle for musician Carol Rhyu. She writes, produces, and performs all her own songs, which sound like a mixture of bedroom shoegaze and drum machine obsession. White Blush is a fairly solid first effort by a musician who has been independently making with almost no help from anybody else. Her self-titled debut EP is obviously a statement of commitment to this craft.

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Cypress Valley


It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Kiel Johnson, the multi-talented LA artist who has been working in a fascinating cardboard wonderland recently. We got word from him that he completed a project he had been working on with Cypress College students: he made a short film with them that features his cardboard creations as insane robotic costumes. It’s a rad little piece called Cypress Valley and it is a great way to spend five minutes today.

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Tim Hecker Ben Frost Lost Angeles

Two of the best working musicians right now—Ben Frost and Tim Hecker—are coming to Los Angeles with a show on October 28. This will be amazing.

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Touching The Art Ovation Casey Jane Ellison

Local funny “art” woman Casey Jane Ellison has a new show on Ovation called Touching The Art and the first episode features Bettina Korek, Catherine Opie, and Jori Finkel. Funny stuff below!


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