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Combining Influences: An Interview With Rebecca Farr

Combining Influences An Interview With Rebecca Farr 1

Rebecca Farr is currently dabbling in collage. The painter has turned to late nineteenth century photography and historical images as a resource of images to place in her work. “I was doing very traditional, straight figurative paintings and now I am thinking of paint with collage and painting from collage,” she says, reflecting on what she is currently working on. “Right now I’m looking at the scale of what I have been doing and bringing that back to full painting informed by collage. I’ve been really captureD by old inky photography from the mid-1800s to early 1900s–but I don’t feel settled with just presenting that image again.”

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The Hollywood And Highland Character Count: March 29

The Hollywood And Highland Character Count March 29 1

As a means by which to chronicle what is going on in the American cultural zeitgeist and how we cater to that, The Hollywood And Highland Character Count is an infrequently occurring sociological examination. Every few Fridays, we’ll share who the performers are that are clogging the Hollywood and Highland sidewalks and see how they change and shift in relationship to what is happening in the entertainment world. We’ll make predictions, keep count of who stays and goes, and log just what is happening at the best microcosm of what is on the world’s mind: Hollywood and Highland.

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Whoa, Nellie: Get Ready For Little House On The Prairie-Oke!

Whoa Nellie Get Ready For Little House On The Prairie-Oke! 1

What do you get when you take a classic American television show, combine it with many dashes of Top Forty music numbers, and then place it on a stage? You get a pop cultural stew that is bubbling with personality and wit. Director and writer Dane Whitlock is a master at this and has shown this through works like Are You There God? It’s Me, Karen Carpenter. His latest piece is equally as cut-and-paste from American entertainment as it takes television classic Little House On The Prairie, places a glittery microphone in its hand, and then has it sing and dance to some of the biggest songs on the radio. The result is the hysterical Little House On The Prarie-Oke, a production that sees Whitlock taking Laura Ingalls Wilder out to a karaoke bar in Koretown. We caught up with Whitlock on the eve of the show’s production week to hear about the process of creating such a unique piece and what it’s like to work with so many fantastic LA creatives.

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L.Makai’s The Commuter Collection

L.Makai's The Commuter Collection 1

You know what people in Los Angeles love? They love creative projects that literally reflect Los Angeles culture. That’s one thing we have noticed in sharing creative projects by Angelenos, for Angelenos. There’s a certain amount of hometown pride we LA people have so, when people make physical objects to honor the city, there is an embedded level of ovation you will get. The latest entry into this world is a series of necklaces that are intended to let you wear your commute around your neck: they are L.Makai’s Commuter Collection, necklaces that use Los Angeles’ highways to make a statement.

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Stop And Smell Your Dinner Thank You For Coming

Castle Gourmet is teaming up with Thank You For Coming and the Institute for Art Olfaction for a food happening called Stop And Smell Your Dinner. It’s October 3—and is delicious smelling.

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Title TK Cory Arcangel Alan Licht Howie Chen The Getty

The Getty is having a little music night that will feature Title TK and friends. It’s happening October 11 and should be fun.

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Natural Girl Zackary Drucker Human Resources

September 26 at Human Resources is an event hosted by Zackary Drucker called Natural Girl, an ongoing dance and lounge night celebrating t-girls and more. This will be fantastic!

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Angeleno Artistry

There is a new LA online art showcaser called Angeleno Artistry that sounds pretty cool. They celebrate five local makers each month and are getting some good press. Check them out!

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