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Common Genus’ Charlie

Common Genus' Charlie 1

Common Genus is a somewhat mysterious Los Angeles zine maker/artist. He–Jeff Kubasak–makes very homemade small books and publications that all focus on little drawings he makes. They’re often conceptual–he’s made the paper towel covered Shitty Zine, the beer case covered Micron Brews, for example–and are most definitely playful ways for him to share new work. The lastest issue of work is the December 2012/January 2013′s Charlie, a collection of images that are presented as if they were being mailed to Charles Manson in his Corcoran State Prison location.

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Statement Necklaces From Ermie

Statement Necklaces From Ermie 1

Ermie is an LA clothing brand from Jennifer Parry Dodge. The project started as a blog but eventually evolved into a collection of wearable items. Ermie’s style is very California cosmic with lots of faded indigos, sunset tones, and desert flower hues. Aside from their dresses, tees, and blankets, Ermie makes some pretty rad statement necklaces that look like these little art pieces you can wear around the neck. They all kind of look they’ve come from a lost California desert tribe obsessed with leathers and ceramics.

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Pacific Festival The Dunes Rhonda

August 16 is a huge music event in Orange County called Pacific Festival. It will be very dancey *and* it will include a showing by your girl Rhonda.

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Charles Phoenix Disneyland Tour Los Angeles

Local nostalgia hound Charles Phoenix is doing a local event Downtown on August 31 that is a six hour retro field trip regarding Disney. This would be fun!

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Kim Stringfellow Jackrabbit Homestead The Autry

The Autry is welcoming a show called Jackrabbit Homestead which features the work of Kim Stringfellow. It will feature photography works and audio from persons living in the deserts sprawling from Los Angeles. It’s on view from September 13 through August 23 of next year.

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Miljohn Ruperto Mineral Monsters 18th Street Arts Center

Local artist Miljohn Ruperto is the subject of a show at 18th Street Art Center’s main gallery. It’s called Mineral Monsters and is on view now through October 3.

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