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Cotillon’s White Roses

Cotillon's White Roses

Cotillon is all grown up. It feels like just yesterday that their Votive Flower came out. Now? They have a more refined, radio ready EP of six LA rocked out jam songs about love and desire and young antics. The EP is White Roses and is certainly poised to storm your ears, more LA peoples ears, and then onward to beyond LA’s ears. The EP is a definite step toward the band’s full maturity.

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WANTED: An Intern With Editing Skills

WANTED: An Intern With Editing Skills

Are you currently in school for film and want to try out some of your talents? Are you just super good at film stuff and want to get in on a cool project? Do you just really like LAIY and want to help out in some capacity? Well, we have an opportunity for you! We’re currently looking for an intern with film skills who would be helping us try to accomplish our New Years resolution of making short films on the site. We have a lot of content already bagged–we just need some help turning it from raw footage to sleek two minute videos.

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Guan Rong Relax Metro PCS Chinatown

Metro PCS in Chinatown’s latest show features new work from Guan Rong, most notably three large scale “chronological paintings.” It opens July 31 and will be on view through September 6.

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