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Sydney Brown’s Wood Shoes

Sydney Brown's Wood Shoes 1

When we stopped into Los Feliz’s Weltenbuerger a little bit ago, we were super impressed with what they were doing. Crazier? They have a ton of other LA/German makers for sale in the store that are equally as avant garde and wonderful. One of our favorites was Sydney Brown‘s wooden shoes. They’re both sophisticated and artfully crafted and, like them bags we spoke about earlier, will have people asking you all about them.

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Building Block + WAKA WAKA At IKO IKO

Building Block + WAKA WAKA At Iko Iko 1

Fairfax’s IKO IKO is featuring a great little collaboration of Los Angeles makers: Building Block + WAKA WAKA’s custom limited edition leather bags. The two makers teamed up to make these beautiful oddball bags that are part geometric meditation and part tanned flesh tones with wooden details. They are a delightful means for you to carry around your belongings and will certainly get you some “What’s that?!” looks.

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The True Artist: An Interview With Greta Waller

The True Artis:t An Interview With Greta Waller

It’s a very brisk late afternoon in January. The sun is setting and Greta Waller is quickly moving through her art studio/living looking for supplies. She recites something to herself that serves as both a status update mantra and a to-do list: “I’m going to eat so I have energy, I’ll grab my shit, and I’m going to paint Dick Blick because it’s a corporate art store. And I work there now.”

This is very much Greta’s style: she will do anything to get herself painting. She has itchy painter’s hands that need to be scratched daily. She isn’t satisfied unless she is making more and more and more paintings. There are a literally a million things Greta wants to paint and she will not stop until she has painted them.

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Novel Brand

Novel Brand 1

Novel Brand is a curious Los Angeles gift book maker who takes old books and folds its insides all up into these super fascinating shapes. From hearts to words to geometric patterns, Novel Brand transforms pages into book art turning quietly written words into very large statements. They’re really a beautiful (And so simple!) repurposing of old reading materials.

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The Photo Gallery Highland Park

There is a new photo only venue in Highland Park called The Photo Gallery. It’s launching a new little group show on July 25, which will be on view through August 7.

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Battlefield Hardline Entertainment Arts

The new Battlefield game, out October 21, is called Battlefield: Hardline and will feature *Los Angeles* as the venue. How rad is this?! Can’t wait to play it.

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Friends Of Friends Weekend Ace Hotel Groundislava Young Adults Jerome LOL

Friends Of Friends are taking The Ace in Palm Springs from August 1 through August 3. It will include performances by Groundislava and Jerome LOL and Young Adults. This will be fun!

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Tiger And Woods Joakim A Club Called Rhonda 2014

Your girl Rhonda is hitting Los Globos on July 25. She’ll be bringing Tiger & Woods and Joakim, who is doing a DJ set. Good times in late July, yo.

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Across Currents Freewaves

Freewaves is looking for your experimental video works through August 4 that will be featured in public spaces around town. This is a great opportunity, y’all!

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