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Emily Waters Knows Color

Emily Waters Knows Color 1

When we visited Art Center a few weeks back, we definitely met a lot of super talented students. Each had their own discipline, too: there was a guy who dealt with imperfect in objects and preferred not to photograph people, there was one who had an eye for almost James Bond-ish types of worlds, Albert Roman showed off his CA gaze, and previous LAIY featured folks Cara Harman and Shaina Kasanoff shared their stuff, too. One photographer had an eye for color. Well, not just an eye but an embodiment as she definitely had on the brightest clothes on in the room. This is Emily Waters, a photographer whose work deals with fashion from a very colorful, detailed point of view.

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Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot

Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 1

There’s a funny neighborhoody osmosis in Los Angeles. If your business or office or wherever you make is near a business or office or other place where someone you respect makes, the lines will eventually cross and you will do something together. That’s how this city works. They guys at Kidrobot are especially good at this as they are always doing cool collaborations with people in their neighborhood. The last one we can remember was a foodie focused collaboration with Lindy & Grundy and Frank Kozik. Now they’re doing a little something with neighboring Melrose storefront Blu Dot that sees their Munnys ready for Spring with their Spring Forward art show. They’ve asked lots of local makers to take a few Munnys and give them a unique spin. LAIY and TFIB were asked to participate so we spent a Saturday painting and playing with Munnys for Spring. We wanted to give a *small* sneak peek of what would be showing at Spring Forward since we are very excited about it.

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Get Ready For The Times

Get Ready For The Times 1

You guys! Guess who made a clothing brand? The people over at National Forest! The brand is The Times and it is totally a mashing of all the creative minds there. It’s part Steven Harrington, part Justin Krietemeyer, and even a little bit of Thomas Brendan, too. You all are going to want to grab some of these wears because we are sure you–like us–always imagined clothing from National Forest would be fantastic and, yes, they are fantastic.

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Surrounded By Art Material: An Interview With Alex Israel

Surrounded By Art Material An Interview With Alex Israel 1

“I went to elementary school right here,” Alex Israel says pointing out his window. It’s a gated Westwood public school with three silver balloons waving out in front by the auditorium. He points to a high-rise apartment a few blocks away. “I moved into that building after college. I can see my elementary school from the living room window.”

The radio casually plays aggressive rap music and Alex is completely unfazed by this accompaniment. His bright blue Dodgers jacket makes a shiny rustle with each driving gesture. “It’s hard to give someone a tour through my life in a couple of hours,” he says turning a corner, eventually coming to a road closure. He points to a brick house as he makes a U-turn: “My best friend from third grade lived there.” He points to another house: “Another friend lived there. I went to her wedding two years ago.”

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Charming Baker In Los Angeles

Charming Baker In Los Angeles 1

British artist Charming Baker is in Los Angeles for a huge show–his largest solo exhibition ever, actually–that will be taking place March 21 through March 24. The artist is known for making graphic design and graffiti inspired paintings and sculptures that cope with nature and how he processes the world.Lie Down I Think I Love You is the name of the show and it deals with the unpredictability of love and is poised to be a breakout moment for Baker. Held at the always rad Milk Studios space, Baker is planning to wow us all with things like a giant “oversized plastic toy passenger plane.” It certainly is going to be an intriguing, quick, big show! To hear more about it and to preview what we can expect from Lie Down I Think I Love You, we spoke with Charming about coming to LA, having a big show, and what he’s off to next.

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African Cosmos Stellar Arts LACMA

LACMA’s latest showing of Africa arts is called African Cosmos. It sounds beautiful and will be on view from August 24 through November 30.

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Heath Ceramics Ani Kasten In The Rough

Heath is bringing a new show of ceramic work by local Ani Kasten from September 6 through the end of the month. There will also be a reception on September 14, too.

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Archie Fades Marty Marquez Commentary Xiu Xiu

Director Marty Marquez who directed Xiu Xiu’s “Archie Fades” music video has released a director’s commentary of the video on IMVDb.

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River Of Fundament Matthew Barney Jonathan Bepler UCLA

This is way in advance but UCLA is going to host the West coast premiere of Matthew Barney’s latest film River of Fundament. Catch it on April 25 of 2015!

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