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The Digest: Blossom

The Digest Blossom 1

I couldn’t tell you how many times we’ve past Silver Lake Vietnamese restaurant Blossom. It’s been there for some time and we’ve not thought to investigate it. The space looks pretty cool from the outside but with Black Cat and Stella and Casita del Campo and Malo and Little Dom’s and Messhall not that far from the area, our eyes often wander to other places to eat. We were busing one day and trying to figure out where we wanted to walk to from Intelligentsia headed West. That one deli next to Bar Covell sounded enticing but was too intimidating of a walk for two hungry guys. Why not try Blossom? So, we did!

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Heidi’s Salsa

Heidi's Salsa 1

There are lots of local salsa makers in LA. With the relationship Southern California has to Mexico, it only makes sense that the culture–especially food culture–has had such a big influence on our own. There are lots of cool local makers and great LA salsa people but there aren’t any that really look good, though. That can be seen in lots of LA food makers: the food item may be great but their packaging is OK. Luko Foods’ Heidi’s Salsa, which we have never seen in any store before, is a really beautifully packaged salsa whose packaging alone will coax you into buying it. It tastes great, too.

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I Love You, William Wegman

I Love You, William Wegman

There will never be a time when a dog will be able to curate an art show. In fact, there are very few moments where pups like me get a chance to show off how important we are to humans and culture through art. We’re either seen in the background of classic portraiture or as the butt of a joke in cheesy, silly art pieces like this. William Wegman has always given us dog people the respect we deserve. He’s now an East coast based artist but he spent a lot of time working on the West coast, specifically in Santa Monica and Long Beach (where he taught at CSU Long Beach). During his time in California was when Wegman found his muse: Man Ray, the first Weimaraner who would appear in his work. Wegman recently spoke with MOCAtv about his practice of videomaking and how dog people got involved in his practice. What a great video!

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Emily Waters Knows Color

Emily Waters Knows Color 1

When we visited Art Center a few weeks back, we definitely met a lot of super talented students. Each had their own discipline, too: there was a guy who dealt with imperfect in objects and preferred not to photograph people, there was one who had an eye for almost James Bond-ish types of worlds, Albert Roman showed off his CA gaze, and previous LAIY featured folks Cara Harman and Shaina Kasanoff shared their stuff, too. One photographer had an eye for color. Well, not just an eye but an embodiment as she definitely had on the brightest clothes on in the room. This is Emily Waters, a photographer whose work deals with fashion from a very colorful, detailed point of view.

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Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot

Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 1

There’s a funny neighborhoody osmosis in Los Angeles. If your business or office or wherever you make is near a business or office or other place where someone you respect makes, the lines will eventually cross and you will do something together. That’s how this city works. They guys at Kidrobot are especially good at this as they are always doing cool collaborations with people in their neighborhood. The last one we can remember was a foodie focused collaboration with Lindy & Grundy and Frank Kozik. Now they’re doing a little something with neighboring Melrose storefront Blu Dot that sees their Munnys ready for Spring with their Spring Forward art show. They’ve asked lots of local makers to take a few Munnys and give them a unique spin. LAIY and TFIB were asked to participate so we spent a Saturday painting and playing with Munnys for Spring. We wanted to give a *small* sneak peek of what would be showing at Spring Forward since we are very excited about it.

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Hard Day Of The Dead 2014

The yearly, kind of disaster around Halloween known as Hard Day Of The Dead is coming November 1 and November 2. It’s drama, yes, but will include lots of talents like Jamie Jones, Eats Everything, Benoit & Sergio, Sophie, Booka Shade, and more.

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Spriptology Type Ed

Want to work on your scripts? Not your like film script but your writing scripts! Well, TypeEd has a beginner’s October 11 workshop that seems pretty rad. Check it out!

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Never Ever Land Los Angeles

There’s a new LA comedy series called Never Ever Land that recently debuted on YouTube. Catch the first half of the episode below!


30 Days In LA Red Bull Sound Select

Red Bull is hosting a thirty day music event called 30 Days In LA. It’s happening *all* of November and is featuring musicians from Cut Copy to Chance The Rapper to Chet Faker.

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