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A Word With Logan Hicks On Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors

A Word With Logan Hicks On Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors

New York street artist Logan Hicks has never shown his work in Los Angeles, even though he once lived in Hollywood for some time. Hicks is known for his often large and detailed stencil pieces that deal with urbanity and human interaction with these structures, pieces that really sound like a reflection of his current environment. From March 8 through March 10, he will be the subject of a quick pop-up exhibition at Hollywood Blvd’s LACE, a show put up in collaboration with Pat Magnarella Management. The artist will be sharing a piece titled Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors, a quick solo show of his work. We spoke with the New York artist about his process and what it means to be bringing this work to Los Angeles and, specifically, to LACE.

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Book Drawings By Jenn Witte

Book Drawings By Jenn Witte 1

Skylight Books‘ little annex of art books and magazines is one of our favorite literary cubbies in Los Angeles. There’s always something new in there and their sense of curation is spot on. There is something for everyone in there! One of the best parts about this store is the (growing) table of zines from local (and beyond) makers. They range from super polished small books to photocopied, grungey little visual reads. While there over the weekend, there was a little box of not-zines that caught our eye: they were drawings of books for sale by Skylight’s Jenn Witte, an artist who co-manages the store’s children’s section. What a wonderful little affordable art treat!

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Advertising For People Who Don’t Like Advertising

Advertising For People Who Don't Like Advertising 1

Kesselskramer is a Los Angeles based communications agency. They’re based in Chinatown where they have a little gallery space and office where they’ve worked on projects like that one Bushmills ad campaign, that one Diesel ad campaign, and those Red Stripe ad campaigns. They also did a lot of work in helping make MOCAtv what it is. They’re doing some pretty cool things, obviously. This past weekend they hosted an advertising conference not about advertising called the Advertising For People Who Don’t Like Advertising Conference and Exhibit, a happening that brought together various creatives to discuss and dissect how we communicate. It was a very interesting little conference!

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Laluzapalooza 1

Never have I ever been to an art opening at La Luz de Jesus. Never have I ever actually been to an event or happening at LLdJ. I have been to the store, yes, the curious Wacko soap factory iconoclastic Los Feliz art destination. It’s a valuable Los Angeles oddity and certainly has a place in the larger cultural landscape of the city. Friday was the opening of their annual LALUZAPALOOZA, a huge group show that celebrates their aesthetic. What is that aesthetic? We’re not entirely sure but we can certainly report it’s part steampunk, part Lolita fashion, part pop cultural mélange, and a lot of “What is going on here?” It certainly was entertaining.

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Bringing Everything Together: An Interview With Willard Ford

Bringing Everything Together An Interview With Willard Ford 1

Willard Ford gets bored easily. He’s the type of person who is always busy and with a hand in twenty different activities happening at the same time. He’s a master at balancing various business projects and personal interests, clustering everything together into a collection of live/work pursuits.

The best example of this is his office home or home office or office-with-a-home-in-it: where he lives is also the home of his office which means that he is perpetually working. The space is quite remarkable and potentially even a place you’ve been to, too. Formerly the Kim Sing Theatre, Willard rehabbed the Chinatown building and converted it into his home, office, and rentable event venue. He even opened Strong Sports Gym in the front of the building and the space frequently hosts Los Angeles’ CreativeMornings.

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From The Lab Beverly Hills Beauty

Like beauty products? You need to check out upcoming Beverly Hills online concept From The Lab which will get you very discounted products.

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Jesse Draxler Blxcklist Exhibition Akai Ito Boutique

Opening Thursday, July 24, is an art event that will have Jesse Draxler teaming up with BLXCKLIST. It’s taking place at Akai Ito Boutique Downtown.

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National Tequila Day 2014 Petty Cash

July 24 is National Tequila Day and there are lots of fun things you can do in town to celebrate. Like what? Find out after the jump!

Sisters Of Los Angeles Firefly Pop-Up

Abbot Kinney store Firefly has teamed up with SoLA for a pop-up shop that is opening tonight. Catch it out West from 7PM to 9PM!

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