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Morning Glory Artisan Brittle

Morning Glory Artisan Brittle 3

Morning Glory Confections is a Los Angeles sweets maker known for their brittles. They come in tiny clear boxes with dainty geometric blue flowers on them with crazy sounding flavors like “Thai Curry Peanut” and “Chai Tea & Cashew.” They each take a flavor concept, mash them with a nut of some sort, and lets everything settle in together. They’re quite inventive and a nice entry in local brittle.

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Want A Drink Tonight? Check The LA Drink Map!

Want A Drink Tonight? Check The LA Drink Map!

What are you doing tonight? Getting a drink? But you don’t know *where* you are going? We wanted to remind you that we’ve made a pretty lengthy list of places to grab cocktails from that you can always find on our Los Angeles, I’m Yours Drink Map. The map is intended to be a curated resource of places new and old to try out if you’re ever looking for a drink. There’s a ton of different places that range from super fancy Beverly Hills places to divey, dark places in Highland Park.

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The Digest: The Rookery

the rookery exterior

It’s that time of the year. The announcement of Coachella brings a flurry of activity to the entire Southland. For those “magical” two weekends, every venue in the city has the luxury of booking the same acts all across the city. Some call them “pre-Chella,” my friends call it “localchella” shows, others call them a better use of $500 than sitting in the desert. Regardless, Pomona becomes a favorite destination for the musicians and comedians of Coachella. The beautiful Fox Theater and the Glasshouse will, without a doubt, host many shows, with tons of “surprise guests.” But you’ll be wondering…

Where do I get a bite to eat around here?

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Coldwater Canyon’s Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Coldwater Canyon's Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 1

Coldwater Canyon is a North Hollywood based jarred food maker headed by Rondo Mieczkowski. They’re known for their traditional preserves that have gone on to win many a Los Angeles County Fair prize in addition to California State Fair prizes. Their Strawberry Rhubarb Jam? It actually won the Best In Show for all of the jams and jellies at the 2010 state fair! That’s huge. The operation is small and operated through a little Etsy storefront by Rondo. In addition to farmers markets, we found some of their goods at the Silver Lake Cheese Store. We actually grabbed the Strawberry Rhubarb Jam which we did not realize was such a lauded jam. It’s totally worth every accolade it has received, too.

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Illustrating The Original Farmers Market

Illustrating The Original Farmers Market 1

The Original Farmers Market is a very concentrated destination for food and Los Angeles culture. We’re kind of obsessed with it because it’s connected to a slightly annoying mega-mall but maintains a very local, small business integrity that we totally like getting down with. It’s an LA institution! We love it. Illustrator and current Art Center student Esther Kang must feel the same way because she focused a series of work on making Original Farmers Market illustrations. They’re a very graphic and bold set of illustrations that make you wish you had her experience and point of view at the Fairfax destination.

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Butterfly Release Party Pavillion Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

August 3 is the last day that the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden’s Butterfly Pavilion will be open. To celebrate and to have a befitting end, they are releasing the butterflies to the wild. Would be family fun!

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Yowsah Ace Hotel Ambrosia Salad Kim Ahn

The Ace Hotel’s Yowsah is coming back this Saturday, August 2, and will feature Kim Ahn (who always hosts and is the resident DJ) along with Ambrosia Salad. Check it!

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Steve Van Doren and Fara Howard Think Tank Gallery CreativeMorningsLA

This Thursday, July 31, CreativeMornings will be hosting a little talk with some folks from Vans. Join them at Think Tank Gallery!

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Queen Mary Art Deco Festival Labor Day

What are you doing Labor Day weekend? You should consider going down to the Queen Mary because they are having The Art Deco Festival.

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Carsick 13 Spazzkid Lovers

Local musician Spazzkid loves listening to music while in cars. He actually loves it so much that he actually did a “live performance” in a car. It’s called “Carsick #13″ and its rad. Catch the video below!


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