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I’m Not A Gun’s Sub-Tones

I'm Not A Gun's Sub-Tones

I’m Not A Gun is a collaboration between LA based house guy John Tejada and Berlin based classically trained guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto. They two recently released a new EP titled Sub-tones, a three track EP that merges Tejada’s airy electronic music with Nishimoto’s acoustic sensibilities. It’s a unique little record that dwells somewhere between ambient rock jam out and Brian Eno’s Music For Film.

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A Bitch Slap From Raquel Allegra

A Bitch Slap From Raquel Allegra

Raquel Allegra is an LA designer who is hitting the big time. Her aesthetic is this understated futuristic, loose fitting, layered, rough washed look that feels both slubby pretty girl and beautiful tough girl. Perusing her Fall 2013 collection, there is a playfulness and sarcasm present in all of the looks. They’re nice looking–but they do not take themselves to seriously. To help embody Allegra’s Fall 2013 vibe, the brand released a video directed by Steven Johnson (Allegra’s boyfriend, funny enough.) and Margo Ducharme that sees model Olga Nazarova and YACHT‘s Claire Evans totally slapping the shit out of each other for two minutes.

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Albert Roman Does California

Albert Roman Does California 2

Last Friday morning we had the unique opportunity to speak at an Art Center photography class about branding and marketing for artists. It was a small class and we got to share the speaking privileges with Vince of Sinclair Denim. A class from FIDM even stopped by to listen in, toos! It was so fun. There were so many fantastic photographers we got to meet and we had a blast hanging out with all of them. We also got to check out and critique a branding exercise they did that involved their transforming small boxes into little portfolios. Everyone did an excellent job and we even got to keep one: photographer Albert Roman gave us his little box as he thought it would be valuable to us since his work deals with Los Angeles. Of course we had to share it!

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Haunted Screens German Cinema Los Angeles LACMA

LACMA is welcoming a show about German cinema and Expressionism called Haunted Screens. It’s on view from September 21 through January 4.

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