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Tactile Matter’s Sunsetting Ceramics

Kenesha Sneed Tactile Matter  Los Angeles 2

It goes without saying: ceramics are a thing in Los Angeles. But what about the city makes its way into the pottery? This usually comes by way of the very alternate approaches to the format and bright colors that match our sunsets and oceans and mountains. Tactile Matter is a new entry that very much focuses on the city’s laterality, a quality of the city we are constantly faced with.

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Publish’s Bold Celino Print

Celino Print Publish Los Angeles 1

A few months ago, I moved near American Rag and—although I rarely can afford to frequently shop there—I love to browse there. They have some of the best, almost-in-reach wears in town and there is always something to enjoy. I recently went in and almost splurged on a pair of shorts and shirt from Fountain Valley in Orange County’s Publish. The brand makes elevated street wear, some clothing that can go from surf to street to sophisticated in no time. What I was immediately attracted to was their Celino print, a mashing of dots on dots on dots that is basically an op-art piece you can wear.

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Over Easy, Mimi Pond’s California Time Capsule

Over Easy Mimi Pond Los Angeles 2

Mimi Pond has lived an interesting life, much of which she has captured in her endearing, captivating comics. She’s a local cartoonist and illustrator who has been in California for decades—but not just in Los Angeles. A few months ago, her book Over Easy was released and it’s a graphic memoir that serves as both a time capsule and love letter to a California of yore. The book dives into her experiences as a young art student in Oakland and the goings on of a certain cafe she was drawn to, one full of characters and obvious inspiration. This is certainly is a Summer read everyone can get behind.

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The Digest: Blue Plate Oysterette

Blue Plate Oysterette West 3rd Street 3

You have probably heard of Blue Plate Oysterette. The seafood place is a Santa Monica staple and the kind of seafood place you hear about but never get a chance to go to as places like Son Of A Gun and Water Grill and Connie & Ted’s and Hungry Cat lure you to them: it’s a friendly standby you have to remember when wanting fish. The brand made a wise move to spread their take on the sea inland, arriving at West 3rd street as their new home. Can the Westside ocean charmer work here? Um, duh.

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Literary Death Match Episode 30 Hammer

If you’re around, Tuesday—July 22—at the Hammer is the latest installment of the Literary Death Match, a great mashing of writerly minds paired with flash fiction or non-fiction. The guests this time around are great, too.

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Project Willowbrook Los Angeles

Have you heard of Project Willowbrook? It’s a Los Angeles County Arts Commission effort to create a healthy community through arts and culture. What a good idea!

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