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The LA Galaxy Is Undefeated

LA Galaxy Undefeated 2014 1

Soccer in America isn’t that big—but soccer in Los Angeles? Kind of a big deal. We’re a city that is pretty forward thinking and, of course, sports follow suit with what locals like as well. Our team—the LA Galaxy—is known for doing some creative stunts for getting attention like hiring David Beckham and moving to Carson. The best, most recent activity produced from the team is a collaboration with local streetwear brand Undefeated. What a genius pairing—and it certainly caught our attention.

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Little, LA, Druggie Legos

The Seventh Letter LA G0 Pat Riot 1

If you’re not familiar with The Seventh Letter, they’re a streetwear label and gallery with a flagship store on Fairfax’s bro, sneaker district. They’re one of the brands behind Known Gallery and are now doing their own, very LA things in their own way. One accessory that we randomly happened upon is very much of note as it’s a play on something we all love: Los Angeles and Legos. They’ve made limited edition, assemble-it-yourself kits called LAG0 that let you make your own plastic weed paraphernalia. Brilliant!

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Up Against The Wall Motherfucker: Rirkrit Tiravanija Reflects LA

Rirkrit Tiravanija Up Against The Wall Motherfucker Hammer 2014 3

The longer the Hammer’s Take It Or Leave It show is up, the more goodies it will reveal to us. First it was Gretchen Bender’s Total Recall, a demanding riff on advertising from the retro future, and now it’s a drawn piece by Rirkrit Tiravanija, scrawled up and down the walls of the exhibition’s third room. Although the artist is not an Angeleno, the piece is a reflection of our city’s history and less than favorable memories. It’s a reminder of how far we have and have not come as a city.

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An Artist’s Space: An Interview With David Gilbert

David Gilbert Los Angeles 1 2

Artist David Gilbert’s studio feels like a private exhibition, an intimate installation for two or three to visit. Colorful yarn and torn fabric sculptures hang from the ceiling like ceremonial ornaments. Small sticks are placed on wooden painted planks reminiscent of forts built by children but in a pastel color palette. Smears of paint cover the walls which he has placed photos atop of, accents to a natural “mess.” There are odd items that draw you in, demanding you pay them their due attention: a dainty veiled box tacked to the wall, a precarious pair of scissors hangs at eye level, a tiny statue of The Blue Boy has a cardboard roll on its head, and shoe strings, paperclips, safety pins, parts of paint cans, and notecards feel like a chorus of joining tools.

The notecards feel most important. Some have instructive notes like “Paint This” or “Draw Me” while others are more cryptic, making political comments like  “Public Execution” and “Boats.” They talk to each other and let you in on Gilbert’s process: a visitor to his studio feels like they are interrupting a conversation being had by a group of conversation hearts. It’s an exciting, dynamic space few visit.

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Patricia Fernández Points Of Departure Between Spain And Frace 18th Street Arts Center

Made In L.A. alumn Patricia Fernández is currently the focus of a big showing at Santa Monica’s 18th Street Art Center. The show is called Points of Departure (between Spain and France) and is currently on view now through June 28.

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Bold LA Downtown Los Angeles

To add to the bubbling activity of who knows what on Broadway is Bold Room LA, a multi-purpose creative space hosting pop-ups and art. Sounds interesting!

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Living And Sustaining A Creative Life Sharon Louden LACMA

To celebrate her book, artist Sharon Louden will be coming to LACMA for a discussion and book signing of her new piece Living And Sustaining A Creative Life. It’s April 21 and will include a panel of speakers from Randy Sommer of ACME to George Stoll.

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Freeway Studies Insidue The Quad Otis

For the second of their road studying shows, Otis is presenting Freeway Studies #2. It’s a group show featuring “work by 31 contemporary artists whose studios are located inside the border defined by the following freeways: I-405, I-110, I-10 and I-105.” It’s on view through June 27.

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