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Pyramid Vritra’s Ambling Spool

Pyramid Vritra Spool Indra 2014 Hal Williams

It’s easy to be fascinated by Pyramid Vritra. According to his bio, the young LA musician has had successes via MySpace with the Odd Future crew and works part time driving a forklift in a South Los Angeles home improvement store. He’s a quiet, contemplative dude which is why his drawn out, almost spoken work song “Spool” feels very emblematic of his true self. He positions himself as a bit of a cosmic deity.

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Dorian Wood’s Sensual O

Dorian Wood O Rattle Rattle 2014

Dorian Wood is basically a young Antony Hegarty. They have a similar vocal range and style and both identify as queer musicians. Both artists are incredibly creative and pursue parallel tracks in visual and performance arts. While Hegarty comes from South England, Wood comes from Echo Park: they’re very different artists but share a similar sensibility.

Wood is still very much coming into his own too. He’s not content releasing music and letting it travel where it goes but instead uses his music as a means to ignite further artistic work. His latest album Rattle Rattle was released over a year ago yet there is still juicy media springing out from it. The latest example of this is the video for the album’s closer “O” which is more than a performance document or music video: it’s a collaborative art project.

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Napolian’s Glitchy DARPA

Napolian DARPA Incursio Software Recording 2014

Napolian is one of those Los Angeles musicians who you don’t believe is actually Angeleno. The musician (Real name: Ian Evans) is a Software artist, which basically means he’s on the cutting edge of electronic music right now. He attended Taft High School in Woodland Hills (which is where Ice Cube went) and is coming out with a unique, young, yet brightly cynical view of sound and the current state of the world. The single for his upcoming album Incursio is “DARPA” and it very much fills out his point of view: a digitized, warping of the potentially doomed future.

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Conscious Creations From Della

Della Los Angeles 5

LA people are way, way, way conscious of the world. They want to connect with all those around them and do things that better our surroundings. Della is a conscious creator in Los Angeles that works directly with a West African community to provide jobs, education, and skill trainings for those who help them make their textiles. It’s a homegrown effort to make cool fashions with heart.

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Pottery From Mt. Washington

Beth Katz Mt. Washington Pottery 5

As many of you may know, pottery and ceramics are very much a thing in Los Angeles and beyond. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this form of expression either. It’s a way of making that doesn’t seem to get old and everyone has a unique point of view: it’s a very easy means of expressing yourself.

A new entry into this local conversation is the work of Beth Katz who works under the name Mt. Washington Pottery. The wares from Northeast Los Angeles are very basic yet have a distinct character to them. They’re a mixture of simple, modern forms with a somewhat Mid-Century slant to them. Unlike other makers, Katz is able to create new works that have clear, clever references.

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This Crazy Life Patrick Martinez Michael Vasquez Gregory Bojorquez New Image Art

New Image Art is having a trio of artists for the show This Crazy Life. It features Gregory Bojorquez, Patrick Martinez, and Michael Vasquez and opens April 26 and is on view through May 23.

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Fred Wilson Hammer Lectures Take It Or Leave It

Two upcoming, back-to-back Hammer Lectures of note: artist Fred Wilson will be speaking on May 6 and Art History professor Miwon Kwon will be speaking with Allan McCollum on May 7. Both are a part of the currently on view Take It Or Leave It.

A Delicate Balance Odyssey Theatre

Odyssey Theatre is welcoming Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance starting April 26 through June 15. The show features a stacked cast and is one of Albee’s most memorable works.

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Freehand Gallery Jewelry Show

West 3rd’s Freehand Gallery is welcoming their annual Jewelry Show from April 26 through May 31. There will be an artist talk on the 26th at 4PM, too.

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