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Youth Code’s “Consuming Guilt”

Youth Code Consuming Guilt Los Angeles

I know many of you guys can’t fit your ears around Youth Code, which I learned when excitedly glowing over their debut LP. They make electronic industrial productions that local duo Ryan William George or Sara Taylor literally scream over: it is not for everyone. I get that. Since we’re having a bit of a goth Monday, it only felt appropriate to share a new song from them called “Consuming Guilt.” Yes, it’s loud—but it’s good, if you can move beyond the surface of the sound.

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LOAK ANGELES OAK Los Angeles Beverly Alta Vista 2

When news broke that OAK was finally making the hop from East coast to West coast, I’m pretty sure I wet my pants a little bit. The brand is known for making and finding and selling a mixture of goth, androgynous, upscale streetwear that come in black, black, some grays, black, white, black, silver, black, and black. Their stores in New York are nice and intimate and, while I have yet to visit their Downtown outpost, I have a feeling that it is somewhat New York-ish still.

Without any pretense (Surprisingly.), the brand popped up in a weird Mid-City location this week, blocks from where I live, like a bizarre white castle amidst historically Hasidic establishments and a smattering of design destinations. What does it mean? Well, the brand has gone full Los Angeles, opening up a sprawling L-shaped building that surely is going to be one of the more popular and successful retailers in town.

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Go Get Fucked Up And Watch Fucked Up

Fucked Up LOS ANGELES El Rey

You guys: the Summer is almost over. How sad! What a bummer! We didn’t think the day would come but we’re nearing the end of our Goldenvoice giveaways. We’re not there yet, though: we have a few more options for you to see some music in town before the heat wears off. The next event we have tickets for is punk/hardcore act Fucked Up, who are taking the El Rey on August 21. I know some of you punk lovers are out there: this show is for you.

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Gabba Gallery Drop In

The Gabba Gallery is hosting a little group show called Drop In with H|R opening on October 4. It’s on view through November 1!

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Electric 24 KCRW

KCRW’s all day music program Eclectic 24 is literally going all day by turning to a Santa Barbara FM channel. How rad is this?

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The Sprouted Nut Company Back To School

Local nutty folk The Sprouted Nut Company are having a 10% off special to celebrate returning to school: enjoy it by using BACKTOSCHOOL10.

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Stop And Smell Your Dinner Thank You For Coming

Castle Gourmet is teaming up with Thank You For Coming and the Institute for Art Olfaction for a food happening called Stop And Smell Your Dinner. It’s October 3—and is delicious smelling.

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