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The Most LA Sandwich, I: Compartes Peanut Butter & SQIRL Jam

COMPARTES Honey Peanut Butter Sea Salt SQIRL Strawberry Thyme Jam La Brea Bakery 2

Given our recent acquiring of fancy Compartes Peanut Butter and SQIRL Strawberry Jam, we had an idea: we need to use these two ingredients to make a sandwich. It would be a decadent, literally rich treat—but it had to be done. It would be a Los Angeles Grand Slam. Thus, we grabbed some La Brea Bakery bread and have created one of the most Angeleno sandwiches.

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Compartes Honey Sea Salt Peanut Butter

COMPARTES Honey Peanut Butter Sea Salt 6

It’s well known how great Compartes is. The local, beloved chocolate outfit has gotten quite a good bit of attention for the cocoa based sweets they make but not for the not-chocolate items in their repertoire. Last year, we had heard from Jonathan of Compartes that he was working on making peanut butter, which was used for his take on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The mixture included local honey and sea salt and is absolutely made from scratch. “Would it be possible to buy a jar?” we wondered. Yes: now you can.

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Michael Jang’s Vintage CalArts Photos

Michael Jang CalArts Los Angeles 2

A big story yesterday on LAist was the work of photographer Michael Jang. The artist isn’t based in Los Angeles but he attended CalArts in the early seventies. Can you imagine what that must have been like? Sure, art school now is wild—but it must have been so incredible back then…and it was! Jang is releasing photos from his time there, which is being toted as many as an unofficial yearbook for the school.

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Haunted Screens German Cinema Los Angeles LACMA

LACMA is welcoming a show about German cinema and Expressionism called Haunted Screens. It’s on view from September 21 through January 4.

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For Export Only Shulamit Gallery

Shulamit Gallery is hosting a new group show starting September 6 called For Export Only. It’s on view through November 1.

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