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Slingshot Billboards Come To Hollywood

Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects Billboards Sunset 1

Los Angeles is a city full of billboards. Because our surroundings are a hybrid of highways and walkways, most of which is seen through a Hollywood lens, we’re constantly faced with advertising. This of course leads to visual bombardment and frequent assault by advertisers but, hey, this comes with the territory of our city. Can billboards change though? Especially on places like the Sunset Strip, where the billboards are iconic: how can they be innovated upon? Well, local firm Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects recently took a stab at this by creating a Dodger Blue slingshot to hold signage. It’s a simple, futuristic take on advertising.

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Weltenbuerger Loves Zigerli: A Fashionable Little Interview

Weltenbuerger Julian Zigerli 2014 Los Angeles 4

Are you familiar with the work of Julian Zigerli? He’s a hot, young, heavily lauded Swiss fashion designer whose clothing have definitely excited a specific type of flamboyant style hound. His clothing mashes avant garde forms with bold and bright patterns, very often crossing over into fine art fashion. He’s certainly an up-and-coming talent poised to blow up soon but, for now, he’s definitely someone to keep tabs of collection after collection.

One way to get in touch with him is by way of Los Feliz’s Weltenbuerger, the little clothing store with the most exceptional inventory in Los Angeles. Zigerli is one of the brands they carry and, although this sounds crazy, the store is the only US retailer of the designs. What a treat, dudes! To celebrate the latest Spring/Summer collection, we had a little chat about Zigerli with shop owner Bryan Sanderson to hear all about the new collection—and what Angelenos will take from it.

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Paper Cuts’ Creative Paper

Paper Cuts Paper Chase 4

Sunset Blvd’s little art printer that could—Paper Chase—are always doing rad shit. Their line of stationary and paper ephemera are a brilliant mashing of high end design with an artistic flair. While there have been many collaborations, Paper Cuts is a new effort to work with local (and beyond) talent that fuse together aesthetics. The resulting collection is a variety of functional items to write on, each a reflection of the respective collaborator.

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Plumb, Goods To Get Creative With

Plumb Goods Knock Knock 7

What is Plumb? It’s a new line of very, very creative notebooks and sketchbooks and more intended to fuel your creativity. They are formed from collaborations with artists you are likely familiar with and they hope to get you making cool shit using them. The effort is also very local as it comes from Venice’s Knock Knock, the witty stationary and gift makers. Plumb is clearly an evolution toward the creative community and seeks to bring back the idea of artists being on-the-go makers.

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Depart Foundation Gabriele De Saintis

Depart Foundation on Sunset are giving the first LA exhibition of artist Gabriele De Santis. It’s on view from September 18 through November 16.

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MOCA Cameron Songs For The Witch

MOCA PDC’s next exhibition is a showing of work by “occult” artist Cameron. The show is called Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman and is on view from October 11 through January 11.

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Pia Fries Paisages Maritimes Christopher Grimes Gallery

Christopher Grimes’ next show will feature the work of Pia Fries. It’s called Paisages Maritimes and will be on view from September 13 through November 1.

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Post And Beam LA Forum 2014

Have you been digging The Fabulous Forum? The folks at Post & Beam have! They’re offering complimentary desserts with the purchase of pizza or large plates to guests who present their ticket stubs to the Forum show. Smart!

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