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Made In L.A. 2014: The Book

Made In L.A. Hammer Los Angeles Exhibition Catalogue 9

It’s been some time since we’ve spoken about Made In L.A., *the* Summer art show in Los Angeles (and one that really does speak to the crazy talent we have in this city). There are many post-show things to write about, one of them being the really, really excellent exhibition catalogue. Serving as both a means to contextualize and sort of artsy yearbook, the book condenses and expands the idea of the exhibition into some well designed pages.

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Peggy Noland’s Wacky, Wonderful World

Peggy Noland Wacky Wacko Fashion Los Angeles 6

I thought we had already shared the work of Peggy Noland but I realized that she’s just so cool and so insanely wonderful that it almost seemed too obvious to share what she’s up to. Noland is an LA / Kansas City hybrid of high-pop artist and fashion designer. She uses clothing as bizarre canvases for her to make fun of popular culture. She is a master of appropriation—and is who I believe to be the world’s leading creator of humor based in artistry.

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The Nature Of A City: An Interview With Kristi Head

Kristi Head Light And Cycle Los Angeles 6

When you smell Lite + Cycle’s Urban Forest candle, you get a very distinct scent memory. It smells of woodsy winds with Juniper and Fir scents clearly pronounced to the nose. An underlining, kindly aggressive fennel flavor asserts itself much like the clusters of yellow flowers the plant gives, waving to you from the Californian wild. A very small hint of coffee closes the thought, reminding of a post-hike reward from Trails.

If this olfactory experience is familiar, it’s because it is likely something you’ve experience in your Los Angeles life: the Urban Forest candle was inspired by the experience of visiting Griffith Park. The outdoor venue is unique and truly Angeleno as it is an escape to nature folded inside of a sprawling metropolis. Griffith Park represents an abundant natural reprieve we have in this city, like green commercial breaks from the bustle of city life.

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Boiler Room Ray-Ban Oneohtrix Point Never Sophie

There is a huge Boiler Room show coming to town this weekend, August 22, that will feature people like Sophie and Oneohtrix Point Never. This will be R A D.

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Imprint Projects Jan Chipchase

Design consultant and more Jon Chipchase is going to be the next speaker at Imprint Presents. It’s on August 26: you should see it!

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Stven Alan Objects Without meaning Trunk Show

August 23 at Steven Alan on La Brea is having a trunk show with Objects Without Meaning. There should be some good wears here!

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Alchemy Works Los ANgeles Surf Bazaar

August 23 and August 24 at CNTRL Group is a big sale market called Surf Bazaar. it’s going to feature lots of great people including Alchemy Works and Wittmore and Grover and more. Check it out!

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Lindy Grundy Mud Hen Golden Road

Lindy & Grundy, Mud Hen, and Golden Road are teaming up for a September 1 through September 30, month long event that will feature late night burgers and beer from 10PM to midnight every night. Fun!

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