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The New A.P.C. Store Is Really Nice

A.P.C. Melrose Place 5

When word that A.P.C. was moving across Melrose from it’s off Melrose bungalow, people were shaking their heads, remarking at how ridiculous that thought was. We were with them: why the hell would it be necessary for them to move?? It seemed both redundant and unnecessary and like one of those things done by an outsider brand that stands as a symbol of their being out of touch with local culture.

That is not the case. The store has been open for a few weeks and, while in the area, we decided to stop in—and the store is amazing. It’s a much bigger, much more concise and on-brand thought for A.P.C. that feels like an excellent marriage of their refined, classic fancy clothing and our light, easy, breezy, natural-but-not attitude in Los Angeles. In short, the new A.P.C. is really fucking nice. It’s one of the best retail stores in Los Angeles!

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When Architects Do Surfing

Groundswell A Plus D Jake Matatyaou

A few weeks ago, Wilshires’ A+D had their yearly gala where they task local artists and designers to rethink common items and concepts. This year, the theme was Groundswell, focusing on the movement and excitement of Los Angeles design while focusing specifically on the beach communities. We forgot about this but the yearly event always yields sexy objects of note, which Curbed reminded us of: the showing shared some really great contemporary visions of surfboards. Most are impractical, sure, but they are beautiful art and design objects.

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The Man With The Golden Lift

The Man With The Golden Lift Nowness JF Chen

Whoever is doing PR for JF Chen is on their shit right now. Why? Because antique dealer and eponymous local cool guy Joel Chen has been making the publicity rounds on a few notable places. First, he’s the cover man of the latest issue of Apartamento. Yes, that’s him! Secondly, he recently was the subject of a little Nowness video. The video is particularly great and gives you an active peek into his home, which I think we were all a little curious to see.

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Summer Shorts From ourCaste

ourCaste Newport Beach Shorts 1

Late Summer of last year, Newport Beach contemporary surf brand ourCaste debuted sharing their look and philosophy in a quick, engaging sweep. We’d yet to really see their wears in store but have been very, very intrigued with what they had the potential for: their look books have been very great and very, very stylish so their clothing had to match. And they do! Their Rocko Short is a great example of their (excellent) style.

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Muse Til Midnight LACMA

LACMA’s latest late fun event Muse ’til Midnight is coming back on August 2. It will feature the Silver Lake Chorus and Tycho among others.

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Profanity Pop Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros

José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ is the subject of a new La Luz show called Profanity Pop, which features pop culture mashing art pieces. August 1 through August 31 is when it’s up.

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Literary Death Match Episode 30 Hammer

If you’re around, Tuesday—July 22—at the Hammer is the latest installment of the Literary Death Match, a great mashing of writerly minds paired with flash fiction or non-fiction. The guests this time around are great, too.

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