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So How Is The LA’s Signature Cocktail, Griffith?

Griffith Los Angeles Signature Cocktail Greenbar Distillery California Artisanal Distillers Guild Josh Lurie 3

A few months ago, it was announced that there was a search for Los Angeles’ signature cocktail. What could that be? Did it already exist and we had no idea? Apparently not. Apparently we needed to have a little competition and open call to see what drink best befit the title of “Los Angeles’ signature cocktail.”

Who won? A little drink called Griffith. It was created by Culver City’s Josh Lurie and is named in honor of the popular park. But what is it? And is it any good? We grabbed the ingredients and followed the directions to see if our “signature drink” was indeed a local leaning libation—and worth your time.

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The Digest: The Greyhound Bar and Grill

greyhound sign

Highland Park has been an up and coming neighborhood for about as long as I can remember. I don’t know where or when this idea emerged. It could have been the changing of the guard, a migration from ethnic stronghold to artist hangout. It could have been the development of the area around Occidental College, the slow urban gentrification of a neighborhood steeped in its own tradition. It could be the cheap rent. But this community remains the hotbed for creativity. Which means there’s gotta be a great place to eat and drink.

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Almond & Chocolate Florentines By Duverger

Duverger ALmond Chocolate Florentines 2

Duverger is a local-ish sweets maker most notable for their macarons. While walking around one of their local retailers—Monsieur Marcel—a tan little bag with red lettering popped off a shelf, making itself known because it was an attractive little package. It surprisingly wasn’t for macarons but for Florentines, the lacy Italian pastry that is often an over-indulgent but delicious treat. They are a little under-the-radar treat that we very much are digging.

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Chyrum Lambert’s Minimal Collages

Chyrum Lambert Artist Los Angeles 4

Chyrum Lambert is a local artist who makes and doesn’t make collages. His work reminds of mosaics cast in paper paired with advertising and even a little Ed Ruscha thrown in. The works aren’t cut and pasted though: they are painted and sometimes remixed, created and then redistributed graphically. The effect mixes visual disciplines and makes his work an intriguing mixture of genre.

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Artist's Pants Gordy Grundy

Local artist and writer Gordy Grundy has released a book called Artist’s Pants. It shares the humor and life of a working artist and is totally great. It’s out now!

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Outdoor Tech The Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker

Want a mobile speaker with a little flair? Local design outlet Outdoor Tech have released a wireless speaker called The Big Turtle Shell. It’s big—and pretty cool.

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Piero Golia Gagosian Gallery Clear

Gagosian Gallery’s latest showing is a studying of California Light and Space Movement pieces and “new” takes on their concepts. It’s called Clear and is on view now through August 22.

Above: Piero Golia. Clone (Untitled), 2011. Stainless steel, glass, marble and light. 28 x 9 7/8 x 9 7/8 inches (71.1 x 25.1 x 25.1 cm). Ed. of 5.

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Get Lost LA Crosstown Rebels

The Egyptian Theatre is welcoming a Crosstown Rebels show on August 23. It’s called Get Lost LA and will feature Damian Lazarus, DJ Tennis, Acid Pauli, and more.

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Summer Fridays Willie Jane

Venice’s Willie Jane has a special Summer Friday happening that could be a great way to get out of the office: from 11:30AM to 2:30PM, you can get some of their salads, sandwiches, and plates along with “botanical cocktails.” Yum!

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