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An Artist’s Space: An Interview With David Gilbert

David Gilbert Los Angeles 1 2

Artist David Gilbert’s studio feels like a private exhibition, an intimate installation for two or three to visit. Colorful yarn and torn fabric sculptures hang from the ceiling like ceremonial ornaments. Small sticks are placed on wooden painted planks reminiscent of forts built by children but in a pastel color palette. Smears of paint cover the walls which he has placed photos atop of, accents to a natural “mess.” There are odd items that draw you in, demanding you pay them their due attention: a dainty veiled box tacked to the wall, a precarious pair of scissors hangs at eye level, a tiny statue of The Blue Boy has a cardboard roll on its head, and shoe strings, paperclips, safety pins, parts of paint cans, and notecards feel like a chorus of joining tools.

The notecards feel most important. Some have instructive notes like “Paint This” or “Draw Me” while others are more cryptic, making political comments like  “Public Execution” and “Boats.” They talk to each other and let you in on Gilbert’s process: a visitor to his studio feels like they are interrupting a conversation being had by a group of conversation hearts. It’s an exciting, dynamic space few visit.

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Brooks Salzwedel’s Cloudy, Dreamy Landscapes

Brooks Salzwedel Art 1

Brooks Salzwedel is a local artist with an eye for an alternative outdoors. As he describes his work on Facebook, he’s depicting “natural and unnatural nature.” What does that mean? It means floating landscapes and clouded views of land that may or may not be real: you feel like you are either imagining them or that, wherever they are, it has to be undergoing some geologic shifting.

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Dudes, Covet All Of The New Monitaly

Monitaly Spring Summer 2014 1

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Hermosa Beach’s Monitaly. The dude brand has quickly expanded from outside of Mohawk to places ranging from Urban Outfitters to Need Supply. They’ve found their niche! They are a very meticulous, mysterious brand known for their loud, crazy, wonderful patterned shorts which we are obviously inclined to like.

For Spring/Summer 2014, the brand is continuing their Gitman-like fascination with vintage patterns but seem to have spread their scope to attack more beachy, tailored wears. They’ve corned the market of bro-wears that intrigue and push against the gender and very much represent a casual Cali ‘tude associated with giving no cares about what people think about you and to go with the flow. This new collection takes that idea to a new level.

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Go Into Space With Scott Reeder

Moon World Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder may not be a Los Angeles artist (He’s based in Detroit and Raleigh.) but it really does feel like he is. Between his 365 Mission show and his very large presence at Sunset Ranch this year, you’d think the dude was here all the time. He might be! Case in point: last week, Ooga Booga screened his upcoming feature art film Moon Dust coming out later this year. That was a surprise to many because he actually does use his “sets” to make movies and, for the savvy, that meant Googling—and finding Moon World.

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A Delicate Balance Odyssey Theatre

Odyssey Theatre is welcoming Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance starting April 26 through June 15. The show features a stacked cast and is one of Albee’s most memorable works.

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Freehand Gallery Jewelry Show

West 3rd’s Freehand Gallery is welcoming their annual Jewelry Show from April 26 through May 31. There will be an artist talk on the 26th at 4PM, too.

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Surfers Healing Bloomingdale's Los Angeles 1

Century City’s Bloomingdale’s will welcome rad organization Surfers Healing, a group who host surf camps and workshops to benefit autistic children, to their Men’s Store. It’s happening April 27 and will feature wears that benefit the brand. If you can’t make that, April 26 there will be a similar event at South Coast Plaza.

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April Make And Take Vegan Cooking Class Plant Based Parties

Plant Based Parties is having their monthly make and take event on April 27. The event is a fun Chopped style cooking event that features vegan food and culinary creativity.

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Wildflowering LA Fritz Haeg LAND

After a season of growth, it’s time for LAND and Fritz Haeg’s Wildflowering L.A. to come to life with an exhibition. The showing will be in Pasadena on April 26 and April 27.

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