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The Return of the RealNESS; Again & Again & Again: Trajal Harrell’s Antigone Sr./Twenty Looks or Paris Is Burning at the Judson Church

Trajal Harrell REDCAT Antigone Sr.:Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church 1

After enduring Trajal Harrell’s Antigone Sr./Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church at REDCAT on April 3rd, I felt gutted, empty and sad. I was nauseous for being reminded of our human condition; trapped as opposites and the same; responsible for each other, connected by atomic fibers as symbiotic memes. Going into the black box, I wanted to pretend I knew nothing about Mr. Harrell’s creative intentions.

But NOOOO, in case you didn’t get a program from the cardboard box in the shadows at the door, Harrell felt the need to explain the Antigone/Harlem Balls/downtown pedestrian theater connections prior to the start of the performance and apologized(part of the piece?) that the lighting designer was in Belgium and that there might be mistakes despite the stand in lighting designer from Brest being present. I wanted an authentic, non-insider art viewing experience without the tropes of meaning nor histories. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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An Education In Drawing: Hatched! At The Getty


The Getty’s presentation of Jackson Pollock’s Mural has apparently brought necessary attention and an uptick in attendance to the institution. The show is one of the must see art experiences in Los Angeles right now as it shows that art is more than painting, that it can be scientific and mathematical and physical and historical. One show that has a nice synergy with Mural is the intimate and educational Hatched! exhibited before the entry of Pollock’s work. As the title suggests, the show shares one of the most basic practices in drawing: hatching.

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Minimal Performance, Maximal Delight: IN C At The Hammer

Terry Riley In C Hammer The Industry 1

The life of an airdancer must be an isolating one. They work all day in front of car dealerships and tax preparation stores, waving to all who pass. They never stand still long enough to make eye contact with their viewers and they are always are in motion. They have a delicacy to them, a buoyancy that can’t help but draw a smile to the face of viewers. They’re fascinating—and they have an untapped potential.

The Industry‘s Creative Director Yuval Sharon saw this as he was listening to Terry Riley. As the story goes (which was explained at the Made In L.A. preview), Sharon was driving and listening to Riley’s minimal pioneering “In C” when he stopped at a stoplight and caught an airdancer moving along to the music. Sharon called up Riley and explained that there was something to this and they had to make something out of it. The concept was pitched to the Hammer and the result was this past weekend’s performance installation of IN C. It was an immersive spectacle that really could move a person to tears: it’s minimalism’s simplicity that makes IN C so powerful.

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A Lost Local History Of Queer Video: EZTV

EZTV One Archive West Hollywood 1

How was West Hollywood in the seventies and eighties? Most locals probably have no idea as they are transplants from other parts of the world or simply haven’t been here long enough: local oral history doesn’t get passed around that often. Apparently there was a bubbling video scene that pioneered alternative film techniques and filmmaking that captured performance and art entrenched in a specific LA queer community. Who knew?! ONE is currently exhibiting the work as a part of the eponymous show EZTV. It’s a little education in a lost history of queer video.

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Patricia Fernández Points Of Departure Between Spain And Frace 18th Street Arts Center

Made In L.A. alumn Patricia Fernández is currently the focus of a big showing at Santa Monica’s 18th Street Art Center. The show is called Points of Departure (between Spain and France) and is currently on view now through June 28.

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Bold LA Downtown Los Angeles

To add to the bubbling activity of who knows what on Broadway is Bold Room LA, a multi-purpose creative space hosting pop-ups and art. Sounds interesting!

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Living And Sustaining A Creative Life Sharon Louden LACMA

To celebrate her book, artist Sharon Louden will be coming to LACMA for a discussion and book signing of her new piece Living And Sustaining A Creative Life. It’s April 21 and will include a panel of speakers from Randy Sommer of ACME to George Stoll.

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Freeway Studies Insidue The Quad Otis

For the second of their road studying shows, Otis is presenting Freeway Studies< #2. It’s a group show featuring “work by 31 contemporary artists whose studios are located inside the border defined by the following freeways: I-405, I-110, I-10 and I-105.”

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