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Salene Jang’s Small Memories

Salene Jang Small Memories 3

Salene Jang describes herself as an illustrator and designer “who likes pretty things and animals.” That seems a bit on the surface of what she can do but, when you look at her work, you do find that she excels at sharing those two subjects and often colliding them together. Her paintings in particular are extremely good looking in that they use bold colors to build worlds of wonder, places and scenes that are almost too spectacular to process. In a way, they’re her way of processing the world—and little memories she may has.

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Salt., Southern Californian Eyewear With Style

salt. Costa Mesa Eyewear 3

It’s particularly difficult to not be obsessed with glasses in Southern California. It’s almost always sunny that we always have to protect our eyes. That also may explain why there are so many local eyewear houses, which is nothing to complain about since sunglasses are easy to love. I was recently chatting with a friend about this and she alerted me of a new Costa Mesa based, beach angled luxury glasses maker called Salt. They are a brand that hits both the understated and trendy marks, a difficult territory to occupy—but Salt. does it with grace.

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A Necklace From Myers Collective

Myers Collective Jenny Myers Point Necjlace 2

Myers Collective is the design focused jewelry brainchild of local Jenny Myers. She has worked as an architect and graphic designer and this Collective is an outlet to express expand her ideas on design onto a smaller scale. Her name may sound familiar from her collaboration with Otaat but we’ve never encountered her work in person until a recent stop into Beverly’s Garde, where a nice little stack of embossed paper held a few of her necklaces in place. Each has a light, ethereal quality that is sophisticated and sharpened by brass hardware: Myers Collective is certainly making necklaces for the understated Angeleno.

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Boiler Room Ray-Ban Oneohtrix Point Never Sophie

There is a huge Boiler Room show coming to town this weekend, August 22, that will feature people like Sophie and Oneohtrix Point Never. This will be R A D.

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Imprint Projects Jan Chipchase

Design consultant and more Jon Chipchase is going to be the next speaker at Imprint Presents. It’s on August 26: you should see it!

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Alchemy Works Los ANgeles Surf Bazaar

August 23 and August 24 at CNTRL Group is a big sale market called Surf Bazaar. it’s going to feature lots of great people including Alchemy Works and Wittmore and Grover and more. Check it out!

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Lindy Grundy Mud Hen Golden Road

Lindy & Grundy, Mud Hen, and Golden Road are teaming up for a September 1 through September 30, month long event that will feature late night burgers and beer from 10PM to midnight every night. Fun!

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