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The Nature Of A City: An Interview With Kristi Head

Kristi Head Light And Cycle Los Angeles 6

When you smell Lite + Cycle’s Urban Forest candle, you get a very distinct scent memory. It smells of woodsy winds with Juniper and Fir scents clearly pronounced to the nose. An underlining, kindly aggressive fennel flavor asserts itself much like the clusters of yellow flowers the plant gives, waving to you from the Californian wild. A very small hint of coffee closes the thought, reminding of a post-hike reward from Trails.

If this olfactory experience is familiar, it’s because it is likely something you’ve experience in your Los Angeles life: the Urban Forest candle was inspired by the experience of visiting Griffith Park. The outdoor venue is unique and truly Angeleno as it is an escape to nature folded inside of a sprawling metropolis. Griffith Park represents an abundant natural reprieve we have in this city, like green commercial breaks from the bustle of city life.

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A Fast Food Triptych By Cara Lowe

Triptych By Cara Lowe 1

Cara Lowe is a Pasadena based illustrator and artist. Her work is pretty great (particularly her drawings) but she does a pretty effective job of making cultural commentary. One of her works is a triptych of Christ’s life as told in a modern, fabled way that deals with America’s biggest enemy: obesity. It’s a clever little study of two things that don’t seem related but obviously have a dark, social connection.

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We Have Tickets For You To See Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, & The Head & the Heart The Hollywood Bowl

Iron And Wine Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl 2014

Who doesn’t like The Hollywood Bowl? It’s a Los Angeles Summer tradition! You have to go at least once or twice on a hot night and dance and hang and enjoy the company of thousands of other Angelenos indulging in some good live music. If you haven’t been yet this year or simply want to go again, we have a pretty sweet opportunity for you: Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, and The Head And The Heart are playing a big show on August 10. Thanks to the folks over at Anthemic, we have a *pair* of tickets to give away. This is a pretty sweet deal!

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Haunted Screens German Cinema Los Angeles LACMA

LACMA is welcoming a show about German cinema and Expressionism called Haunted Screens. It’s on view from September 21 through January 4.

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