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Felix Da Housecat’s Madame Hollywood

Felix Da Housecat Miss Kittin Madame Hollywood

While in the canon of Los Angeles loving, Felix Da Housecat‘s “Madame Hollywood” is a bit forced. Felix is not an Angeleno artist nor is the song particularly fond of the city. It’s about vapidness and stereotypes and a general contempt for the culture(s) that have come from Los Angeles, for better or worse. What’s striking about the 2001 song is that—while ill speaking—it is about wanting to be Angeleno, about an international desirous feeling toward Los Angeles. If ever there were a song that represented Los Angeles lust, it is “Madame Hollywood.”

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Randy Newman’s I Love L.A.

Randy Newman I Love L.A.

I can say with a certain amount of confidence that most with-it music lovers aren’t going crazy over the work of Randy Newman. He’s a great musician, there are no doubts about it, but no (serious) person is going, “Yo, dude: crank that ‘You Got A Friend In Me.’ That’s my shit.” That doesn’t happen! He’s a specific type of artist like James Taylor or Lyle Lovett, lovable types who make music for moms and dads of a certain demographic.

There is one song that everyone in Los Angeles can and should appreciate from him: “I Love L.A.” Admittedly, it’s a terrible song that is so cheesy and so stupidly over the top that you cannot help but find it adorable it. It’s like eating an Apple Pan cheeseburger: delicious, probably not the best for you, but delightful nevertheless.

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2Pac’s California Love

2Pac California Love

To be honest, the work of 2Pac is mostly unknown to me. I was essentially a child in the nineties, much of which I spent in either rural parts of the country or overseas because I grew up in a military household: there are large parts of popular culture that still are a mystery to me as a result of a non-traditional upbringing. Much of nineties rap, especially the work of 2Pac, eludes me.

But I do know one song, probably his biggest hit and definite “Hell yes, California.” statement: “California Love,” the 1996 hit featuring South Los Angeles’ success story Dr. Dre. The song is kind of like the state’s anthem, a feel good and fun time party jam intended to show that the wild, wild West is where it’s at: y’all ain’t got shit on us.

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Valentine’s Songs By Angelenos For Angelenos

Valentine's Songs By Angelenos For Angelenos

Today is Valentine’s Day and, because we have a prolific artistic city, we thought we would take the time to share a few songs by Angelenos for you Angelenos to enjoy Valentine’s Day with. They range from songs to have sex to songs to enjoy after a break up: there is something for everyone! So, if you are trying to make a Valentine’s Day playlist, let this do the trick for you.

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Rounded Objects: The Work Of ER Studio

er Studio Los Angeles 1

ER Studio is the name for local art director and designer Eric Roinestad’s ceramics outfit. He has had a long career in entertainment where he did graphic design work for everyone from FLAUNT to Capitol Records: he is a very accomplished dude. His ceramics are just as nice and have a rounded delicateness to them, which can be seen in their form and also in the textures and colors he chooses. They are studies of California nature through hand molded clay.

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SoulCycle Soul Ride Inside Hook Brentwood

You into cycling? Well, you and Inside Hook need to check out an event on July 26 where you’ll be cycling at SoulCycle with their LA ambassador Reuben Brody. This will be fun!

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Cotton Candy Day Barton G Los Angeles

Do you dig cotton candy? Cotton Candy Day is coming up July 31 and Barton G restaurant in Hollywood is celebrating. This will literally be sweet.

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The Photo Gallery Highland Park

There is a new photo only venue in Highland Park called The Photo Gallery. It’s launching a new little group show on July 25, which will be on view through August 7.

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Battlefield Hardline Entertainment Arts

The new Battlefield game, out October 21, is called Battlefield: Hardline and will feature *Los Angeles* as the venue. How rad is this?! Can’t wait to play it.

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Friends Of Friends Weekend Ace Hotel Groundislava Young Adults Jerome LOL

Friends Of Friends are taking The Ace in Palm Springs from August 1 through August 3. It will include performances by Groundislava and Jerome LOL and Young Adults. This will be fun!

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