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Clothes For Kids That Adults Will Covet: Nico Nico

Nico Nico Los Angeles 1

It’s not very often that you find clothing made for kids that make you say, “Shit: I want that for me. Does that come in adult sizes??” That doesn’t happen outside of Crew Cuts catalogues (at least, that’s how I feel when I look at that). Nico Nico is a local effort to get cool LA kids looking even cooler through locally sourced, environmentally conscious clothing. They’re also super cute and super hip. Again: we wish we could wear these clothes!

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Santigold For Stance

Stance Socks Santigold 1

Stance is an Orange County based luxury sock maker. Well, they’re not the *fanciest* sock makers but they do wild things with the format like print NBA legends on them and let artists design them. They’re like an experimental version of the now omnipotent Happy Socks. Their latest effort sees them joining the coasts by creating a collection with Santigold. The collection is the manifestation of many of ‘Gold’s influences all placed onto nice looking—Yet affordable!—local socks.

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Admiring The Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters

Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters Eduardo Medrano 1

Photographer Eduardo Medrano has an interest in architecture. He likes to capture buildings that play big roles in urban environments, spaces that are responsible for a city’s evolution. He doesn’t shoot spaces in a fluffy way but with an angle loving appreciation for the design of a building. His photographs of the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters Downtown is an excellent example of this considering he was able to turn the “common” building into an odd, entrancing landmark.

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Cookies From Tender Greens

Tender Greens Cookies 2014 1

A good cookie is a good cookie and we like to try a good cookie every time an assumedly good cookie comes our way. The discrete desserts are good for sharing and fun to eat individually and come in an endless variety. It’s impossible to say there is *one* best cookie in town and, really, every cookie has its own merits worth noting. One place that we always see cookies at—but would feel too guilty to grab them to enjoy—is local salad “chain” Tender Greens. Their sweets always stare you down as make your way to the checkout counter, tempting you with trifles and shortbread or small pies and cupcakes. It’s always something! What we finally succumbed to were two not-big-but-not-small cookies that were waving to us as we grabbed dainty salads to-go. Of course they had to come home, too!

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Cube Has The Most Exciting Fried Chicken In Town

Spicy Fried Chicken Cube

If you are savvy reader, you know that we are obsessed with fried chicken in Los Angeles. It’s not something to eat every day, no, but it is a special dish to treat yourself to whenever a new variety of the food item comes up. We caught the trend way back when and have sampled everything from the bygone, delicious Parish entry to the decadent sandwich version that Plan Check serves up. We’ve even indulged in classic LA fried staples from Honey’s Kettle to Roscoe’s: we are all about LA fried chicken.

One that we have overlooked comes from one of the least likely of places, La Brea and Melrose Italian Californian spot Cube. The place goes very under the radar but is consistently great. We’ve been there several times and are always impressed with their service and style and surprised that they keep giving us the culinarily unexpected. An example? We went to Cube over the weekend and, while it was the first time in a long time, we found a Spicy Fried Chicken entrée on their menu. Yes, that (terrible iPhone) photo above is said fried chicken and, yes, it is as big as a football. It’s the kind of dish that makes everyone at your table stop talking in order to appreciate an awe striking dish as such. Is it the best fried chicken in Los Angeles? We’re not sure—but it definitely seems like the most exciting.

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Free Wifi Los Angeles Parks Beachs

This is big news that you all should hear: last week, free wifi became a thing in a few LA parks. Now you can go online at Echo Park Lake, Venice Beach, Griffith, and more!

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Nasty Neckface New Image Art

New Image Art is having a new Neck Face show that will be pretty nasty, which is great because he RULES. Catch it–and an opening–on August 22 and it runs through September 13.

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Offa Tha Hook Annual Fishing Throwback Friends Of The Los Angeles River

Friends Of The Los Angeles River are having a fishing event called Offa Tha’ Hook to kick off a new legal bill to let you fish in the LA River. Really! It’s happening on September 6.

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