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Where Shall We Meet? Will Rogers State Beach with Doree Shafrir

Where Shall We Meet Doree Shafrir 1

In the 1920s, a plum job in newspapers was to open a foreign bureau. It was considered a role for the brave and the bold. You’d land in a new place, set your typewriter on a make-shift desk, haggle with the phone service, find the nearest coffee house (or hostelry called “The American Bar” by hopeful locals) and start building a underground network of contacts, filing your stories over the wires back home.

A year ago, Doree Shafrir moved almost three thousand miles West to do the modern version of just that. As Executive Editor at Buzzfeed, she left Brooklyn and unpacked her laptop in Los Angeles to start the West coast operation, building contacts, hiring staff. One might argue that L.A is not exactly a foreign bureau for a New York Internet media company. But we know different, right?

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Cutesy Food & Animal Illustrations From Dianna Xu

Dianna Xu Illustration Los Angeles 1

Dianna Xu is an illustrator from Los Angeles whose work could be described as “cute.” There are a lot of animals and pastels present, items that make it easy to say that her point of view is adorable. And it is! But it’s a lot more than that: there’s an ambition there and, more interestingly, personal themes that recur in her work. What are those themes? Food and animals, two things we probably can all agree are great—especially when done in Xu’s style.

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Modern Meets Classic: Herman Miller’s Carondelet House Installation

Herman Miller Carondelet House Los Angeles 2014 1

When you think of Modern furniture done right, you think of Herman Miller. The company works with the foundations and houses of designers to improve on classic designs and add contemporary twists to the timeless. They are a very back-to-basics luxury furniture maker who are undoubtedly the people who have made all the furniture you’ve been lusting after, from the classic, common, Californian Eames Lounge to the futuristic and new Californian SAYL Chair from Yves Behar. Herman Miller has something for everyone to own or to wish they owned.

Late last week, the brand decided to show off what they are most proud of in their new Herman Miller Collection by way of a quick installation at Westlake based Carondelet House. The happening was part catalogue brought to life and part interior design experimentation. It was a showing that new-old designs can be brought to the now and can fit into any lifestyle. Los Angeles—and the Carondelet House—was a terrific venue too: it epitomized a now and then style locals champion, merging many design movements together flawlessly.

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Made In L.A. 2014: First Thoughts

Made In L.A. 2014 Hammer Los Angeles

As most people know thanks to news breaking via the New York Times, the artists for the Made In L.A. 2014 have been announced. The list is a lot shorter and should make for a completely different experience, especially given the new circumstances. With this week’s LAIY cover girl, Pearl C. Hsiung, having participated in the last show, the timing of this analyzation seemed appropriate before the customary countdown of artists begins.

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Adore The New Emerson College Building

Emerson College Los Angeles 1

If you’ve been on Sunset Boulevard just West of the 101, you have noticed a lot of new building developments shaping lots that were previously parking for film shoots. This was mostly the case for the area surrounding Sunset and Bronson and an excellent example of what is to come, the first “complete” development, is Boston’s Emerson College Hollywood satellite campus. You’d think a building for teaching about film and television would be pretty stale and—like much else on this production strip—hidden from outsiders, epitomes of Hollywood insulation. That’s not the case with this Emerson space: it is a beautiful, futuristic building that is a shining example of new Los Angeles architecture. It’s a place that looks like an alien spaceship landed on Sunset and—Finally!—it is open for people to poke into (or, at least, photos have been revealed of the finished product).

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EastSide Food Festival Castle Gourmet Mack Sennett

November 9 is the Eastside Food Festival which will include lots of great goodies from Castle Gourmet and Food Is The New Rock and more. It’s taking place at the Mack Sennett Studios and will be delicious.

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Hollywood Forever Comedy Is Dead XVIII Brian Posehn Mary Lynn Rjskub

Hollywood Forever is hosting a big funny night called Comedy Is Dead which is in its eighteenth incarnation. It will include comedy group WOMEN and Mary Lynn Rajskub and Brian Posehn.

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Theatricum Boo-tanicum  2014

Every year, Theatricum Botanicum hosts a Halloween festivity called “Theatricum Boo-Tanicum.” This year, the event is happening on October 31. Check it out!

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Lido Los Angeles Club Nokia

Young Norwegian producer Lido is coming to Los Angeles for a show at Club Nokia on October 3. His new EP is out now as is his new video, which you can catch on Complex.

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Damon Wayans Lyric Theatre Super Secret Comedy Show

Damon Wayans is going to step in for a Super Secret Comedy Show event that is a *rare* ninety minute set at the Lyric Theatre. Catch it on October 15!

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