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LAPD’s “The Only One”

Los Angeles Police Department LAPD The Only One

It’s easy to make assumptions about a band with the name LAPD. Yes, the Los Angeles Police Department: there is a band with that name. The group is Ryan Pollie and the sound is not authoritative nor does it feature sirens or anything overtly “policey”: it’s just an ironic name, likely a play on the name Pollie. There have been a handful of releases from the band ranging from guitar beating “Waste” to quick and dreamy “Enough Is Enough.” The most striking release thus far is the full sounding debut, “The Only One.” It’s a delicate little listen with a lot of emotion behind it.

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Geneva Jacuzzi’s Dark Ages Video Program

Geneva Jacuzzi Dark Ages Video Program

Geneva Jacuzzi is one of those elusive artists who exists in her own world. We found out about her years ago thanks to a suggestion from Last.FM and have since been trying to track down her work. Her sound is somewhat familiar, like a more infectious, upbeat, very DIY something akin to John Maus or Molly Nilsson or even Ariel Pink, artists that exist simultaneously now and then.

What we didn’t realize is that Jacuzzi is a Los Angeles act and often performs around town from Human Resources to HM157. She hasn’t released anything recently but we wanted to take a moment to share her work via a thirteen minute music video extravaganza for the song “Dark Ages” (and more).

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Bart Davenport’s “Dust In The Circuits”

Bart Davenport Dust In The Circuits 2014 Physical World

Bart Davenport is an LA by way of Oakland rocker. His sound is sweet and catchy and certainly feels familiar in the best way possible. He’s like a more matured, American Jens Lekman in that he has his own lyrical quirkiness and honesty that a lot music tends to miss. His latest album is the upcoming Physical World. Lead single “Dust In The Circuits” is an excellent taste of his work and is a sweet light rock jam.

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Mark McGuire’s Along The Way

Mark McGuire Along The Way 2014

Not long ago, there was an electronic band called Emeralds. It was a trio that put out some really fantastic experimental electronic—perhaps even ambient—music. They were heavily lauded but surprisingly had issues and ended up disbanding early last year. The band’s breakup has seen its members actively working, though. Steve Hauschildt has been releasing delightful new and old works as he did in late 2013 and Mark McGuire has very recently released an album that feels reflective of his current situation. He now lives in Los Angeles and is making his own variety of experimental electronic, one that has a bit more backbone and spirit than Emeralds or Hauschildt’s work. It’s an album that can be appreciated by any listener—especially on unique rainy Los Angeles Fridays.

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An Opening Of The Field Jess, Robert Duncan And Their Circle PMCA

PMCA has three upcoming shows of note, from September 14 through January 11: there is a showing of Jess Collins and Robert Duncan’s work along with contemporary show Burning Down the House and an installation by Stas Orlovski. There is a reception on September 13 too!

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Lacma September 2014

LACMA has a few upcoming events of note: September 6 and September 13 is an artist family workshop with Ingrid Calame and Shelby Roberts; Angel City Jazz is stopping by on September 19; and September 27 is Koran Arts Day.

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Dreamland Summer Haunted Euth T.S. Claire

Dreamland Summer is a new show opening August 30 at Clean Aesthetic that will feature new works from Haunted Euth and T.S. Claire.

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Demdike Stare

Doom techno and Modern Love artists Demdike Stare and Andy Stott are coming to town for a rare showing thanks to Mount Analog and Hollywood Forever. It’s happening September 27!

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Art Collector Starter Kit II Corey Helford

Corey Helford is welcoming Art Collector Starter Kit II, a big group show that sounds like it should have you walking out with some art. It has a big kick off on August 30 and will be up through September 13.

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