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The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party

TO: Sally, Evan, Tess, Robin, Lily, Cole, Nina, Joy
CC: Toby
FROM: Brent
SUBJECT: A Late February Dinner Something

January 30, 3:11PM

You Guys!

Hope everyone is doing fabulously. So! I’m sure Tobin or myself have spoken to each of you as a couple or individually but we are finally getting our shit together enough to have a dinner party at our place. It’s been months (Years??) since we’ve tried to get something together so—Hey.—why not assemble the old Dinner Party Crew together to do something.

A few things! We are thinking of having this on February 22 since most of you said you were slammed through February and that a Saturday is best too. Please to confirm and thank you. Since this is Los Angeles and food trends are more fashionable than actual fashion trends, please relay what you can and cannot eat. We will do our best to accommodate!

Woo: very excited to get the old gang back together. Peace from the East (Hollywood).

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Promotional Popsicles: Farm’s Cooling Marketing Tool

Farm Popsicle Pasadena 1

When it’s a hot Los Angeles day and you just need a little something to refresh your day, what’s the best way to fix that? Something cold! That’s what Pasadena design firm Farm thought up in bygone (even) warmer days: they made, packaged, illustrated, branded, etc. a box full of popsicles that they gifted to clients. What a brilliant, design focused way to share your skills through something sweet!

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Mike Giant’s Modern Hieroglyphics

Mike Giant Modern Hieroglyphics Fecal Face 1

Apparently renowned and celebrated artist, designer, and tattoo artist Mike Giant lived in Los Angeles up until very recently. He’s planning on moving to Colorado in April but, for now, seems to be spending some time in San Francisco as he has recently opened a Fecal Face show called Modern Hieroglyphics. The show fuses together popular culture items with his past and present as a Californian and tattoo artist. It is a very personal yet very accessible body of work.

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The Opening Of Unionmade At The Grove

Unionmade Los Angeles The Grove 2014 1

While some other cities do indeed have it better than us, most of us can agree that mens’ retail in Los Angeles is at a pretty respectable place. We have our own J.Crew and a Topman and little, rad destinations like Wittmore and South Willard in addition to brands ranging from Band Of Outsiders to The Times coming from here: men are having a moment in Los Angeles. The most recent, notable entry is San Francisco’s Unionmade recently moving into The Grove. The move is somewhat surprising given the brand’s quick rise from Northern California Boutique to growing California menswear shopping destination. How were they able to handle a move into Los Angeles biggest, most notable shopping destination? They handled the task flawlessly.

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Butterfly Release Party Pavillion Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

August 3 is the last day that the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden’s Butterfly Pavilion will be open. To celebrate and to have a befitting end, they are releasing the butterflies to the wild. Would be family fun!

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Yowsah Ace Hotel Ambrosia Salad Kim Ahn

The Ace Hotel’s Yowsah is coming back this Saturday, August 2, and will feature Kim Ahn (who always hosts and is the resident DJ) along with Ambrosia Salad. Check it!

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Steve Van Doren and Fara Howard Think Tank Gallery CreativeMorningsLA

This Thursday, July 31, CreativeMornings will be hosting a little talk with some folks from Vans. Join them at Think Tank Gallery!

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Queen Mary Art Deco Festival Labor Day

What are you doing Labor Day weekend? You should consider going down to the Queen Mary because they are having The Art Deco Festival.

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Carsick 13 Spazzkid Lovers

Local musician Spazzkid loves listening to music while in cars. He actually loves it so much that he actually did a “live performance” in a car. It’s called “Carsick #13″ and its rad. Catch the video below!


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